Astaliviel: A Dinner Party to Remember

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    You have received an invitation from the illustrious Baron Rivendell, to come have dinner in his mansion, with the rest of the mighty heroes of the realm! He wishes to commemorate their achievements and accolades. However, as the night turns dark, mysterious things begin to happen. This dinner party will certainly be a night to remember!

    Time: 6:00PM GMT- 10:00
    14:00PM EST- 18:00PM EST

    Location: Astaliviel Chat Roleplay Room

    Be concise! If it takes you more than five minutes to post, you will get lost or stop the flow of the roleplay.
    No powergaming. This is an event where powers will severely undermine the action of the event.

    Don't be mad if your character dies. This event's a murder mystery for a reason, but it's disconnected from the canon of the Astaliviel universe so you can still bring your character to the actual chat roleplay!

    No smutting!

    Sometimes, characters will be unable to talk to yours, due to a heated discussion about muffins for example. Do not be discouraged! There will be many other opportunities to interact with others characters within the chat roleplay!

    Tagging a bunch of people who might be interested:

    @Dawn @Tribs @Rook @Autarch @Lstorm @Rain of the Night
  2. lol arcadia.png

    Also, you didn't tell us what day, you dork <3
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  3. Arc told me the 3rd.
  5. I will be at wooooorrrrrk. :P
  6. If this timezone converter isn't lying to me, this thing starts at 10:00 and ends at 14:00 in my time. I'm pretty sure I can make that.
    Someone please correct me if everything is a lie.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.