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  1. I feel a bit odd with trying to get something started soon after joining, but I figure I'll see if anyone might be interested in some ideas of mine. I'll probably elaborate on these when I have the time, or if asked for more details.

    1. A war story of some sort focused primarily on fighter pilots. This could be near-future, borrowing from Ace Combat so there are all manner of fancy planes to choose from and fly, and it's a relatively realistic war story, or something crazier which has earth fighting aliens.

    1. a. Pretty much the above, but definitely scifi and with aliens, because it's shamelessly stealing from various old shoot-em-up games in which the player is a lone ship fighting hordes of alien monsters. If you're a fan of R-Type or Gradius, this might be a fun idea.

    2. Something about mecha pilots defending the Earth from giant monsters. Not going to lie, these ideas were originally for an Evangelion fan-mod someone made for Dark Heresy, although there wouldn't be a need to actually use anything at all from Eva (and if I do base it on Evangelion, it'd be all original characters). It'd be that sort of set-up, though. A group of young pilots and their older support and command staff are the only line of defense between the Earth and powerful aliens. There would be a split focus between slice-of-life or downtime events and on giant robot fights.

    I think I may also have the mecha organization based on a space station, because I can think of some really fun ideas for orbital deployment or orbit-to-surface interactions. For a much sillier idea: the mecha pilots are also a pop idol group, their Commanding Officer is their manager, and the whole organization does this to make additional money.

    3. An exploration of a setting I'm working on, in which cyborgs and androids are a new and growing addition to the military. In addition to cyborgs being excellent heavy infantry and the sorts who fight each other in battles, they have another important job: dealing with the Mist that began to appear after a major meteor impact event. The Mist seems to be of alien origin, and causes strange changes to the environment in areas it blankets, mutating living things, or transforming them into metal and crystal. Even brief exposure can cause a person to contract a horrible disease, but cyborgs' largely-artificial bodies seem to be immune, so they are invaluable in dealing with the Mist and the creatures that live within it and spread it.

    Characters could be from various factions/nations which all have different general views on technology and different cultural backgrounds. They'd be formed into a special international unit, if we need to explain why everyone would be working together, or they could be rivals or enemies if you'd rather do that.

    My influences in developing all this are "mecha musume" anime and other series, so the characters would generally follow that sort of aesthetic.

    4. A game of Double Cross. Double Cross is a Japanese TTRPG that was recently translated, and I've wanted to do something with it for a while now. It's a modern-setting superhero game. 20 years ago, the Renegade Virus was released unto the world, and by now, 80% of the population is a carrier. For most people, the Renegade is dormant. But for some, it awakens, giving them superhuman powers. These people, called "Overed" have a variety of incredible powers, but at a price: the more they use them, the more the Renegade stirs within them. And should it take over, they lose their humanity and become an insane monster. The only way to calm down the virus' encroachment and remain in control is through your strong personal ties with others.

    The UGN is an organization of normal humans and Overed devoted to stopping superhuman crime and researching the Renegade Virus, amongst other things. They are at odds with False Hearts, an organization of superhuman terrorists. Characters could possibly belong to either group, if we're feeling ambitious.

    Obviously, a lot of things with this would come pre-packaged, as it's from an established game setting. I might also introduce a simplified version of the mechanics, so we can all roll dice for things.

    And, that's it. Sorry about the wall of text. If you'd like to discuss a specific idea, it would likely be best to refer to it by its number.
  2. Those ideas definitely have merit. Two definitely strikes a chord with me, as you could see if you checked my title. But other than that, I like all of the other ones two. Feel free to hit me up, I think these are right up my alley.
  3. Interested in the MECHS (Used to watch Eva when I was in High School), Fighters have always been an interest for me, and Double Cross....I've never heard about it till know. I'll do some research on it, and get back to you on whether I like it or not.

    Overall I like what I see.
  4. Teenage mecha pilot idols? I would play that so fast it'd make your head spin. You should totally do it. Though I might also be interested in less silly versions of #2.

    #3 sounds fun too. I've been wanting to play a heavily cyborged up character for a while, and mecha musume would scratch that itch.

    I'd be up for playing Double Cross too. Having some mechanics would be nice.

    Not immediately sure what I'd do with #1, though.
  5. #2 of any persuasion, or #4 would be my preferred options
  6. I'd be interested in 1. a. .
  7. I think I'll let conversations continue for a while before deciding on which idea to pursue, although it seems that 2 would be a clear one to go for. Anyone have any preference between some of my stranger ideas there? I'll say now that if I do mix idols into things, I'll probably start throwing around music terminology for things. Why do your giant robots run on singing? Because don't ask.

    @Smo I feel a bit odd singling you out ,but would you happen to be a fellow fan of shoot-em-ups?
  8. Yep, I am. Why?
  9. 3 sounds interesting; I really like cyborgs and bionics.
  10. It's just a fairly "dead" genre, so I don't often run across people into such games.
  11. Hey, if you're going to do a mecha pilot idol group game, why not? I'd probably keep the game from being entirely silly though. You do need your serious parts.

    I'd still be entirely up for Double Cross or mecha musume too.
  12. Well, I think I'll just pick one of the two more popular ideas (2 and 3) and write it up tomorrow. And I'll save the others for another time.
  13. I'm not sure if I'd be much for the 'pop star group' idea for 2, since it just seems a bit too non-serious for me. Most likely, though, I'd find a way to work around it.
  14. Cool. Toss a link here when it's up?
  15. I'm not sure if I'd actually do the pop star thing, if I use the mecha set-up. I can easily do without it, after all.
  16. Alright, was just stating my own take on it. But as the dear Brother said, drop a link in here when you get it set up =)
  17. Will do. It might take me a while to get everything hammered out, especially when it comes to naming important things to the setting. My naming sense is usually terrible.
  18. I have a fairly good sense of naming stuff. You can PM me if you want any assistance with that.
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