At the Convergence

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  1. It all started -
    At the Convergence.

    Humans + Powers vs Dinosaurs + Powers


    Thirty-three years ago earth as we know it was taken from us. The world - although riddled with political corruption, a debt involving a substance that only held as much value as it's holder had for it and a population that segregated itself around arbitrary, skin-deep, features. That world... now it didn't seem so bad.

    On December 21, 2021 it happened. No one really knows why - those who did are all gone now - and at this point, it doesn't really matter. Season no longer exists. Winter comes and goes fluidly as well as summer, and day and night. The skies are an explosion of colour and ethereal lights that don't make any sort of scientific sense.
    When it first happened, half the world population instantly fell - and then rose. They came back as mutated, demon-like entities, mutated by the sins they'd committed in their lives.

    All that the remaining population needed to know was they were being hunted, and the prey had an evolutionary advantage

    Meghani Ura (open)


    The breath left her lungs and mouth in quick exasperated huffs as she run. This was something common in the world now - running for your life. However, they usually weren't running for the reasons Meghani was. The girl - the old world would have called her of asian decent although she held no trace of the accent - was dressed in a male wife-beater that didn't exactly fit her body; she worked with what she had and tight, black tights that allowed her to move freely as well as some brightly lite old-world fashioned shoes that were unknowingly meant for running.

    Her body skid on the ground as she took a sharp corner, and let herself go hard before taking back to her feet, coming up with only a few scraps on her elbows and calves. The remains of an old building - the one she'd just took a hard turn around - suddenly burst as a... a monster exploded through it with a roar.

    The old would would have recognized the monster from an array of movies. It was a dinosaur, but no one here knew that. The girl didn't care, she just had to run. She wasn't just trying to escape the monster, oh no, she was leading it.

    A few blocks away from the rampaging - and quickly in-closing - monster and the significantly smaller girl were the girls comrades. On the ground was a drawing made from chalk forming a circle with an variety of other shapes inside it. For whatever reason, whenever these monsters were killed in these circles, the sins that had created them left their corpse and picked an individual in the circle that also held that sin, and gave them what could only be described as 'powers'. Some where physical, like Meghani's speed. Others were environmental, and then there was the ones they were hunting. Meta-physical powers.

    Meghani took another sharp turn - her after-image trailing about half a second behind her - as she skid across the ground. Now the circle was in sight, and the others on the buildings could be seen and she felt a well-deserved feeling of victory - however premature it may be - and she turned her heels, locked her knees at an angle and spun until she was on the other side of the giant circle as the dinosaur - a Tyrannosaurus-Rex - roared as it snapped at the dissolving light of her afterimage. The circle lite up, and it was time to fight.
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  2. “Brilliant, Megs,”
    she whispered as her speedster friend zipped right past her. The gust of wind in Meghani's wake puffed up Jaycie's blue hair and black pleated skirt. Two black fingerless gloves smoothed down her skirt before she sauntered forward in her 36-lace hole leather boots.

    No matter how many times she saw these giant scaled demons, she could not help but feel the overwhelming primal fear swelling in her gut. Just look at those teeth... But it was her turn now. Meghani lured the thing here and Jaycie was up. She took a deep breath but little did it do to calm the racing of her heart behind her lacy halter top.

    The ground rumbled as the giant talons of the beast galloped onward towards the chalky trap. The teen bit her pierced lower lip as she took in the sheer ferocity of it. Just look at those teeth!! And red-tipped feathery mane! Listen to that roar! This one was a dominant older male demon all right!

    Giant Scaled Demon (open)

    And it had really good instincts. It realized it was being lead into a trap. “Oh nononono! No, ya don't ya colossal git!!!”

    Up high Jaycie raised her hands and the air around them immediately dropped to alarming sub-zero temperature. Crystals fluttered away as the teen closed her hands into tightly clenched fists. With both hands punching downward at the same time, ice shot from Jaycie's black gloved fists and created a sheer and slippery surface before the great talons of the giant scaled demon.

    The beast tried to do a complete about face and scramble away, but its giant body could not turn fast enough and onto the icy surface it went. There was a moment when Jaycie's heart skipped when she thought it would maintain its balance and hop off the slick icy surface. But that was short lived and it promptly face planted with an earth-shaking thud. Jace leapt upward and whooped loudly, sending her blue headed mop spraying about her shoulders.

    Big green eyes watched as the demon skidded its way along the icy path towards the waiting chalk circle...

    ...but it was not going to make it all the way there.

    Big green eyes got even bigger as she turned to look at the others, “C'mon now! Give it a go, the rest of yous! Let's finish 'im off! Right?!”
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  3. Another sound of disgust noisily spat away from the young woman's full red lips. And for such a face, a sneer looked out of place bur there it was. But she kept spinning and swaying regardless of her ally's ineptitude at acting brave; Charlisse would be there when Jaycie would ultimately fail.

    A twist, a turn, an aggressive pirouette, bare feet kicking out in perfect time.

    Jace sprayed the ground with ice and Charlie arched up a single raven eyebrow. Maybe the blue headed muppet had something to show for afterall. But then as expected, the blue headed muppet lived up to her renown ineptness; the feathered maned demon was not going to make it to the runic circle.

    A twirl, a pose, a snap of the neck sending wavy raven locks whipping away.

    It was laughable really. She failed and now she had the gall to command any other to finish what she just could not do. Another sound of disgust spat in Jaycie's direction and a satisfied smirk tilted up at the corner of Charlie's mouth when Jace cringed at the familiar sound. Tooooo easy. Charlie shook her head.

    “Oh bother, Jace...” said Charlisse, shortly there after tsk-tsk-ing with motherly disdain. She strut past the shorter teen, curvy hips swaying, smooth, fine-muscled caramel coloured legs stepping in a cadence to a dance tune only Charlie could hear. The pleats of her frilly white baby doll dress danced with her motions, swishing back and forth as the young woman held her hands up high. Fingers twirled, then her arms crossed as she ran her slender hands on either of her bare shoulder and traced their way along sculpted yet trim arms, all the way to the wrists.

    Charlisse had finished 'working up her charge.' It was why she danced so heated right now. And for all times. This was how she built up the energy to unleash her power. And she had danced something fierce just now.

    “Back to mummy, little one, hurry now,” she purred softly at Jaycie, "We will let a real woman handle this then, right?”

    One final spin sent wavy raven locks and white hem of her skirt chasing after her swift motion. Both hands held apart and as she finally faced the giant scaled demon, Charlie stamped a bare foot down and both hands arced toward each other and when they connected:


    Shockwaves sprayed away from her hands and smacked the gargantuan fiend hard to enough to snap its neck back, sending it flying backwards, humongous talons splayed out, tail waving madly as it flew into the awaiting magical circle trap.

    Light exploded from behind her as she sauntered her way over to the blue-headed teen and pressed both her ample breasts into the other girls shoulder as Jace looked upward, almost shrinking behind her wavy blue bangs.

    “And that is how you do it, muppet,” a haughty whisper scorched Jace's heated pink ears. Parting a smirk, cherry red lips blew at caramel coloured fingertips as if they were a smoking gun. A hazel eyed wink she cast at Jace's sullen green eyes, before Jace looked down at her 36 lace holed leather boots as if they were suddenly very, very interesting at the moment. “Take note, girlie. You'll be able to play with the big girls... someday...”

    Another sound of disgust fell from her full lips then she slowly turned around, a hand running through lovely raven locks. She sauntered away, hips bumping from side to side as she went.

    “Right then,” a meek and rather genuine friendly smile she shone at the others, “shall we see what this beast provides for us? Yes?”

    For any newcomer, it would be strange, so strange to see the shapely young woman go from aggressive and sassy to one girl then all friendly and kindly to this other. But for all others in the group, they knew that that was Charlisse; that's what happens when you cross her.

    What Charlie wants, Charlie gets. Always.

    But Jaycie, passive yet courageous, Jaycie, did the unthinkable. She said 'no' to Charlie.

    The cold shoulder she gave Jace froze her unlike any ice Jace could ever create. A soft sigh fell from pouting pink lips. Jace just held back at the outskirts as the others prepped the finishing touches for the ritual.

    Glinting hazel eyes met sullen green ones once more.

    “Feels good beating down such a tremendously revolting, vile thing, I'm sure you'll agree, eh Jay-Girl...?”

    Green eyes cast aside, averting the intense hazel gaze. Pink lips frowned in defeat.

    “...oh, I'm sure, you agree, dear. I am so sure.”

    Cherry red lips smirked in utter triumph.
  4. [​IMG]
    Logan caught the skidding beast as it reached the circle. "Hey Charlie how about you work on getting the beast to stop in the circle." Unlike Meghan who's power was speed, his was raw physical strength. He was well built and kind as can be, unless you hurt one of his friends. Then a real monster would be released. He looked at Charlie and smirked. He was one the few people who would talk back to her. He knew it got under skin a little bit. That's when he felt the demon try to get up. "Oh no you don't." He hit the demon in the head with enough force to knock it out.
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  5. Meghani Ura
    As soon as the others began to move Meghani had too. It was a side-effect of her power. The longer she ran, the more kinetic energy her body began store and it could only dispersed by continuing to run at a slower pace. As soon as Jaycie moved forward Meg's body erupted into a beautiful light show of light-blue and pink light as she set off again, creating an after image again as she started to run around the ice rink that had been created. It always left Megs awe-stricken- the others powers. Jaycie's Ice, Charlie strength that seemed amplified by her dance, and Logan's impossible might.

    Meg's collected kinetic energy finally began to lower as Charlie snapped the monsters neck and Logan double-confirmed that beasts death. Finally, with a few final fluttering kicks and foot-falls, the thin girl whose figure seemed to be a direct contrast of Charlie's came to a soft slow down right on Charlie's flank as she was walking away from Jaycie. She caught what the mature woman had said, as well as her smile and couldn't help but return it. Megs saw Charlie as the teams mother. This was probably to credit to Meg's own age/ experience and naturally naive outlook.

    "That was brilliant Charlisse." The girl said - having been a known fan of the woman's aesthetic style of fighting. It was a practiced art that came with a different kind of grace than Meghani's own natural light show - which was spastic and random. Pretty, but not organized.

    With that, Meghani vanished in another pop of light that momentarily light up the area in pink and blue as she quickly, though much slower than when she was being chased by the feather lizard, came upon Jaycie with a more friendly, casual smile. There had been a respect in her words, smile and mannerisms when she was talking to Charlie, but she was much more laid back with Jaycie. "Good catch with the ice, Jay-jay. It almost escaped, but you stopped it!" Meghani had, at least as of late, acted as a buffer between the tension between Jaycie and Charlisse. It was a necessary duty. Them and Logan were Meg's family. and she wanted to keep feelings positive.

    It'd been a while since Charlisse and Logan seen to the end of the monster, but the beast's corpse finally began to react to the circle - it's body illuminated in a bright array of red and gold as it 's form began to dissolve before them and form a sphere of light that elevated over it's former body before slowly moving to bestow it's gift upon one of them. The uniquely colored ball fall down before the 'little blue muppet' - Jaycie.

    Meghani's eyes were wide and once again she was awe-stricken. This time at the sphere. It'd been so pretty, but she couldn't help but feel a sharp tinge of disappointment that it'd chosen Jaycie. A kind of jealously that became lost and made her young face become plain and empty. Perhaps it was her age - perhaps she was just being a tinge selfish. She felt as though it'd been dozens of monsters since she'd gotten the gift.

    The line of thought was cut as the ball moved closer to Jaycie, moving to merge into her body.

  6. Hazel eyes narrowed as the dancer paused mid-motion, standing there like a statue with tightly clenched fists. Logan had decided to pipe up at her and as always, the words he spoke should be like bamboo skewers under her fingernails. Excruciatingly painful and definitely worthy of a retaliation 10 times worse.

    A sideways flick of her chin cleared wavy raven locks off her left shoulder allowing her to glower over that shoulder and shoot daggers with her eyes at the muscular male. He dared to question her abilities? If anything, catching the immense beast interfered with her shockwave shot that sent it hurtling away; she was a master with her concussive blasting powers! It would have landed center of the mystic circle for certain. Bullseye.

    As Charlie spun round, the intensity in her hazel eyed scowl continued to smolder for a few more moments upon Logan. Then the brewing scowl slipped away like a golden kissed dawn breaking the smothering hold of night. A smirk pulled up at the corner of cherry red lips.

    This was Logan.

    He was rather mouthy to Charlisse, yes, but perhaps he did it for Jaycie's sake; give the aggressive Charlisse somewhere else to channel her wrath, perhaps? But whatever the case, this was Logan afterall! Behind the smarmy front was a sweetheart of a guy that would give his life for his others. Well... those he considered friends, at least as far as the dancer knew.

    And besides, Logan was like that brother you never wanted but you knew you would always need.

    White frills of her babydoll dress puffed out as she bumped out a hip and placed a hand upon said hip. The other hand she kissed and blew that kiss rather aggressively at Logan.

    “Why Logan, dearest... you are soooo welcome...!” she said with a sing-song tone as she sauntered up to him, bare feet pattering away upon the cool surface beside Jace's ice rink, “Someone needs to help make you useful around here...”

    Another hip bump, (but this time more like a hip check) bumped against Logan's hip, then with a flick of her long dark hair into his face, Charlie wheeled around and pattered back towards the others. But just before she turned about face, she flashed an appreciative smile and a quick head bob to let him know that it was all good between them.

    "That was brilliant Charlisse."

    Oh dear. Here we go. The other muppet. The glowing one. Charlie sighed but made it sound more like an exhale into a small appreciative laugh. Which it truly became; she did appreciate the kind and slightly adoring tone of Megs. The voice of the slim girl actually helped calm Charlie, regardless of her inner disdain of Meghani's naivety.

    “Awww... Megs...! Thank you so much, dear! But brilliantly brilliant yourself! You do know you had quite possibly the most important and dangerous role in the set up, don't you...” Charlie laid it on thick, complete with a motherly arm around the other girl's shoulder. “... and oh! You know what we should do, little miss popkin? We should teach you to dance too! So that when you slow yourself down after speeding away, perhaps the motion will quell your energy excess?”

    She did not even have to look up to see Jaycie cringe. This was a similar offer given to the blue-headed girl, and whole-heartedly accepted by the blue-headed girl. And then... poof. It all went to hell when she resisted Charlisse's Will.

    But as soon as the question was posed, the trim and energetic speedster was off again, leaving Charlie holding only traces of wispy pinks and blues. A hint of white flashed between parted full cherry lips as she looked downward and shook her head; a motherly look of appreciation glinted in hazel eyes. Just like Logan, she just could not help but love 'em regardless of their flaws.

    And speaking of flaws... what was that Jaycie up to...? the dancer's golden brown chin snapped up and scanned about for the blue-headed muppet. There she was with Megs and--

    --Oh, and here we go... Charlie heard the words of Meghani, and it took a lot out of her to keep from seething and sneering right then and there. But she managed to tear her storming eyes away from the two females in the distance. Charlie nodded slowly. She would yield in this moment... only for Megs' sake and happiness. The girl truly believed that the lot of them were some kind of family out here, she truly did... and Charlie would give her that. It was not as if Charlie did not want to feel the same thing but... it was just... it was something that was so hard to accept with every waking terrible day in this terrible world.

    In a world where you are chased daily by ravenous and horrific monsters, and, in a world where you watch as others around you are killed or worse; dragged away kicking and screaming, still very alive...! In such a world do you really want to get close enough to someone to be able to whole heartedly call them family? Do you? Do you really...?

    The ferocity in her eyes was utterly squashed now as she stared into the glowing circle that harboured the immense scaled and feather-maned demon. Long lashed lids blinked several times. Then they held close as she deep breathed.

    “Well, do I...” she whispered to herself through clenched teeth.

    But before the sleek dancer could answer herself, she was interrupted by the corpse in the mystical runic circle. Her eyes snapped open in time to witness the dead demon tremble slightly, then as its skin rippled, it convulsed violently, and finally vibrated faster and faster until its form shimmered away then coalesced into a grand glowing spray of reds and golds.

    Charlie's jaw dropped and her hazel eyes swelled up large in anticipation as the glimmering sin orb formed and made ready to choose the correctly aligned individual.

    After a calming deep inhale and long and steady exhale, behind her back both caramel coloured hands went. Both hands then held fingers crossed, very tightly and very wishful.

    “...or do I really not..?”


    ((Kay, so like the post gots rather huge! Ooops! ;D so like I'mma do Charlie's reaction to the orb choosing Jaycie in my next postie with Jaycie! Probs tmrw morning, kay?! KAY!^^ Oh! And dont worry! It'll be a much smaller postie! ;D))
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  7. Slender pale hands brushed deep ocean-hued bangs downward, hiding her heart-shaped face that much more. The teen cast her eyes towards the ground and spun away from the taller and more imposing Charlisse without a single word. Both fingerless gloved hands wrung out nothing more than shame as she shuffled off towards the cracked stoop of a former place of residence.

    A pierced lower lip she bit as she smoothed out her black skirt before taking a seat upon the most seat-worthy concrete step. Jace crossed her legs before resting an elbow upon a knee and her chin in a palm. Green eyes shone, red rimmed, yet still without tears. The lower lip remained bitten and her tongue played with the double spiraled circlet piercing at the right of said lower lip.

    Jace quickly perked up when she heard Logan spout off a bit of grit and sass against the lovely dancing shockwave thrower. A hand rose to cover her enormous grin at such a show of bravado against Charlie. Small hiccups of laughter began to trickled from her mouth and so quickly, Jaycie looked down and further brushed her bangs over her visage as she once again found much, much interest in her 36-lace-holed boots-- oh, look at that, one of them was untied... how utterly and completerly interesting, yes-yes... heh-heh... love ya n' yer loverly mouthy mouth, Lo!

    The teen could not help but suddenly look up, briskly brush her bangs from her face and quickly toss a happy green-eyed wink at Logan. An appreciative smile she also tossed him before biting her lip and casting down her gaze once more to stare at her oh so utterly and completerly interesting boots.

    "Good catch with the ice, Jay-jay. It almost escaped, but you stopped it!"

    Jaycie jumped as the pink and blue tracers whooshed by and fluffed up her hair and skirt once more. When she looked up she saw an earnest and grinning face of pretty little Megs. The other girl had such an infectious smile that Jace could not help but return it... that and she absolutely adored being called Jay-jay! So cuuuutes! And such a relief it was to smile after what Charlie had offered to Meghani. It would an utter lie to say that she was not utterly jealous of how Charlie had treated Megs just then: a cooing gently soft voice, a warm arm around a shoulder, an offer to teach her to dance, and of course the term of endearment. 'Little Miss Popkin.'

    There was a time when Jaycie and Jaycie alone was owner of all that attention from the sleek light brown skinned dancer beauty... and more...

    But Megs... loverly little Meghani. Shiny green eyes gazed into soft yet bright and loverly brown ones, “Awww... any of us could have done the same... perhaps even better than I, Megs... but thank you. I don't know if it would have been possible without all of us here. No matter what, no matter how--”

    With much will she forced herself to look over in Charlie's direction. A small surprised gasp she let out when she saw the dancers softened and almost saddened expression. Jace did not care if Charlie heard what she had to say next, but she found the courage to say it. And say it without any timidness whatsoever.

    “--we belong here together. All of us. I swear I don't know anyone else better to live out my life. I swear.”

    A gloved hand reached out to hold Megs' hand, and, if Megs' held her hand, Jace would pull her into a warm hug and hold her tight. “We belong...” she would whisper into her friends soft and shiny dark hair.


    Rays of Gold and Red cut into the grey overcast skies and once again Jace jumped.

    She spun around and the unthinkable happened; the Orb had chosen her.

    But how can this be? I had been chosen the time before last? How can this--

    Before she could answer her own thoughts, bright blue light engulfed her sight, body and mind. The light was intense and frightening; it 'shook the soul,' Angel, one of their taken friends had whispered the first time she received the gift from the Orb. And indeed it did shake Jaycie's soul. It pierced her soul with whispers, secrets, screams and truths. It told her of times before this; times when the ancients ruled this world. So many unintelligible visions and sounds, sensations and emotions flooded her brain; nearly tearing her apart. What..?! The interlulz? I don't understand what you are trying to tell me!! I-- [BCOLOR=#333333]The Demons rose out of our Sins. The Demons did not Consume our Mothers and Fathers. And so now the Demons are the Children of Your own Fate! The Demons demand--[/BCOLOR]

    Green eyes snapped open and instantly the air surrounding Jace's body plummeted to alarming sub-zero temperature. “I can hear it. I can be one with it. Them. Someday... but for now...”

    Jaycie's right hand punched out in the direction of the melting ice rink and the surface of the ice rippled impossibly as if a large invisible thing had fallen into the centre of it causing it to ripple from the splash. But it was just ice. And there was no splash. Instead something came out of the ice-- or rather-- reformed out of the ice since the ice rink surface shrank.

    Still attached to the rink by an icy arm, a giant fist shaped not unlike Jaycie's own came hurtling at the teen girl and snatched her away. Jaycie made a flinging motion with her arm and the arm of the fist copied her motion, sending the teen flying up into the air. She flailed uncontrollably as she plummeted to the ground.

    Once again Jace held out a hand but this time in a swooping arc, and once again the ice reshaped and towards her falling frame, a curved bridge formed and eased her fall along its slippery surface. Squealing with delight, Jaycie slid on her bottom along the spiralling structure all the way down to where her friends stood.

    Breathing rather hard, she smoothed back down her black skirt covering her thighs and lady parts once more. Big gulps of air she took in as one hand held over her machine-gunning heart behind her lacy halter top, the other hand was steadying herself, for she felt the world was spinning.

    When she finally caught her breath, she rolled onto her knees and clapped her hands enthusiastically, “Oi! That was such a rush, mates! Oh, but thank the lot of you for being so patient with my showboating! Took a lot out of me, it did, but at least now I know I can RESHAPE ICE!!! WHHOOOO-HOOOO!!!”

    Both gloved hands she tossed high up into the air triumphantly, then seconds afterwards, she held her taut belly as she laughed and giggled; a couple of Jaycie laugh-snorts sprinkled in everyso often. The sound of utter joy was such a delightful treat in such a terrible world.

    But as the group knew, delight and celebrations should be short lived in such a terrible world. For they knew that each time an Orb was collected, the Gold and Red rays attracted more dangers and soon the hunt would ensue once more. Like for instance, if none stared into the overcast sky, none would then notice the dark formation of gliding things; dark things hurtling ever closer to their location, eyes blazing with single-minded intent, prey in their sights. And Jaycie remembered such dark things.

    These things could be considered worse than the giant scaled demon. For these things did not aim to kill you on the spot. No, these were the flying predators that took you away, just like how they took away their friend Angel.

    ((Kay. Soooo... like i lied. Postie gots huge again. But hopefully something to new to play with, right?! ;D ))
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  8. Meghani's eyes were wide with disbelief as soon as Jaycie's powers began to move and grow before them. At first, she'd felt scared and unsure, but once she understood the ice's movement was a result of her friends hand, she calmed herself and watched. Her eyes widened again as she beheld the new power Jaycie could just throw around. It made her scared. She remembered the ones that they had lost like Angel and... Megs mind blanked and she felt as though she became small as Jaycie began to revel in her victory of strength. Elementalists were strong.

    "Wow! Jay-jay! That's incredible!"

    The younger girl marveled at the display of power, and we'll it was genuine surprise, the happiness in her voice was all... it was a facade. She'd wanted that orb. The one before that, too. and before that. The ones who got the power, despite their strength either left on their own from pride or... were taken by the monsters protecting the others. She didn't want Jaycie to go to. Any of them. At that moment a shadow passed over her and it yanked her eyes up. Meghani's eyes found the silhouettes of the monsters the were filtering through the clouds. Meghani had a phobia of the ones that lived in the skies. The monster-birds had taken their friends when Meghani was just being accepted into the group. Into her family. Oh god. The small girl thought to herself before she left Jaycie's side and returned to her 'mother'. Charlisse.

    "W-what do we do Charlie!? Should we run; fight them!?"

    Meghani was not keeping a cool cap. She was panicking and that shouldn't come as any surprise. They'd lost their fair share of friends like this. Reveling in victory only to end in a far greater sorrow. If only Megs had gotten power too... she couldn't even fight right now. She was glorified bait with a lightshow. If it wasn't for the others, she'd have ran from the feathered beast until fatigue took her and that would've been the last time she'd ran. Megs didn't want to lose anyone else. There wasn't anything she coul- Wait. She could do something. The others didn't even have to fight them. Meghani's honey-brown eyes light up in inspiration as she stared at Charlisse for a moment before taking a few steps back, her mouth a gape. Then, in a blast of neon blue and pink that was a supernova compared to her previous bursts. Meghani began running, the environment around her seeming to move in slow motion, but she wasn't moving as fast as usual. She was, however, emitting enough light to pollute the night sky and bloke out the stars.

    Meghani was doing what she did best so far. Drawing the attention of these monsters and luring them to a circle, but this time that wasn't what she had in mind. This time she was going to lead these monsters away.
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  9. Logan backed away as the circle began to glow, in order not to get sucked into it. He had seen it happen and he didn't intend to be next. He watched the orb with some curiosity as it chose who got. This was the process that seemed to be bothersome as it left a slight tinge of jealousy in everyone including him. He watched as the orb chose jaycie and knew this was not a good. Angel was the last person to get two orbs in a row and she died. He would not let that happen again that's when he noticed megs eyes and looked up. "Not these things again." He picked up a piece of rebar and threw like a spear. He watched as it blasted a hole through the first one.

  10. Charlisse grit her teeth as she turned her back upon the blue-headed muppet. Of course she would be the one chosen. And the others held their true feelings inwardly better that Charlie, she supposed, but as of right now, she was rather thankful it was Jaycie (or anybody else for that matter) than Charlie herself. To be chosen twice in a row was a most unfortunate curse indeed.

    And so as Jaycie showed her new-found mastery over her power, Charlie merely worked at calming down. And when Jace landed in front of them, dark skirt practically flapping over her blue muppet head, Charlie was nonchalantly buffing her fingernails, checking them then buffing them once more as Megs tossed out accolade for Jace's new found skill; accolade but the happiness therein sounded rather 'strained' coming from the usually positive glowing little muppets mouth.

    “Well, well, well...for shame, girlie, shame...” Charlie said in a low and almost monotone voice, “you'd think you'd have learned your lesson by now, muppet..”

    Jaycie's laughter ended abruptly and slowly but surely, shiny big green eyes rose to meet serene yet deadly glinting hazel ones.

    “What...? but Charlie, I was but... was just a little display and celebration--”

    "W-what do we do Charlie!? Should we run; fight them!?” stammered the trim Asian-descended girl.

    “Wait, what...? Megs... who, fight? Run? What?!”

    “Impressively inept once again, dear Jace,” Charlie shook her head and started up her dance routine again. Meghani bolted away leaving giant gusts of trailing pink and blues. Logan growl with much contempt and began pulling at the skeletal steel of a fallen building. “Come now, Jaycie! Wake up! Each time we collect an Orb, they come! Don't you remember Angel? ANGEL, you bloody thick muppet!!”

    “Oh! Oh, dear! I'm sooo soooorry,” Jace's eyes widened as realization of the danger there were in once again surface into her mind. She rose swiftly and wobbled about, still feeling the fatigue and dizziness from such a display of ice forming power. “Ooops! Ch-charlie, I--”

    One of the flying demons screeched and fell out of formation as Logan's rebar javelin exploded it like a fleshy and squishy waterballoon.

    “Nevermind! They're going to follow after Megs! So just take some cover, Jace! I'm going to stick with Lo and back him up! Go hide or do something more useful than blubber! Go!!”

    She twirled and whirled as she spoke, arms extended and reaching out, legs kicking upward, pausing, then sweeping behind her. The energy was slower to come since she was not fully 'feeling it' right now since she was rather annoyed with Jaycie. But it was flowing within her all the same.

    Wide-eyed, Jace backed up slowly, pierced lower lip trembling. She felt so useless, so utterly useless and burdensome right now. She turned and trudged away towards the stoop she sat upon earlier. Then on the 3rd out of the 4 broken concrete steps leading into the building, she paused.

    These demonic things' bodies were much larger than a grown man's and their wings were unbelievable huge. And these were just the scouts.

    Flying Demon Scouts (open)

    Jaycie's big green eyes grew even bigger. It was those frightful llarger ones, the ones even bigger than the scouts, that had taken away their friends in the past. A slow unravelling smile made its way onto her face. The teen had a plan. It was crazy, but it was worth a shot. All she needed was to recharge her ice powers just enough for it to work.

    Charlisse threw a hand above her head and twirled. A momentary pose she held then clapped her hands towards the rubble beside Logan. A shockwave blasted away the rubble exposing more of the rebar beneath. With both hands, the dancer snapped her fingers towards specific points on the rebar connecting the metal together. The points snapped off with the force of her smaller yet intensely focussed shockwaves.

    Instant reinforced steel javelins.

    “There you go, Lo,” Charlie said with a curt nod towards Logan. With long, graceful and hip-twisting steps she made her way towards the muscly male, “keep tossing away n' if they get closer to you, I'll shove 'em back, mate!”

    Her eyes traced after the pink and blue cloud speeding away in and around the overturned cars and overgrowth in the streets. “Okay, Meghani!!! Lead 'em back, if you can, we're ready to obliterate them--”

    “No!” Interrupted Jaycie. She stood at the gaping hole in the wall on the 6th floor of the once 20 storey building, blue hair and black skirt waving about in the gusts of wind. “Don't take 'em all out, kay? Let one take me! Just let it!”

    Charlie paused her dancing motions, stood there, mouth agape, stunned at what the blue-headed muppet was saying. Then: “Jaycie! Get down from there! Now!! Is this some kinda' cry for help, girlie, cuz--”

    “No, Charlsie...” she said her pet name for Charlisse for the first time in what felt like an eternity, “...I'm gonna make it right...”

    Green eyes shone pleadingly, hued with some kind of knowing glint, and some kind of gleeful madness.

    “... I'm going to get them to take us to Angel and the others. Mates, believe me, we are going to get them back.”

    Jace placed two fingers neath either side of her mouth and whistled out a very loud and sharp 'come hither' set of notes.

    “Gotta make things right. Just gotta...”
  11. Megs couldn't hear what Jacie was saying, which was probably for the best, but had no issue hearing Charlie which she always found strange. Megs ran with such an intensity that her legs began breaking apart the ground, so much that each stride was leaving her ankle deep in concrete or asphalt. It was a new sensation that was new and not exactly welcome. Her body was filling with more kinetic energy than she could release. Was this a hint of the speed she could have if she had gotten the orb? The small girl, despite her naivety, was quite efficient at what she did for the group. Her body turned and her knees locked causing debris to shoot up around her as she slowed to a speed that would allow her to turn around and once she did, she was off again. Her body vanished as it became a burst of colors and she blasted back towards Lo' and Char. This was the fastest she'd ever moved and she was sure that it was due to the fact that she could now *see* what Jacie was doing. Her mind exploded and a immediate sense of urgency grabbed the heart in her chest.

    What is Jay doing!?

    A whistle began to hum from the storm erupting behind her as she quickly drew towards the group, though with less of the scouts now tailing her. Many of them had shifted their view to Jacie and that only made Meghani panic more. She wasn't going to let Jacie be taken like Angel. Even - even if it was her own will for what ever reason.

    Temporarily distracted by Jacie's situation, Meg's gasped as her leg caught something and her course instantly changed. The next moment, the momentum of her body shot her up the side of a cut-in-half sky scrapper from the old world. The panic and urgency of the situation lifted for a second. She... she could do this!? A small smile found her thin lips as her feet carried her along the face of the building and, with a sudden burst of optimism, she leaped.

    A new light exploded into the sky. A pink and blue spiral shot from a sky scrapper and across the destructive battle field. The light grazed one of the murderous birds and a spray of blood voided the creature as half a second later it's wing ripped off. It hadn't been what Meghani had intended - or even imagined - but after she slammed through an opposing building s window and toppled about until a couple desks and tables stopped her. Along with a window, the ground and her face.

    Pain jolted her form once she stopped moving either from the blunt force trauma or over-pushing her body. She felt like she was on fire, but that last leap had ousted most of that left over kinetic energy. A chunk of hair from the side of her head and a fair amount of skin was missing from the right side of her head. She felt the stream of blood trace her chin before the whoring headache that followed. She had to do that again. She could help outside just distracting those things. Her vision became blurry, and upon trying to stand she fell face first. Her limbs were vibrating with the left over energy and the pain from that motivated her to push herself to her feet. Logan had those javelin things... Meghani could be her own spear.

    The small girl, her face covered in her own blood and her body covered in the blood of a creature moved towards the window to see only two birds were still focused one Jacie. Now, they were investigating the pink and blue lightning bolt that had speared one of them out of the sky. A deep breath; revitalized motivation and a big pump of adrenaline shot the girl out the window she'd crashed through and down the side of the building. Her form halted for a moment before jetting out across the ground, the remaining scouts that weren't going after Jacie, instantly diving after her. Meghani was being fueled by adrenaline at this point. The voice in her head faded in and out, usually speaking 'What would Charlie do?'

    Meghani was now across the road, staying close to Lo' and Charlie while building up enough energy to attack again. Hopefully with a better landing this time.

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