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  5. i wanna see some info on the characters! :D
  6. Ghost isn't really from England. That's all I'm saying.
  7. Mind if I manipulate the Sanguine Fratres? :D I just think that it would make for an interesting plot and story :D
  8. Go for it. I was going for a bit of backstory for Ghost, but it pretty much parallels what I had in mind.
  9. @Cubix
  10. In the meantime, @AshenAngel may I request for some CS from everyone? Not a requirement. It's just that the "tenured" agents all seem to have known each other for years and are well accustomed to each others' idiosyncrasies...when in fact we aren't familiar with each others' characters except for how they're portrayed.
  11. Alright... I guess I'll throw one together.

    Real Name: Archaeo Grimoire, though it isn't used anymore.
    Alias: Ghost
    Age: 49, nearly 50.
    Ghost has always been more of an old soul, quiet and wise beyond his years. Headstrong and determined are also some decent words to describe his work ethic. Get it done, and get it done right. End of question. Like any mature adult male, his wisdom sometimes bleeds out in biting sarcasm and smart-ass remarks when training newbies. Training also leads to frustration... Mainly him wondering how a human being can be so stupid. Alas, this is usually laughed about later on after a well earned beer. He always keeps his eye out for the people that manage to survive under his roof.
    He is no stranger to loss, or betrayal. Sometimes the shadow of events like these falls across his face. And that shadow, that wariness and distance, is what keeps him from forming romantic relations.
    Should an enemy appear which threatens those he cares about, that foe shall witness why he is called Ghost. He becomes terror itself, destroying every single contact which that enemy has. And just when that poor soul is on the verge of insanity, his shadow, the shadow of death, falls upon them and sweeps them down to the depths of hell. This form of anger rarely comes about, and often gets marked down in the assassin history books when it does... For it has marked the death of many a clan and guild.
    From his earliest full memory, he recalls being raised in an orphanage and boarding school known solely as the Academy. There, children were trained in the art of death. He tried his best to fight against this school, even managing escape more than once, though that rebellion was beaten out of him. He shared a room with seven other kids, who grew to be his brothers. On graduation day, the oldest of the seven, Leone, made a blood pact with them all. They were brothers by choice and by blood. A year after graduation, the headmistress of the Academy was killed. And that was when Ghost earned his name as he single-handedly destroyed the assassin guild responsible for her death.
    About ten years after that, news spread of Leone's death, and that caused the vengeful spirit to awaken once more. As it turned out, his own guild had done him in. That was Ghost's first lesson in human nature, and more personal lessons spotted the years after that.
    After meeting up with the youngest of the brothers, Ghost started to assemble his contacts, and the Nocturne Guild was born.
    It took a couple years, but it finally became one of the top guilds, and it's held this position, up till lately.
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    Real Name: Nathaniel Furdin
    Alias: Ace
    Age: 41
    Acey-boy got his smarts through a whole lot of head slapping and beatings. But, being the survivor that he is, he got smarts none the less and strove above the odds. He views things like a card game, knowing the odds and playing them to his full advantage.
    He gets things done, and gets them done right. He goes above and beyond to make things perfect, as per the request. Neat freak and germophobe, indeed.
    He is by far the tamest graduate of the dreaded academy from which some of the greatest assassins had originated from way back when. He took his smarts and used them, in the medical field. He's patched up the few remaining graduates more than once, some coming back from death's door.
    His instincts have strived to keep him out of harm's way, and that's led to a relatively safe life. No one's tried to directly kill him, so that's good. Getting caught in the crossfire, however, is one event that constantly reoccurs in his life. And it ain't as fun as some people think.
    Ace had a decent childhood, with parents and a sister, up until he turned nine. His parents died when a train struck their car. His sister went to a girl's home, and he wound up in the Academy.
    A kid he shared a room with constantly tried to run away, to the eldest's dismay. Then, one night, Archaeo got beaten to the point that he went into a coma. Ace nursed him back to health, and he didn't attempt to escape again.
    They soon graduated from that terrible place and Ace went on to try and put his horrifying skills to use in a much better way. He got his doctorate in the medical field, tracked down his sister, and made sure that she was going to have a good life.
    He became an uncle about five years later, though he kept his distance. He wrote letters, sent pictures, that kind of stuff. But he didn't want to taint their happy lives with the darkness that followed him out of the academy. He got back in touch with a couple of his brothers back in the academy, and helped Archaeo start off his very own guild before heading back into the peaceful world of the ER.
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  12. [​IMG]

    "Ghost... No, Archaeo... he must not know about me anymore. The guild has no need for me; they must forget me."
    Name: Xion Daelin F. Trevor, PhD; MD

    Alias: He goes by the name of Haze before his encounter with the Sanguine Fratres. Now, he is known as Suture.

    Age: 37

    Personality: Only those who had witnessed Xion's early days knows who he truly is: a bloodthirsty and cold assassin. His knowledge of the human anatomy allows him to further his painful experiments on his victims who often die before the main research begins. Xion is also very strategic and intelligent when it comes to certain situations. He is also level-headed as well as extremely calm and never easily baited into senseless combat. However, with his sudden resignation from the assassin career and the start of his medic profession, Xion is known to be quite friendly, respectful and graceful with his actions, although, his hatred for smoking still persists. Upon his ambush by the Sanguine Fratres, Xion chose to hide his identity from his own guild, believing that his failure made him unworthy to return. His new persona, Suture, is a lazy individual who hesitates to work much less move.

    History: Xion was one of those kid geniuses who would only come every few decades or so. He immediately excelled in his studies, gaining a PhD in Cytogenetics at the tender age of 18. However, Xion was already hiding a growing bloodlust within-- a bloodlust that only Ghost, then his mentor, detected. The mentor managed to steer Xion into helping out the guild, becoming one of its first few founding pillars. Xion grew to admire and look up to Ghost, viewing him as the epitome of human wisdom. Still, even love finds its way into the hearts of even the hardened assassins, and Xion found his love with Mikaela, his research assistant. As it turned out, Mikaela also returned Xion's affection which made the assassin pledge that he would never reveal who he was to her. However, his fame as an assassin got too rampant, and through the infinite connections of the underworld, they were able to track down the information that Mikaela was Xion's fiancee.

    In one swift turn of events, Mikaela was held hostage and before Xion could save her, the car she was held in was thrown off a cliff. Blood was spilled that day-- the blood of his enemies that is. Xion blamed himself for his fiancee's death-- his life as an assassin ended the life of the woman he had loved; he had killed the only light in his eternal night. Thus, Xion relented on the life of an assassin and opted for the medical life... determined to atone for his mistakes by saving lives rather than ending them.

    A few years into the present, Xion was ambushed by a band of Sanguine Fratres members. Xion was defeated that day but due to Ace's medical skills, he managed to elude Death. However, he felt ashamed... he was... defeated? No. He couldn't show his face to the guild anymore. As such, he opted to start a new identity-- he changed his appearance: he cut his hair, wore contact lenses with different eye colors, and his glasses merely for show. Then, he finds a stable job at the local hospital.
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  13. Strictly art pics only?


    Real Name: Sebastiano Serpico
    Age: 34
    Ailias: Venom/Veleno
    Personality: friendly and approachable but rather mysterious, somewhat vain, curious and open minded when meeting people and encountering new substances, protective, mature despite the playboy vibe that attracts certain people

    While it is known that he was involved with the underground since his boyhood, it is unclear as to how. If asked, he would say he was a mafioso, or a son of one, or a contact.
    He is quite proud to say that he graduated as a "chemistry major from a big university", never giving specifics. He was also consistently in acting clubs and plays basketball.

    Before the Guild
    He was an informant and a freelance assassin whose favorite client is a young Japanese tycoon. He still works for the Yamashitas from time to time and is still affiliated with them. It was around this time he studied bartending with another freelancer named Terrence.

    Within the Guild
    When Ghost was just starting out, the Yamashita brothers were quite interested in the Guild's service. At first, Sebastiano was sent for an affiliation, but he later chose to work for Ghost. In the Guild's earlier days, he was quite active, a favorite of the more socialite-type clients because of his charm and wit. As the guild grew, he took it upon himself to support the rest, getting the task of doing follow-up missions and gathering information. He still accepts contacts when the offer is really good (in his standards).

    To Sebastiano, simply put, he loves his Guildmates.
    Ghost is the broody father of the Guild whose quiet guidance keeps them all in check. Sebastiano feels Ghost is a workaholic who never speaks of his own problems but that only worries him. He ends up getting naggy sometimes when it's just him and Ghost.
    Haze, Face and Crown are all beloved brothers to Sebastiano. He pokes fun at them but that's just how he shows he cares, his way of appreciating their differences. Other times, he can get aggravatingly sweet on them it's almost flirty. In the early days when they still did team missions, Sebastiano was usually either support or bait.
    Owl and even Wolf were like sisters to him and he's always straightforward in caring for them. Owl was his initial inspiration to learn baking, and he expanded to different meals to accommodate the others' preferred food as well.
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  14. dc4QXo_RO6z9Wh0WgRsS2cmBEHc.png

    Yvonne Mckenzie



    Yvonne has a very carefree, outgoing, and a flamboyant personality. She tries to be friends with everybody, including those who seem gloomy and distant. As carefree as she is, she can be very determined and serious while on a job. She has a certain level of respect for all of her guild members, former and present, and has utter faith in their abilities.

    When on a job, Yvonne takes everything tot he extreme.

    Due to her monochromatic eyes, capable of observing every movement of her opponent, thus predicting the opponent's next move. can see the smallest details of a person's movements, including their breathing, heartbeat, sweat, muscle contractions, etc. With this, she can time her actions perfectly to nullify the opponent's actions, sabotaging whatever tactics the opponent tries to execute. In short, she can "possibly calculate and see the future of his opponent's moves."

    Yvonne Mckenzie grew up in a rich household full of love and warmth. Her father is a board member of a multi-billion conglomerate while her mother is a simple housewife. At such a young age, Yvonne enjoyed watching every movement of things. She would just stare at an object like a predator stalking its prey, giving her the opportunity to develop her observation skills.

    She was always served by servants and lived such a lush and extravagant lifestyle that she felt weak and worthless. She then asked her parents for some military training and they happily obliged. Her older brother Patrick, a military officer, taught her self-defense while her younger brother Paul, taught her how to become agile, always making her run by teasing her endlessly.

    Even though she had everything, she still wanted more. She always admires independent women so at the age of 17, she moved out of the manor, asking her parents to let her live on her own and become an independent woman.

    Of course they agreed, saying that she needs to stand on her own two feet and gave her an apartment. She then became an assassin when she met her mentor, Haze. She believed that being an assassin will help her be an independent woman and that she can now truly put her skills to good use.
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  15. Alright... We need to keep this roleplay going... The silence is killing me lol.
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