Astaliviel: An Ongoing-Setting Fantasy Chat Roleplay

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Astaliviel. A kingdom of peace and prosperity, where good men and women come to make an honest living amongst others of the same mindset. However, all is not as it seems in this idyllic cityscape, as beneath it's charming exterior lies a crime ring fracturing and splintering with each and every gang war, corrupt politicians destroying the lives of their underlings and much more.

The city guard keep a dutiful yet uncaring watch on the castes of citizens that pass by them every day, many going missing after a few haphazard coins are slipped into the coffers of these very protectors. In Astaliviel, there is an unspoken law within it's people.

Do not trust anyone, or anything. For who knows, in times as dark as this, who is the killer and who is the savior?

Some say the High Lord Merchant, the person who rules with coin and iron thumb intertwined, Séverin Wyngrim, will pay off his opponents or have the guards bribed and his adversaries framed for treason and executed.

The leader of the guard is not as reputable as some say, according to the whispers of the alleyways and the understreets.Inquisitor Varimor, he is known as. A man dark of heart who is just as adept with a blade as he is the scalpel of a torturer's tools. No one has ever crossed him and lived sane to tell their tale.

To form the final key part of the triad of leadership that provides an uneasy dominion over Astaliviel, is the Songstress Aedwyr, a courtesan and bard in equal measure, she provides the diplomacy to the protection and coin that her compatriots offer.

Others would argue that the main cause of concern is the conflict between the Acolytes of Adventia, the worshipers of the Goddess of Life and Light, and the Cult of Ysdar, the God of Death, Darkness, and Passage.

However, the most prevalent danger to the normal citizens of Astaliviel is the gangs of thieves that make the night the most dangerous place to be. The conflict has been said by many to be between the Covenant, a group of mages turned brigands who use their magic to steal, murder and bewilder. Their sworn enemies, the Bladesong, are a band of highly illusive humans who believe magic has no place in this world and must be purged, along with corruption.

In the Kingdom of Astaliviel, what will be your story?


1) With flashy powers comes responsibility. You can fight other characters, but no godmodding, powerplaying, metagaming, etc.

2)No smutting. There are other, age-restricted chat roleplay rooms for that.

3) Sometimes, characters will be unable to talk to yours, due to a heated discussion about muffins for example.. Do not be discouraged! There will be many other opportunities to interact with others characters within the chat roleplay!

This roleplay will take place in the Astaliviel roleplay chat. You are free to create a character and interact in the jurisdiction of the universe at any time! Just make a character, see who else is in there and interact!

Important Links:
The Astaliviel Chatbox.
The Astaliviel ChaRP Bio.


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No. I did at first, but the links were broken, and over time, I realized the plot just wasn't my style.



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Although Salt, the charp has no set plot. Your character interactions make their own plots when interacting with the other characters. Apologies that this project doesn't suit you! :)
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