Assassin's Song

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    In the land of Kyevar, assassin guilds all over the country has made assassination an art, and this was never more true than with the guild known as ‘The Muses’, though they had a stayed under the radar for a few years, only doing discreet assassination missions that left no traces, this would soon change after an event known as ‘The Massacre of Bellatov’.

    A pan pipe player sits on the roofs of a city, playing elegantly as the wind builds up and he disappears, only to reappear into the king’s chamber with the king, whom he makes quick work of assassinating the king and dealing with the guards.


    Farros had started setting up his instrument, consisting only of organ keys which he placed on the ground one at a time. Trevor, becoming quickly annoyed with him, tried to rush him as he stood, waiting, with his violin. After a quick dispute over who had the better instruments, Farros finally finished and the two began to play. The city of Bellatov had flames rising all over while the citizens ran out of their homes, screaming in fear about things that could not possibly be there.

    Once the fires rose, Kyro and Kaiden made their way into the castle. Only having to deal with a couple of guards due to most of the guards being distracted by Xale, a very large man who could cover himself in stone, who was wreaking havoc onto the city while it was burning in flames and most of the citizens suffering from illusions. Once they made it to the princess’s door, a young guard attacked Kaiden, causing him to get angry let out a flurry of blows onto him. A group of soldiers soon came once Kaiden had prepared to kill the princess. Kaiden rushed at these guards, only to be knocked out in a rather embarrassing manner. Kyro cleaned up his messy work and killed the entire group of guards by himself, though he mercifully let the princess live.

    The princess met up with a couple of guards, Mason and Koren, who took the unconscious young guard, who had managed to live through the flurry of blows, and made camp a kilometer or so outside of the city, in fear of a rebellion from the citizens.

    The assassins met up at their rendezvous point only to have Jin, the assassin with the pan pipe, also the leader of the organization, yell at Kyro and Kaiden for messing up. However, after Xale asked, Jin revealed why the mission had done, revealing that they have an anonymous enemy who would be of much danger to them, also that there was a traitor in the organization.

    This same man is then mentioned, still anonymous, and tells a messenger to ‘send the Renegades’.

    For a MUCH more detailed version that includes a lot more character information, read the actual introduction. This is supposed to just give you the general idea of what is going on.


    I prefer if you go nonbio, but if you really want to submit a bio then that's perfectly fine.

    Race (if you are going to be anything other than human, ASK ME FIRST):
    Alliance (Assassin, Wanderer, guard for the princess, etc.):
    Powers(if any):
    Short History:


    Typical roleplay rules apply.

    No godmodding
    No Autohitting
    No one liners

    This roleplay is going to have a fairly high skill cap. I'm expecting descriptive posts and for the roleplay to be fairly fast paced. You can create sub plots if you want, just run them through me first and you have to make them fit into the universe I've created.

    Feel free to be creative with your characters. YOU CAN be a member of The Muses. Your character has to play an instrument and you have to run it through me first.

    I don't really know what else to say. The full introduction is on on a thread I posted in "Roleplay Talk" and I'll post it again whenever I start the actual RP (which will be later). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
  2. I'm in...No bio so it is more mysterious XD
    Could I possibly be on 'The Muse'? And play the harp
  3. Pm me your power and what your character's history will be so I can approve it
  4. I'm in, going bio-less.
  5. I want in. I want in. I want in.

    I'm probably going to have to do that thing where I think about what I want my character to be, though. :P

    Wooo~! Assassin's Song!