Asteris Academy of Light and Praise

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  1. Kate stood at the gate of her new school. Cold, rusty iron. So much for heavenly.

    Two days ago she had been an ordinary human. Average. Now though, now she was dead. The others had explained to her that she was an angel and that she now lived in Haven a city built for angels. It was hard to believe to say the least. She had been kept at the main building, Angel HQ so to speak. But now they were making her go to school.

    Pushing up her wire frame glasses she opened the gate. Wow. The grounds were stunning. Huge flower gardens, wide paved pathways, amazing fountains. The whole place pulsed with serenity. This had been more what she was expecting from an angel school. Up ahead was a crowd of students. Taking the hint Kate walked over. As she got closer she noticed a large banner, "Welcome New Students". A red lock of hair fell in front of her eyes and she brushed it away hoping that she might make friends here.
  2. I smack my army boots on of the walkways trying to get the mud off, when I somehow find an invisible rock and trip. Down I go with a squeal of discontent. "Damn.." I mutter and scramble to my feet, using one knee to push myself up. Figures, I think. Only my first day and I'm still as clumsy dead as I was alive. Tch, I hope I can fix that. Quickly whipping my head to-and-fro looking to see if anyone saw me fall, I decide that I don't care if anyone did. I dust off my green gypsy skirt, fix my hip-length auburn hair and then pronounce myself ready for action.
    I wander around looking for where I am supposed to go, when I see a pretty red-haired girl who looks like she knows more then I do. So I go over.
  3. Kate noticed someone move out of the corner of her eye and realized that she was being approached. The other girl must be new too, she had a vaguely blank look as if she didn't know what to do, not that Kate knew any more.

    "Um, hello. Are you new here too?" Kate asked in a shy voice.

    The crowd was slowly being pressed into the building, some kind of school hall no doubt, and Kate took a step closer to the girl hoping they would get to sit next to each other.
  4. (Do we already have wings? Or is it a have-to-earn-your-wings kind of thing?) ((Also, my enter button won't work for some reason on this website sometimes, any idea why? D:) . . . I look up at the sound of a voice and find that it's the girl. I dare a smile and shyly tuck some of my hair behind my ear. "Yes, I am. First day, actually. You?" I play with my fingers unconsciously - a nervous fidget. I notice all of the people filing into the school and get a little intimidated by all the people
  5. ((I was thinking along the lines of wings sprouting when you're in Demon-fighting mode. And I can't think of a reason for your enter button to not work... If it keeps happening contact a moderator they might know what to do))

    The girl looked as nervous as Kate felt so she put on a warm smile hoping to reassure the girl.

    "Me too. I only d- arrived here recently," Kate laughed awkwardly, "I'm Kate Bishop."

    Kate held out her hand to be shaken.
  6. I shake your hand before speaking. "I'm Seka. Pleased to meet you." I look at your glasses, and then smile. "I like your glasses, they look like my old ones. They broke though.." I trail off, preferring to leave the rest of my clumsiness unsaid.
  7. Kate ran a finger down the side of her glasses and smiled.

    "Thanks Seka, I like my glasses too," she said, "Oh we might want to get in before all the seats are taken."

    She nudged Seka with the toe of her black converse and inclined her head towards the wide arching doors that the crowd of children were pasting through.

    "So what do you think of this place so far? The gardens are amazing."
  8. "Oh, I know!" I reply excitedly. Heh, nature always did make me happy. I scold myself for showing too much emotion and then nod calmly. "Gardens have always held a special place in my heart. I guess you could say I was quite the tree-hugger before I -we- you know.." I trail off again.
    I nudge you back with my scuffed boot and then kind of cock my head. "Wanna go see the inside of the school?"
  9. Kate laughed and nodded.

    "Lead the way."

    As she entered the giant hall she was amazed yet again. The room was tall and white and surprisingly modern. Rows and rows of black shiny seats filled the space. Kate found a few empty seats left towards the back and sat down quickly.
  10. I almost gasp, but notice an echo that makes every sound a bit louder then it should be.

    "Goodness," I instead choose to whisper and distractedly sit next to Kate. I notice all the people, and luckily no one turned around to notice us coming in.
  11. Kate gave Seka a grin, "I could get use to places like this."

    A man in a grey suit stepped onto the stage in the center of the room and the dull bubble of whispers that had filled the room suddenly ceased.

    "Welcome to Asteris, your new home. I am Kieran your principal," the man announced.

    Kate really tried to listen to the rest of the speech, so much like the speeches made at her earthly school, but she ended up tuning it out. She caught snippets of boring platitudes, "needing teamwork", "standing together" and "true friendship is true success". Instead she began to worry. Seka seemed nice but what if they weren't in the same class or the same dorm or... Kate was shaken back to reality as a woman in a black dress started to read off names, assigning classes.

    "Bishop, Kate: Mr Wilson's class."

    Kate gave Seka a nervous smile and moved to join the small class and crossed her fingers that Seka would join her soon.
  12. Angelina didn't know what to do. She died and has become an angel. Cliche or what? She sighed before walking through the doors following the students. Her white hair hanged in her saphire blue eyes. She mostly ignored the speech, something about trust and friendship. She then noticed her name being called. "Prosper, Angelina: Mr. Wilson's class." She stood and stuffed her pale hands into her white jean pockets. She then walked confidently to the small group and stood next to a girl named Kate as she remembered. "Hey, your Kate right? I'm Angelina." With a small smile. She knew that they both already knew each others names but, it couldn't hurt to be polite.
  13. Kate smiled in relief when the girl said her name. She remembered the white haired girl from HQ but hadn't remembered her name.

    "Yeah, I'm Kate. Angelina its good to see you again," she gave her a smile.

    The last time they had seen each other Kate had been pretty upset, she had just realized that she couldn't see her family again. Her cheeks turned red as she recalled that moment.
  14. Angelina recalled the moment they had last seen each other as Kate was quite upset. She decided not to bring it up as it might make the poor girl embarressed. Though, from the redness on her cheeks, she already is recalling the memory.
  15. Oh, god! I hope that I get a class with Kate. Wait.. should I not say "oh my god" now that I'm in Heaven? Or.. whatever this place is?
    "Winters, Seeka." I look up quickly to the sort-of sound of my name, glad for the distraction.
    "See-kay..?" the woman in black tries to pronounce my name again. I feel my face become hot as people start to giggle a little around me.
    "See-.. Oh, for silly sakes. Who is this girl, and how do you say her name?"
    I swallow a knot in my throat and speak up in my mousy voice.
    "It's pronounced Seh-kah." Thank god for the echo, or else she may not have been able to hear me from way back here!
    "Oh, well then Miss Seka, you're teacher will be Mr. Wilson." She nods as if finalizing a deal, then turns hera ttention to the next student.

    I look over at Kate and smile happily. "Looks like we'll be in the same class together"
  16. I see the new girl and hear that she is also going to be in Mr. Wilsons' class, so I decide to muster up the courage and introduce myself.
    "Hi, you are Angelina? I'm Seka, nice to meet you." I smile shyly.
  17. Kate felt sympathy for Seka as the teacher horribly butchered her name but grinned as it was revealed that they would be in the same class.

    "So it does. Seka this is Angelina. Angelina this is Seka," Kate said politely introducing them, "What do you think Mr Wilson will be like?"

    She hoped the teacher would be friendly. It would be ghastly to be stuck with a tyrant of a teacher for the rest of the year. How long was a year in haven anyway?
  18. I wave in Angelina's direction as a greeting.
    "He sounds like he might be an elderly grandfather kind of man." I was probably reading too much into his name, of course.
    "What do you think he'll be like?"
  19. "Who knows, probably boring most teachers are," Kate laughed.

    "I assure you Miss Bishop that teachers are not boring," came a booming voice.

    Kate wince and turned around. Mr Wilson looked to be in his late thirties, gelled brown hair and a pinstriped suit. Kate didn't know why but for an angel school she had expected someone less normal looking.

    Mr Wilson spoke again, "Now class follow me and I'll show you to our classroom, unless that's too boring?"

    Kate blushed and shook her head. Damn. She started following the teacher's lead.
  20. I lay a hesitant sympathetic hand on your shoulder and send you silent words on encouragement.

    We all follow him down a long hallway that is lined with floor to ceiling murals of angels, seraphims, cherubims, and even... demons. That's strange.
    I nudge you with my elbow and motion to the demons with a funny look on my face.