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  1. We begin with two friends, or acquaintances, and they have done something to really piss the authorities off. Can be minor blown out of proportion, can be major with the same deal, that's up for discussion and the like.
    The two together seem close, but they constantly deny their feelings. They're both heterosexual, in short.
    I think this'll add a new sort of element to that kind of romance part of it. Overcoming even their own desires, to be together truly. Will they be able to find harmony within the chaos?

    Speaking of chaos, this is where the fun comes in.

    White, tentacled monsters resembling angels. They wish to assimilate the human form, and control them from within.
    That day, as if karma had been loaded with some new weaponry, these beings, about the size of a human torso, appear and start doing their thing.
    The two run. They run fast.
    But one is tripped over.
    What will happen? We will have to find out and see, yes!

    Not for the weak-gutted (open)
    A successful assimilation would be like, her innards would be replaced with the tentacle monster thing, and it would control her forever. Cutting it out would only reveal a large hole in her body - gruesome as all shit. I'd imagine it to be very sexualised too, the tentacles wrapping around and essentially giving the look of 'being felt up constantly' upon the poor victim. This would be both internal and external, the wrapping.

    A failed assimilation, however, isolates the tentacle monster thing to a single limb, rather than the entire body, and she can use it as a weapon against the same types of monsters. Depending on the limb, it can be used as a brute force weapon, or perhaps something a little smarter. We can work that out and all.

    So, here we are.

    Orientation of Characters: Two straight ladies, please, but do keep in mind that this can change to gay ladies, eventually, but it doesn't have to be that way. It can totally be a case of 'I'm straight. She's straight. That's how it is'.
    Posting Expectations: Between One and Four paragraphs a post, this truly depends on what is happening at the time. I want some real description in here.
    Frequency of Posts: Once every second day or more.

    If this interests you feel free to PM or post below! Thanks!
  2. Hey, this has peaked my interest a bit
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