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  1. I love that the banners are for on site role plays! That tickles my fancy, I shall create a banner in the future!

    Hello all I am Jaqueline and love Role Playing, but I'm in a bit of a lurch in terms of my ability to actually role play, which sucks. But when I return to proper society let it be known I will be here.

    The site is so smooth, it's like digital silk.
    I'd like to thank my friend Halaster, who is responsible for getting me here, as it said it is fabulous. Looks like he was right. I look forward to interacting with you all!

    I mean.... >> Hello Jaqueline! Welcome to the community! :D
  3. Goodness you can do so much here it's fantastic! Can't wait to sink my teeth into everything.

    Thanks for the greeting Owl!