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  1. The Night Shadow Guild is a guild for Assassins. Whether your just a trainee, or a fully fledged assassin, all ranks are accepted here. New jobs are posted on one of the two boards each day. Weapons are available for buy or rent from the bar, along with a wide selections of drinks. Food is served in the late afternoon and early evening times so if you want some, you have to be quick, because it disappears fast. Rooms are available to stay in above the guild, but for a price. We hope you enjoy your time here at out guild~

    (Hai. You can post a quick description or picture of your character if you want, but meh. Up to you I suppose. I won't. Well.. I might later. But yeah.)
  2. Nico kicked the guild door open wih a loud bang, letting it slam closed behind him. He had his head lowered, his sleek black hair falling over his left eye. He glared at the floor as he walked, one hand pressed tightly against his side. "I didn't even get paid.." He growled quietly, ignoring the heads that turned towards him as he stalked over to the bar, sitting down at the counter. He slung his back off his back onto the floor underneath his stool, before blowing his fringe out of his emerald green eyes and letting out a loud sigh, leaning over the bar counter.
  3. Thorn was sitting at the bar when nick came bursting in. She turned and looked at him with red eyes that looked like they can kill you. She pushed her long white hair out of her face. "Rough day nick."
  4. "Yeah, sure, you could say that." He huffed quietly, straightening back up and reaching down into his bag, taking out a roll of white. "Hold this will ya?" He held out the roll of bandages to thorn, his free hand still pressed tightly to his side.
  5. Thorn held the bandages to his side. "You need to be more careful nico." She watched as he patched up his wounds. "My mission went OK. Even with a quarter mile blocked of and constant patrols. Still killed him."
  6. He nodded, listening to her silently as he lifted his shirt up, holding the end of the fabric in his teeth, wrapping the bandages around himself. "Well that's good. My job didn't go so well. Well.. I mean, I killed the guy an' all, but ran into a gang he was aparently part of and got in a bit of trouble... Could've don't with that information, but whatever." He sighed, shaking his head a little as he let his shirt drop, finished. "Didn't even get paid, either. Whoever posted that job, better hope I never get my hands on them.."
  7. Thorn handed him a drink. "Here then I'll pay for the drinks." Thorn had a mission slip in her hand it was a bounty on a drug lord.
  8. "thanks." He downed it quickly, licking his lips afterwards. "What ya got there?" He tilted his head to the side, looking at the slip.
  9. Thorn looked at the flyer. "Oh this, its my next bounty the only problem is I can't find a teamate to help me out." She downed her drink real quick.
  10. Nico stuck his tongue out a little, fiddling with his lip ring in thought. "I'll come with ya.." He decided, shrugging. He needed a new job to do, and hopefully, this one would pay, unlike the last one..
  11. [​IMG]

    Assallya Kressair's long slender fingers slipped about the surface of the crystal ball. Images were glimpsed in the mists within, as if one were walking through a dense fog and those passing by visible only fleetingly as they passed. Whispers emanated from the ball, their vibrations tantalizing her fingertips. Caressing the ball like a lover the elven sorceress whispered into it, conjuring image after image, listening in on conversations she shouldn't be privy to. She would sell the information she gleaned to interested parties, business rivals, foreign diplomats, whichever would pay the most. Through this she had amassed a great deal of power.

    Finished for the time being, Assallya rose up from the cushioned wooden chair and peered about her small alcove. It was dank, like a dungeon, and covered with dust save for the simple track she regularly took to the table and chair that she used. She followed this track back through the secret door into her study, closing the bookshelf behind her. Her study was where she conducted business and she couldn't let people know how she obtained such information as she did. Behind the shelves were bands made of lead, a preventative measure should someone have a means of scrying as she did. It also, beneath the great carpet beneath her feet, possessed an ornate devil's trap used in summoning demons. Demons, after all, were even better at ferreting out information than scrying.

    Long ago she'd had to collect information herself, sleeping with various nobles, then running a brothel to the same effect, until she finally possessed enough coin to engage in a career as a merchant princess. Now her ships and caravans visited every corner of the known world, due in part, to the crystal ball she possessed. She knew when winters where harsh, when resources were scarce and somehow her merchants were there to take advantage of the most ludicrous opportunities. Why more wizards didn't concern themselves with coin she didn't know. More coin meant more power and that power allowed her to purchase more implements of magic which made her better able to produce coin.

    She had been nothing but a slave in the beginning but now she had an estate and a small militia at her disposal. Her quarters were strewn with magical traps that only her personal guard knew how to bypass. She did so because she had enemies, many enemies. Power made others jealous. Several assassins had already perished making attempts at her life. Most were thwarted before they even got through the grounds. Her guard drake saw to that. Only that long path from the building proper to the gate was warded against the drake and the guards watched that dutifully. In all cases, she had sent out assassins of her own and they had dealt with those foolish enough to challenge her and none had dared assail her in almost a year.
  12. Thorn looked at nico. We need to stop by my place so I can gear up.
  13. "Mkay. I've got all the stuff I need in my bag. So.. Who we hunting down?" He asked, looking at the mission slip in thorn's hand.
  14. Suddenly Arci tumbled in through the door and fell. "GAH! God...dammit...Tsk" He had just recently become an assassin and he was still clumsy. He had cuts, and his clothes were badly ripped and bloody. He
    looked up to see Thorn and Nico and rolled away into the shadows tonsave him from more embarassment.
  15. His head snapped round quickly at the sound, and he rolled his eyes, shaking his head slowly. One of he newbies, it seemed. Oh well... "You know, I can still see you.." He muttered, raising an eyebrow at the male trying to hide in the shadows. He let out a small huff, glancing at thorn out of the corner of his eye.
  16. "Dammit...I've been working on hiding." He stood up and finally revealed himself. He groaned and rubbed the back of his neck as the rest of his injuries weren't severe. He stumbled over to where they were and held his hand out. "I'm Arci. I'm pretty much a newbie to being an assassin, and this guild. Nice to meet you."
  17. He nodded, shaking the hand firmly. "Yeah... Thought so. Name's Nico." He mumbled, looking at him for a few minutes. "You might want to get those cuts sorted out. Clean them up, and bandage any deeper ones, 'afore they get infected, or whatever." He suggested, shoving his hands in his pockets.
  18. "These cuts aren't much. But infection...That's something I don't want." He looked at Thorn and held his hand out again. "Sorry, I'm Arci. And you are?" He winced a bit, the pain finally getting to him his arm.
  19. He rolled his eyes, handing out a roll of bandages to him, before crossing his arms and resting them on the bar, placing his head on top of them, his head tilted slightly, so he could watch the other two, listening, waiting for Thorn to answer.
  20. Yvonne watched the trio talking from afar, her blue eyes filled with curiosity. She just joined the guild a couple of hours ago and hearing that there was a new assassin beside herself, it sparked up her interest.

    "newbie, huh?" she giggled to herself and quickly stood up, causing the chair to screech an ear splitting sound. "Oops!" she said giggling even louder "I think I had too much to drink"