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  1. Let's get this show on the road~

    | A bit about me! |​
    You can call me any shortened version of my name: Kitsune. I've been roleplaying on this site for almost two years now, so I know my way around it pretty well?? At least, I like to think so. On the contrary, Ive been roleplaying for a lot longer than that. Uh, I'm a pretty chill person whose life consists of anime, roleplaying, and school. I'm pretty sure I'm on a different time zone from majority of the people here, so that may mess with replies.

    | Things to know! |​
    • I'm hella indecisive, so decision making isn't my strong suit when creating a roleplay.
    • I'm also super open-minded, so I'll try out just about anything!
    • I like to talk a lot OOC. Like...a lot.
    • I like to plot as we roleplay. So if you have any ideas you want to go over or anything, I'm all ears~
    • Sometimes my length varies on your length, then sometimes I can't match it. That being said, you don't have to match my length either. Post what's comfortable
    • As stated before, I'm in a different timze zone, so my replies may be a bit weird.
    • I tend to procrastinate and then forget, so don't be afraid to PM me or post on my profile if I go MIA.
    | Roleplay things! |​
    • Depending on the pairing, I prefer different roles. FxF & MxM - I tend to prefer the submissive/bottom/uke. MxF - I can do either one.
    • Grammar is kind of a huge thing for me. I understand having a few typos here and there, but not everywhere and not all of the time.
    • Here is the Assassin link.
    • I'll be adding more links as I find more to roleplay.
    So, that's all there is, too. Interested, or not?
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  2. I'm interested. 2,3,5,and 7 seem interesting on your list!
  3. Any of those are open for you! You can PM about the one you want, or say so here c:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.