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  1. Two Assassins. One victim. Will they work together or against each other?

    Samantha skidded into a small town called Kester. Her motorbike was sleek and purple. She kicked the kickstand, pulling off her helmet, her fire red hair falling out from beneath it. This is what she was hired to do. There was a man that she was hired to kill here. You'd think her entrance was discreet but she didn't make money off of being secretive.
  2. Unknown to her someone was watching her very closely.
  3. Moving with caution I approached the girl making my presence practically unnoticeable as the girl's attention was focused on something else. 'I wonder...perhaps I should observe her a while longer.'
  4. Samantha walked through the streets of the town, looking for her target. She decided to wait for nightfall and go to his house. It would be the easiest option. She swept up her red hair and placed her helmet back on her head, riding back through town to what looked like a nice little pub. She parked her bike, hanging the helmet on the handlebars and entering to sit at a small table.
  5. Katsuri followed her keeping her distance in her sleek black car watching as she stopped at a small pub. 'Hmmm, perhaps now would be the best time to try and interact with her' Parking her car and walking into the pub she looked around for the red haired girl. Seeing her over at a small table in the corner she made her way towards her only to be stopped by a couple of drunks. "Hey there pretty lady interested in having a drink with us?" They asked three stopping her way and one behind her. She didn't say anything but harshly glared at them. "Oh ho looks like your a feisty one, hmm. I like 'em like that" the drunk reached for her.
  6. Samantha was out of her seat, and holding the man's arm in a chicken wing behind his back, "Don't ever touch a woman unless you have her consent, got it drunkard?" She asked tightening her grip. The man nodded quickly and painfully. She released him, shoving him back towards the bar. She moved back to her seat, picking up the menu. Her eyes scanned over the food, deciding on a simple cheese burger.
  7. Smirking slightly as the drunks ran away she turned to see the girl already walikng away. Following the girl to her table Katsuri watched as she scanned the menu. "Thank you for your help I appreciate it" Katsuri said bowing low. "Would you mind if I sat with you or do you have someone else coming?" she asked.
  8. "You're welcome. Nah, sit, go ahead." Samantha said, as a large cheese burger was put in front of her. "So might I ask what a young girl like yourself is doing in a not so nice place like this?" she asked, raising a single red eyebrow at the girl. She looked capable, but didn't fight back when that guy grabbed her. She took a bite of the burger taste filling her senses, she quickly picked up a napkin and wiped her mouth.
  9. Smiling with her eyes closed Katsuri replied "Perhaps it's because I'm not so nice." Her face went back to being emotionless as she studied the girl's reaction. "And I believe I could ask the same to you" She said scanning the menu as the waitress approached "I'd like some dessert please, your best one." Katsuri said sighing as she put down the menu and watched the waitress walk away.
  10. "Sure, you could ask me the same thing, but I believe it would be irrelevant considering you saw first hand how I can handle myself." Samantha took another bite, eyeing the girl. "Not so nice huh?" Samantha raked a hand through her hair curiously. This girl interested her, as not many things grab her attention anymore.
  11. "Irrelevant..Hmm, not irrelevant but the true question would be" Looking at Samantha in the eyes, all emotion gone, she said "Why would you help me?" Katsuri was truly interested in this since she already had a suspicion this girl was also an assassin and in this world it was kill or be killed. So why? Why would this girl, this stranger, help her when there was no merit, nothing to be gained. It simply didn't make sense.
  12. Samantha shrugged, "Maybe I'm just a good person." she replied, a small smirk finding her lips. She didn't know who this girl was, but she seemed tough. Able to hold her own, which made her wonder why she hadn't taken the drunkard down herself. She looked a lot like Sam did actually, in terms of body language. Maybe she's an assassin...
  13. The waitress came back with a strawberry sundae and placed it in front of her. Katsuri asked for the waitress to bring the bill and continued to observe the girl in front of her. "Katsuri." She said suddenly eating a spoonful of her dessert. She didn't know why she gave the girl her name but for some reason she felt compelled to do so.
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