At Roads End The legend of The Shadow King

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  1. Long long ago darkness ruled over the lands. It Ruled with an iron fist and was truly evil. No one was safe nothing was free death filled the valleys and wars consumed the land. The Darkness wasn’t truly the ruler though the shadow king was his very will bending it to destroy anything beautiful or anything it feared. It ruled for so long that most hope most thoughts of anything but the dark were lost …until a man rose and ended the darkness casting the shadow king forever to be trapped in a tome and stored away for all times. It’s been many years sense this passed and the land is still scarred still full of areas were men go missing and children’s blood is spilled. However peace has been the main ruler over the land and King Eric the descendant of the man who destroyed the darkness…or so he thought.

    King Eric is a kind ruler equal almost to king Author in kindness and intelligence. However there’s a shadow hovering over his family. He has had three sons and all died of fever on their fifth year. Some say his family is cursed and it may be just that so when his fifth and last living child a young princess became ill as well the king begins to worry he may be very well cursed as the villagers. Being worried that this sickness may take another of his children and now being old and grey he is holding a meeting for any warrior, mage, fighter, or magical being that can possibly help him save her. When none could come with an answer the king sought his Court magician who relates that he does know someone who can help though the path to this person is a deadly one and even then they may not help. The king in turn has offered the reward of half his kingdom and any treasures he can afford to whoever can bring this person to him or convince them to make a cure for his child. (The story will open with you receiving a map and small payment for your time plus instructions from the court magician to your destination)
    ( anyway im new to the sight so im just trying this out to see how she goes and im looking forward to trying out my new char I hope you guys enjoy)

    Character Name:
    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    General History:
    Special skills:
    Items carried:

    ( im rating this an M for possible blood and death not to mention nasty critters roaming around and lets not forget betrayal and the like Oh and i prefer a story to sex but it happens so once in a while is fine sex wise but i would prefer just to hint over anything iv had stories travel and vanish into unexpected sex rps soooo .also id like players who can at least do a paragraphs less is ok when the situation calls for it though.)
    (end note look at the dancing banana!:bananaman:)
  2. Well this is my first rp here on the site so I hope you don't mind me here.

    Character Name:
    Gaul Narr
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Swordmaster
    Age: 32
    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose: Wandering to show off his skills as a duelist. Occasionally works as a judical champion or adventurer.
    General Personality: Raul is a calm man who moves with an easy confidance that comes from simply knowing your skills. He refuses to let himself be angered. However because of his confidence(and pride) he'd easily pushed to take risks most people would consider foolish. And he can come off as a bit of a snob because he often talks down to people.
    General History: Rp to find out.
    Weapons: Thin longsword with a specially made wire hilt for dueling. Several throwing knives.
    Special skills: Master level Swordsmanship, Dexterity and balance, tracking, reasonably skilled with other weapons
    Items carried: Weapons, finely made leather armor, weighted cloak, wilderness gear, backpack. Pet Drake(Tera)
  3. Not at all i look forward to rping with you now we wait !
  4. ill make a character sheet soon
  5. alright i look forward to seeing what you present
  6. Name: Demetri Ryon
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Adventureman/ Traveler
    Age: 23
    General Appearance:
    [​IMG]( shorter hair)
    Current Goal/ Pourpose: Traveling the lands in search of anything he can find. Occasionally looking for weapons and mabey things that would be useful too sell.
    General Personality: Demetri is and outgoing man, always in a cheerful mood and making others around him happy. He's kind to most people that he meets along his traveles.
    General History: Demetri gew up in a rual area and his parents always struggled to put food on the table. During his younger years his father trained his im the skilled use with the sword, watching otherts he always wanted to explore and do new things so when comming of age he set out on his own.
    Weapons: A costimized lonngsword with a blade lining on the cented of the blade engraving some writing
    Special Skills: Average swordsmanship, theft, leveling out battle tatics, persuading, hiding
    Items carried: A few herbs, light amor, traveling shirt and pants, heavy amor.
  7. Very very nice approved ill wait a bit or at least one more signup then ill start the main rp.
  8. [​IMG]

    Character Name: Lettara; Reach of the Forest

    Gender: Female

    Job/Role: Archer/Ranger/Forest Guardian

    Age: 220 (equivalent of a human in their early twenties)

    General Appearance: A majestic wood-elf, long stationed in the forests of the neighboring elven kingdom, Lettara is a stunning woman with long, platinum-blond hair and green eyes. Her figure is surprisingly busty for a slender elf such as herself, but she cares nothing for her figure, but more for her work. Wearing the enchanted leaf-armor of her station as Forest Guardian, she stands at a respectable 5ft 6in tall, which is above average for even a male wood-elf of her tribe.

    Current Goal/Purpose: While still sworn to protect the forests of the realms, Lettara is now bound by a promise to her queen to serve the current needs of King Eric. Her bow is now sworn to protect those in search of the one that is thought to be able to restore his daughter's health.

    General Personality: A devout follower of the spirit-worshiping religion of her people, Lettara can certainly be considered a spiritual person. She honors the ancestor spirits of fallen trees, thanks the departing spirit of animals killed for food, and considers the act of killing to be one of last resort.

    General History: Born into a family of Forest Guardians, some would say she was born with a bow in her hand – although her mother would definitely disagree; her labor and birth of the child Lettara being one of the easiest recorded. It has been suggested that her unmatched skill with the bow is directly attributed to her time lost in the forest as a child, when she was later found sleeping in the arms of a Dryad that was living in a Yew Tree. She grew up under the tutelage of her parents, learning the skills of archery, forestry and tracking, until she took her place as one of the youngest Forest Guardians in her people's history.

    • Enchanted yew and forest yak horn longbow – 6ft long when unstrung, this bow is perfectly constructed, with twelve laminated layers of yew and horn, together with enchantments that prevent her bow-string from ever snapping from wear. This bow can accurately engage targets directly at up to 200 yards, and it's maximum effective range is thought to be at least a mile.
    • Linen-shafted, eagle-feather flighted, hunting arrows (27) – Made to the highest quality, these arrows are perfectly straight, rolled from the finest elven linen, bound with arrow-tree resin, and can be bent into a complete circle without breaking. Elf arrows have three flights, rather than two, and are designed to spin more quickly than human arrows, giving them far better accuracy and a straighter flight dynamic out to 150-200 yards.
    • Black-wood arrows (6) – rare enough to be valuable even to other elves, a black-wood arrow has no tip, but is instead carefully carved to a point. Black-wood arrows have a natural enchantment that causes painful, burning injuries to forest-enemies, and can often cause a fleshy, undead creature (such as a zombie or vampire) to burst into flames as though doused in lamp oil and then set on fire.
    • Leaf-dagger – tucked in her belt, Lettara carries this slender, 12" blade for when she needs to dispatch injured prey that is in pain, or in case she is forced into melee.

    Special skills:

    • Archery – Lettara is, in her own people's opinion, the best archer in the realms. She has never lost an archery competition, is capable of a stunning rate of accurate fire, and has once even struck an arrow in flight with one of her own. It is thought that she is touched by the very spirit of the forests of the realms, granting her such skills to defend it.
    • Tracking – as a Ranger, she is expected to be able to spot, identify and follow tracks, be they animal or person. She is well versed in such things, and is seldom confused by backtracking or the removal of tracks in an attempt to cover them.
    • Forestry – much like her Ranger expectations, the forests of the realms are her home, and she is well-suited to living and working in them. She understands the relationships between the various animals and supernatural denizens of the forests, and can readily identify the many species that make their homes under and in the trees. She has a particular affinity with Dryads.

    Items carried: Bow, Arrows, Quiver, Dagger, plus:

    • Leaf-armor – named more for its color than what it is made of, nevertheless, some parts of the armor are indeed made from the leaves of black-wood trees, which are tougher than boiled leather, but retain flexibility for nearly a century before needing to be replaced.
    • Leaf-circlet – a badge of rank that identifies Lettara as a Forest Guardian, the leaf-circlet grants the wearer – bound to the circlet by a strong enchantment – the ability to speak to forest spirits and smaller fey creatures without needing to think about translating their varied and sometimes very complicated languages. One only has to attempt to follow the conversation of two twittering pixies to realize how complex the fey language can get.
  9. Alright approved and woot i have all the players i need now.Ok everyone i will set up the main rp and post a link below when its ready anyway im very pleased with the results so far thank you everyone who has joined so far . I will be posting my character a little into the story once they join the main line until then i will play Npcs and the king to move the story around you thank you again im looking forward to this rp alot.
  10. Its up in fantasy under At Roads End The journey
  11. in the beginning we were all in the same place in the libary?
  12. yes all three of you were selected out of the rest of the warriors to get a head start so that way at least if you didn't make it most of the worse of the dangers would hopefully have been taken down for the rest of the hero group.So your all in the library.
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  14. Man, what a lot of effort to go fetch a couple of aspirin for the princess. Isn't there a pharmacist closer to home? :giggly:
  15. :P if aspirin were the case then yes and like i stated in the info they sought help from all neighboring kingdoms this is the second try becouse no one could find a cure.
  16. I will be giving Kronos until tomorrow before we skip him in the main story .Not taking him out just skipping until hes able to respond.