Asterisk War Inspired RP (Magical Weapons + Military High School)

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  1. Hello everyone!
    So, I'm pretty new here. While watching the anime Asterisk War with my boyfriend I came up with an idea for a roleplay, so he pointed me here and I thought I'd see if anyone is interested.
    A little about me:
    -I'm over 18
    -5+ years of RP experience
    -Professional Writer

    Now on to the interesting stuff!
    My idea is to create an arsenal of weapons (with a fancy name I haven't thought of yet) that each have their own effects and powers.
    Like the weapons in Asterisk War, they will be extremely powerful, each with their own specific skill set and design, and they will effect and alter their wielders in different ways.
    RPers will play students in a futuristic military high school that recruits the top percentile of every category in the country. (The country will probably be Japan because why not.) Each student that enters this school is allowed to look through the arsenal and choose a highly specialized weapon to test with. If they score well enough on the test then they will be allowed to take the weapon as their own for as long as they go to school, if not they have to choose again.
    I don't want to give spoilers about the weapons in case people are interested but they have a plot line for RPers to discover ;)
    The school is new and looking for its first round of students. No one knows quite what its purpose is, and the campus is isolated within a city that is solely comprised of government employees.
    I'll play NPCs/teachers/etc and a character to lead from inside the RP and reveal plot points.
    Looking for: Up to 10 intermediate+ RPers who can create flawed, 3-dimensional characters and will interact together. (I've had roleplays where everyone plays Mr/Ms. Edge and just mopes in a corner alone and that's no fun.)
    Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments?
  2. Rev it.
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  3. *awkwardly unsure if this means "review it" or "let's go"*
    *is a massive n00b*
  4. It means 'let's go'.
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  5. :D
  6. This sounds mega interesting. Count me in!
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  7. my favourite characters in the series are the li twins

    AAANYWAYS, I'm going to go all Kamen Rider on my weapon choices. It's the best thing to do.
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  8. Woo! I hope we'll get enough interest to do it c:
  9. So, will we get a say in the design of weapons, or will we be completely at your whim? Not that I doubt your ability to create interesting weapons, just from experience, people are going to be more inclined to both join and stay if they're able to at least choose a style of weapon. After all, no one human will ever be able to come up with a creative backstory and design for every kind of weapon ever invented, so it would be easier to let people choose a general weapon type (eg Sword or Axe) and then come up with a backstory and ability for that on a case by case basis.
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  10. Hmmm, I'd say that if we get enough interest then those who reserve a spot will get input on their weapon (I'll likely work with each person individually in PMs) and then those who come in later may get to choose from the arsenal that I'll develop. What do you think of that? ^-^
  11. There was this Chinese man who used his fists.
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  12. That sounds good.
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  13. Definitely into this!
    Don't know if my writing level will be enough for this roleplay though...
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  14. Well, most writing requirements get relaxed over time, so put extra effort into the first few posts and you're good :P
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  15. I'm also totally open to helping you improve as well. :) As long as you put in the effort you'll be welcome.
  16. Hm... I don't know what to pick for this rp:
    Either a girl, without emotions - or a boy, party-animal.
    I can't pick CX
  17. Up to you!
    Since 4 people are interested I'll start working on the ooc. More RPers will be welcome of course, but as long as you guys are okay with it I see no reason not to go ahead and start with 4. Thoughts?
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  18. 4 should be fine. The OOCs usually get a couple more players too.
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  19. Wait..
    Can i play as multiple characters?
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  20. As long as you're able to write at least a paragraph for each as replies I don't see why not :) Let's start with a two character cap per person.
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