Assassin's Tale

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  2. Name: Dain (Going undercover as Henry)

    Age: 19

    Occupation: Assassin/ Royal guard

    Status: Undercover (As the princesses guard)

    Biography: Dain was an orphan on the streets, he survived by the mere scraps of food that he stole; no one ever suspected him, he was like a shadow.Seeing his potential Lui took him in and offered him a place as his apprentice... as an assassin. Although he could kill if the need arose, he dislikes doing it and is usually only sent on non-violent missions.His latest one being to steal the heirloom ring belonging to the princess.

    Looks: Brown eyes with brown hair, tall and muscular. (Couldn't find a picture of what I wanted)
  3. Name: Claire
    Age: 17
    Occupation: Princess
    Status: Royal
    Biography: She's always been in the castle. She's been raised to be an obedient, quiet, and intelligent girl, given that she is the next heir to the throne. Her parents practically control her, they make decisions for her, they decide who she socializes with. She wishes to decide for her own and do her own things.
    Looks: Claire
  4. Claire smoothed out the front of her plum colored dress before exiting her bedroom and heading to the throne room. Today she was to meet her new personal guard. Frankly, she didn't understand why she needed one, if she was stuck inside all day. Save for the rare times she's allowed to venture out into the gardens. She would have protested against the idea, but her parents would've frowned upon her refusal. A small, barely audible sigh escaped past her lips at the mere thought of not being able to decide for herself. Turning a corner, she continued down the corridor; until she came upon two tall mahogany doors. The two guard posted on the sides of the door, bowed before opening both doors. "Princess Claire has arrived, your highness." One of the guards announced. Sending the guard a small appreciative smile, she sauntered into the room. She stop a few feet away from the throne, which seated her father, and she curtsied. "Father." She greeted, before standing straight once again.
  5. Dain clenched his fists together with anticipation. He was waiting for the King to call him in, introduce him to his daughter; Princess Claire. A guard came to notify him it was time. He entered the opposite side of the throne room, Princess Claire already present. As he walked up to the throne, he put on a mask of cool calmness. "Ah, Henry." The king motioned towards Dain, "This is my Daughter, Princess Claire." Dain felt a pang of disgust at the introduction,'To introduce your daughter with the formal title...'he thought. Yet showed nothing as he bowed and quietly whispered "Your highness".
  6. Claire's eyes instantly snapped over to the opening doors and in came a male, who she assumed was her new personal guard. The first thing she noticed was his height. She was of average height, yet she felt short compared to him. Getting a better look at his facial features as he got closer, she noticed that he was rather young; maybe two or three years older than her. She had been expecting someone older, so she was taken by surprise. She curtsied as they were introduced. "Pleasure to meet you, Sir Henry? Correct?" She hadn't been told beforehand of his name and she barely heard her father say it.
  7. Her voice was like a bell. 'Probably from years of speech lessons' Dain concluded to himself. "Yes, your highness." Dain said obediently, like a dog. She looked the same as in the folder, although more... Dain couldn't put his finger on it but she looked more something. It must be the dress, the plum one she was wearing suited her well. The king looked expectantly at the Princess, waved his hands in a shooing motion then bellowed, "That is all, you are dismissed."
  8. Claire's attention returned to her father as he dismissed them. She excused herself and turned to look at Henry once again. "Please, follow me." She said softly as she turned on her heel and made her way out of the throne room. Pausing in the hallway, Claire turned to Henry. "Did my father already tell you your schedule, rules, and such?" She questioned him. She really hoped her father did because she didn't feel like explaining everything. Of course, if he hadn't then she would end up doing it either way.
  9. The Princess looked up at Dain, asking him if he knew the 'schedule, rules, and such', Yes it was drilled into him, both before he started this mission and after. Today was Friday, that meant after this the Princess would return to her room for lessons; while Dain would either stand guard inside the room with her or outside, (although the guard that trained him said that would almost definitely be the latter); then tea, where the Princess would do just that: have tea. Then more lessons, that was the day plan anyway. The night schedule was more tight and complex, consisting of numerous guards to stand watch at different intervals. Although all of this was subject to change if the Princess wanted something different. Dain just nodded and said "Yes I am aware, your Highness."
  10. "Alright, good." She responded with a nod. That saved time and she could get on with her day, not that she had much to do. She was subjected by her father to have lessons today, so that practically left her in her room for the rest of the evening until dinner came. "Let's get going then." She gave him a small polite smile before turning around and walking down the corridor towards her bedroom. She wasn't use to having a personal guard, this being the first time having one, so she wasn't sure what she was to say to him. Was she to start normal conversation with him? Get to know him? Or simply just not talk at all? "If you don't mind me asking, old are you?" She found herself asking, breaking the silence. She was curious to know and she saw no harm in asking a simple question.
  11. "How old are you?"
    Dain was perplexed by the question, he wasn't briefed for this. Dain (and his trainers) just assumed there would be no personal questions or queries. Should he say his real age? No, no obviously not. Yet it was somewhat clear how old he was, so saying he was thirty wouldn't really cut it. "I'm eighteen your Highness." He replied. One year off, not quite his age, but still believable. There was silence again. It occurred too Dain that perhaps she was trying to make small talk to fill it. Perhaps he should ask something back? It was rude to ask a Lady her age, so What? THe only thing he could think of is an old rumor that Lui had told him. He had to undergo months of training to get here, but he was still curious. It was unheard of that a guard (even a fake one) ask questions to it's master, but that didn't stop Dain asking, the off topic, needless question : "Is it true that a single royal dress can weigh up to 60 tonnes?"
  12. He was eighteen? Really? Claire's eyebrow arched up in surprise. He was only a year older than her; he seemed a bit older than that. Too stunned, she didn't reply as they continued through the hallway, the silence making its presence again. She was slightly surprised to hear the male ask a question of his own. "60 tonnes?" She questioned a small chuckle escaping past her lips. "Royal dresses are heavy, but they're not that heavy." She said a smile remaining on her lips. Turning right, she stopped in front of two decent sized doors and opened it. "My tutor should be arriving shortly." She said as she turned to look at him. "Where will you be during my lessons?" She questioned.
  13. Good point, thought Dain. They hadn't covered lesson times just yet. "Where would you like me to be? I can either stand watch from outside here in the hall, or inside with you." The second would be best. Dain knew why he was there, perhaps the Princess kept her ring in the lessons room? One would never know; that's why he had to find out. He looked at the Princess, still smiling at the dress-question. Dain agreed with himself that she looked prettier, when she smiled.
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  14. Claire thought for a moment before moving away from the door so he could come in. "You can stay in here. You can stand or you can take a seat over there." She pointed to the comfy couch, she had positioned against the wall with a small coffee table in front of it. A knock caught her attention and she whipped her head over to the door way, where her tutor stood. "Good evening, Mister Daniels. Please, come in." She glanced over at Henry and figured she should introduce the male, given that her tutor was looking at him quite strange. "Mister Daniels, he is my personal guard, Sir Henry." She introduced them. "Evening." Mister Daniels greeted him once he stepped into the room.
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  15. Dain stood over next to the wall. Even when invited, a guard did not sit down in it's masters presence; also it had ample view of the whole room, all the better to spot the ring. Lessons were quite boring, even more so for the Princess, he assumed. She a look of concentration spread across her face when ever she was contemplating. Dain found it quite attractive. 'Just feeling a bit lonely.' Dain thought, he knew there'd be a line of girls waiting for him when he got back, 'Yet they're different to her.' He concluded, as gazed at the Princess.
  16. Claire actually found lessons interesting, so it was a good pass time. Plus she learned new things. As she sat there with Mister Daniels going over some literature, she couldn't help but to feel a pair of eyes on her. Turning slightly, she made eye contact with Henry. A small polite smile appeared on her lips, before she returned her gaze back to the paper in front of her.
    "Alright, I think that is enough for today." Mister Daniels said as he put away his things and stood up. "Evening." He dismissed himself and left. Claire left her supplies on her desk and stood up. "I'm going to go to the bathroom. When I come back we'll head off to dinner.
  17. Dain stood waiting. The Princess seemed pretty happy once lessons was over; it was nice to see someone enjoying their work. Dain never felt that way about his job. Feeling a little bored Dain wondered over to the desk where the princess had been sitting. Hearing someone walking towards the room he quickly returned to his position and accompanied the Princess to the dining room.​
  18. As they walked down the hall, Claire glanced at Henry. How did someone so young end up becoming her personal guard? How skilled was he? "How long have you been training?" She questioned as they walked through the quiet hallway, the only sound was their steps. "I'm surprised my father let someone so young work under him." She commented. Normally, her father hired workers he believed were reliable, not that she thought Henry was unreliable, but her father tended to hire older people.

    She knew that there were lines as to how much she could talk to him. Her father had told her that she was not to socialize with him, given that he needed to do his job, but Claire couldn't help herself. This could probably be the first time she ever makes a friend that isn't a stuck up noble. All she wanted was a friend.
  19. Dain had won the King over with his skills. It was a planned thing, where shadow knights tried to attack the King, Dain was coincidentally wondering around; Dain 'protected' his King, then signed up for the guard position the next day.

    "The king saw my skills in action and thought I would be a good guard for you."

    Although it was drilled into him that conversation wasn't really tolerated, he was getting the feeling that it didn't really matter with the Princess. He wanted to continue the conversation further, but they had reached the dining hall.

    "Here is the dining hall your highness,"
  20. "Well then, you must have great skills." She said as they came to the doors of the dining hall. Giving him a nod, Claire entered the dining room. "Come on." She motioned for him to follow her.

    There was a long table and her father's chair was at the head of the table. Making her way over to take a seat, she motioned Henry to take a seat next to her. As far as she was concerned her father and mother were going to be busy taking care of some business that they wouldn't be attending dinner. "Have a seat, my parents aren't going to be here." She said as grabbed the silverware and began to eat the food that was already on her plate.
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