At 0815 hours.

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  1. December 7th, 1941, 0815 hours: Pearl Harbor is attacked by the Empire of Japan on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii. 2,459 military personel and civilians are killed in the day that will live in infamy.
  2. I thought this thread was about "where are you as 08:15 in your daily routine?"
  3. And then Japan took over teh Philippines.

    I salute all the men and women who lived past this day and the war.
  4. And thus a Hornet's nest was stirred that awoke a sleeping Giant.
  5. too bad that's the last time we got off our asses and gave someone a good 'ol fashioned asskicking.
  6. ... I can't tell if Karsikan is trolling or not.
  7. Well said, I think most people nowdays in the US are unaware of the fact that the Philippines at the time were a part of the US.
  8. We're that insignificant, Rory.

    I must be proud or something.
  9. ... We're not insignificant. I mean why else would the Spanish spend 300+ plus years all up in our ass then hand us over to the U.S. who stayed up in there for another 50?

    p.s. The remake of Mara Clara is weird.
  10. Because you're close to Chiners...That's why the Spanish stayed. lol
  11. Hurrah, geopolitics~! But those assholes gave them a map showing we were there in the first place.