Asylum for the mentally sane.

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    The sky was gloomy that day in New York city. Clouds circled the earth and it almost looked like it was about to rain, but Alice, a twenty year old prodigious detective had more to worry about than getting her clothes wet. She was dealing with another case of mental illness. A man named John, who had recently escaped from Hawthorn asylum, was trying to rob a bank, for the third time, and had already held a considerable amount of hostages under his mercy.

    John was a nut job, a crazy man who believed he was a professional bank robber, which really made Alice laugh to the utmost every time he attempted to do something this foolish, because in reality, she had met babies who posed more danger to society than him. "Do you really have to do this John? I mean come on, we all know you will fail again, and end up being raped in jail by hungry men!" She said loudly through the massive megaphone she held in her hands. All pedestrians had their eyes fixed on her and the building she was facing. Everyone loved Alice. She was renowned for being the most beautiful, skillful, and smartest detective in all of New York, and had helped close many rape and murder cases committed by the crazies of this unfair world.

    Seeing that John didn't reply, she fixed her tiny pigtail which dangled from the side of her head, and spoke through the speakers once more after ordering her men to hold their fire "Look retard, I am going to put my gun down and approach you, you can have me as one of your hostages. Just don't hurt anyone!" Alice knew he wouldn't refuse her offer, because a criminal of his twisted mentality, a criminal who would torture nine year old kids just to have their candies, would never turn down the chance to kill the person who put him behind bars.

    //This is my character, Alice.// PLEASE, ONLY DIRTY BLOOD JOCKER MAY JOIN THIS ROLEPLAY 20131008-135514.jpg
  2. He smiled devilishly "I can have you as one of my hostage?" He paused "That's nice!" He spoke softly yet it had rude, lewd, vulgar, and nihilistic voice. His messy brown-black hair in an afro-like style was weaving in a rhythm, he was scratching his faint beards while he says "Can I rape you after taking you as my hostage" He laughed as now his appearance was similar as lion, his pitch-black eyes were glowing as if he was a lion.

    Heavy wind starter to blow, trees were tilting down, dusts were all over the city. One of the Alice's men put the gun down...maybe dusts went into his eyes. John saw the opening, without any hesitating he grabbed the gun and started to fire everyone; except Alice. He was retarded and there's no doubt. But his combat skills and sense of using weapons was devastating and traumatic, without any delay he killed everyone present in the street.

    There was none except Alice and John himself. He grabbed her hand and used some kung-fu chop on her neck making her unconscious. He took her on his back and ran inside the forest.

    The air around the forest was fresh and smelt of nature, and animals. Surprisingly, there wasn't a single bird who chirped - and there wasn't a single bug who made a noise. The sun was out illuminating the skies and below it lay a thick and wide forest, filled with various kinds of wildlife that would wander about in the environment, creating harmony in the ecosystem. The lush green scenery was pleasant to the eyes, but what hid deeper inside that beautiful scene would be survival of the fittest.

    He enters
    an ancient victorian house shrouded in shadows, and untamed wildlife consuming what was left of it. Dead vines clinging to the sides, scratching the windows, still intact but dusty and stained from years of disregard. Over grown landscape with lots of weeds. The windows are not broken but they are all dusty and have cobwebs in their corners. You can almost see inside through the dirty linen curtains, but not quite. And there are shutters on all the windows, but they are open and a couple of them are hanging awkwardly by a single hinge. A picket fence surrounds the house but is missing quite a few boards. The house is always in shadows, even in the middle of the day. And at night there always appears to be candle light glowing inside even though no one lives there.

    And you just know that going inside would be foolish because every time you start to walk up to the porch the soundtrack gets spooky.

    But that didn't mattered to him, he was a complete psycho. All he wanted was a savage thrust....He lays Alice on the broken bed and kicks her on the face "Wake Up! Bitch"


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  3. Alice was shocked. She had never, in her whole life, expected this weakling to do this much damage. She looked around her at the now dead pedestrians and flinched in fear. That moment of shock stole her focus, which allowed him to hit her hard. Her eyes began to shut down slowly as she felt dizzy and dropped to the ground.

    " fuck did he...?" she said faintly buckling her legs as all consciousness escaped her eyes. Alice was out for about thirty minutes, but she could hear birds chirping and insects hissing. She somehow knew she was no longer in the city she was so used to, and felt scared, even though she wasn't conscious, so scared that she shivered in his disgusting, murderous arms.

    "AAAH!" she screamed herself awake as she gasped for air. She touched her head feeling the impact of his kick and looked at him in disdain. "You fucker! why did you do did you do that?!" she asked in surprise and looked around wondering where he had taken her.
  4. He laughed "Well I will tell you everything but for now just put of your pantie for me" He paused "Or I will do it myself and I swear it will hurt you thousand times more" He gave her an evil grin. Slowly he took his seat next to her unbuttoning his shirt, now he pulls her above him licking her neck like a wild-dog. He kept licking her neck while working his hands inside her pink tiny pussy through her wet pantie " about this baby?"

    He kissed-licking her neck from behind like a thirsty lustful cat slurping every bit of the meat he's just had while groping her breasts, caressing and playing like he never had sex with any other. His other hand was holding her breast up while the other plays with her erected nipple as he continues licking her neck hungrily. "Damn! Your so sweet. I'm lovin' it". He says playfully.

    He unzip his pant and pulls out his erect penis. He hits her face with his huge, vast, extensive, expansive, broad, wide, enormous monster poll "Open your mouth bitch" He howls like a dog.
  5. She was feeling uncomfortable. The whole thought of this disgusting pig touching her revolted her to the core. She paused for a second as a few words began to ring inside her head "Fight back Alice, always fight back!" she perked up at the thought of these words and stood up. She pushed him away from her and gave him a round kick to the face knocking off three of his teeth. "How dare you lay your filthy hands on me?" she screamed at him with rage. She then hopped on his chest and began to punch him numerous times until blood began too ooze out of his skin.

    She has never felt like this ever since her last case when she knocked the shit out of that child molester. She felt alive, angry, and thrilled!
  6. He smiled with three broken teeth, even after she kicked him so hard; he didn't seem to get hurt. Rather he seemed enjoying the pain "Nice kick bitch" He wanted to say but before that could happen Alice jumped on his bare hairy chest and began to punch him numerous times until blood began too ooze out of his skin. But that didn't matter to him, he kept similing but this time his smile was a bit different, it was a demonic smile.

    He grabbed his hand and pinned her against the floor, he punched her on his face smashing her cheek bone. He glared as if he would not hesitate killing her if she dares to do such activities next time.

    He removed her pants along with her clothes and exposed her pinkish-wet pussy on the camera, sliding his fingers in and out of where while his thumb presses his clit and Alice let out a soft moan for his sensual touch lurking in her pussy while she gives him an infinite blowjob with his harden long dick..maybe she was finally enjoying John's work.
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