At Risk.

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  1. At Risk.

    The perfect life, it seemed, for an Omega at least. An amazing house, a lovely family, and the greatest lover on earth. Avery was a male of twenty-two, his girlfriend was Lila whom was twenty. They both had been dating each other for a few months now, almost immediately both of their families thinking they were so perfect for each other. At least, it seemed to be that way for a while. Until the Alpha came to town once more, only to check on his pack. Everything went to havoc after that.

    Avery and the Alpha had started off quite... Friendly with each other, that is, until the Alpha found out that Avery was an Omega. Then the secrets started, the lies. Everything was still perfectly fine with the family, and the lover. But Avery and the Alpha.. Formed a secret relationship. It wasn't a love type of relationship, no, Avery was the only one who loved the Alpha. The Alpha despised Avery.

    The Alpha must learn.


    The world only had Alpha's, Beta's, and Omega's.
    The humans had died off centuries ago due to a one night killing spree spent by each other.
    The Alpha, was the highest rank. The Beta being their second-in-command, whilst the Omega was the lowest. Stories of them aren't true, they don't turn into wolves, nor do they absolutely hate other species, like vampires. Actually, as a matter of fact, they don't exist, never have and never will.

    The Alpha's treated Omega's as their pets, very rarely would a Beta be called a pet. They never had to worry, since they had no special abilities to them. But, the Omega's were able to reproduce for no exact reason. If they were a boy, or a girl, it just didn't matter. The other forms of ranks may have children, but it was just special about Omega's, since a male could have a child even if unwilling.

    Avery, was one of the unwilling. Which was why the Alpha had decided to make Avery pregnant with a child, but he would always.. Have a miscarriage, which angered the Alpha very much.

    Finally after a year of the torture, Avery was able to get away, only to find his family, his lover, to be gone with only a note saying that they didn't want to be around him anymore. Another thing about Avery was that, he only lusted for the Alpha.. During his heat.

    Things you will need for this Role Play.
    1. Nice, lengthy sentences.​
    2. Descriptive.​
    3. A Character sheet.​
    4. Comfortable with sex, violence, and gore.​
    5. Informing the author { Me } If you will be absent, or you won't be able to reply.​
    6. Good ideas.​
    7. Have fun!​
    8. Follow Iwaku Rules!.​
    Absolute No-No's.
    1. No one liners! ​
    2. Don't be annoying!.​

    I hope someone joins~
    If anyone gives me a good reason to, I will make this a Group Role-play. It just depends!.

    Bye! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.