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  1. Name: Takida Shugen (a.k.a. Razor)

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: (Can be picture or description)

    Weapons: He used a variety of hand guns, swords and knifes.

    Background: He was adopted into a small cultist ring of assassins. He grew up to kill and was only taught to kill. he carries no emotions on him to keep him from holding back in his kills. He was able to leave the cult and work on his own at 16 but soon after the age of 18 they came back for him but he was prepared and killed most of them. With feeling not sadness for killing the people who raised him and took care of him.
  2. Name: Tamsin Willoughby
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Background: The illegitimate child of a wealthy gene scientist, Tamsin was born in England and raised by her mother in a perfectly ordinary way. What she was unaware of was the fact that her entire life was an experiment. Whilst in the womb she was subjected to certain therapies, and this continued for almost a year before her mother finally decided enough was enough. Surprisingly, the father allowed this to happen, though he had an ulterior motive for this. The girl had been subjected to genetic modifications that were intended to create an entirely compliant and honest human being. By this time he had managed to alter her enough for his purposes, and so just kept watch from afar. Twenty years later, although Tamsin is definitely not a normal person, it has become clear that she is not a complete success, and to add insult to injury, the bitches mother has decided to have regrets after such a long time. In order to prevent his career death, as well as the potential for a damn experiment to inherit his company, the scientist is now trying anything and everything to get rid of the danger.
  3. Yukimura was walking the streets of the large city of London, holding his hoodies collar over the side of his face. Making sure most camera's would not get his face. He was pretty slow with his walking trying to keep the perfect pace with the crowd. Looking at the faces as if he was scanning them inside his head mentally trying to find his mark. He was looking for a woman this time around but this target was a bit harder to find. He almost had her trail once before but it was lost right when he though he had her. He was hoping to find the mark before he made it to a Scientific gene's laboratory, were his contractor was located.
  4. Despite the busy streets of the city, Tamsin did not allow herself to become caught up in the ruckus. She was probably the only one in the entire area that didn't have anywhere to be, and it was quite obvious as the pale redhead crouched down next to a homeless man that caught her eye. She spoke with him for a while, and also busily assessed a minor scrape for him. She had trained as a nurse, but now that her mother had sent her on a meandering trip around the country 'for her safety', she was not able to practice. However, she was able to offer the dishevelled man a small tube of soothing antibiotic balm, and hopefully keep him from getting an infection. She was unaware of the presence nearby, and as she walked away from the man in order to find her next needy person, Tamsin had no idea that dropping into the quieter side roads could well prove her undoing.
  5. He looked around not really paying attention to the turn ahead. He walked forth and turn his head, smirking as he just saw his mark. This sent chills into his body and his body was thrilling with the passion of hunt being done. Millions of thoughts rushed through his head of how to kill her. "Hey miss, im new....... do...... um..... you know were the big ben is?" He said in a fake foreign accent, trying to be a tourist. He then had to start acting like he was lost and that he had no brain.
  6. Although the apparent tourist spoke timidly, it still gave Tamsin a bit of a start, though she managed to keep herself under control as a small smile and a blush bloomed on her face. "Yes. I'm afraid you're a fair way away. But I know a shortcut, let me show you." Tamsin motioned for the man to follow her, heading for one of the entrances to a nearby park, a wooded area in the middle of the city that happened to offer a quiet thoroughfare from this more residential area towards the hub of town. "So, um...are you visiting?" She clumsily tried for a little small talk, not that she was terribly good at it.
  7. "Oh... thank you" He said nodding and following her. When the area of setting changed to a bit more secrete, he stopped. Right as he stopped she asked him was he visiting. "Why yes i am but i am only here on business.." He said smirking as he moved his goggles to the side a bit on his head. "Now let the games begin shall we?" He asked as he quickly pulled out two 9mm pistols one with golden plated sides and the other with silvery white. He then had his smirk turn into a serious stern look. "I bet you are a sweet and nice girl but you have a good price on your head and your father send his regards." He said his finger moving slowly pulling down on the triggers. He wanted to here her last words it was like his mark he was razor out any victims words into a near by place.
  8. Tamsin could hardly believe what was happening. She saw the change in the mans demeanour, but did not think for a second that he could be thinking of anything really sinister. But there were those pistols, squarely pointed at her, and at the end of an arm that was clearly well practiced in the art of killing. "What..." She stuttered, struggling to understand just what was going on. "Do you want my money? I don't...Why are you doing this?" She barely caught what he said, the notion that her unknown father might be after her not even registering. Her mother had never told her who her father was, nor had she warned her that someone might be trying to kill her, only sent her away while she was busy conducting business. While she shook terribly, Tamsin fished out her phone and purse, throwing them on the ground and swiftly turning on her heel to run. She staggered quite badly, almost fell, but the flight instinct took hold, her fear controlling her every movement.
  9. He just looked at the sadness, and scared look onto her face. He did not even seem to feel any compassion or sadness for what he was wanting to do. He has dealt with killing people and he has seen all of the scared reactions anyone could possibly make. when he finally saw her running away he had a small smirk coming up under his lips. This brought excitement to killing his marks, this is why he could handle killing people with no mercy the 'hunt'.

    He quickly started chasing her, he was able to catch up with her rather quickly being the more physically active than she was. He would quickly get in front of her and put the guns in front of her face looking at her with his emotionless face. He knew this was the end so why not let her know why she was about to die. "Your father hired me, to kill you because if his company found out you were alive you would have all the assets and the company itself."
  10. It was no use. It seemed only a moment later that the gunman had her grinding to a halt, his guns trained on her in an unwavering aim. He really meant to kill her. At least he was kind enough to tell her why, though this just resulted in the girl raising an eyebrow in her confusion. She didn't know who her father was, had been told that he was just your average deadbeat that scarpered at the mention of a baby. Of course, this was entirely untrue, but after so long believing this, she could hardly comprehend that someone with considerable power and animosity was apparently targeting her for the crime of being his daughter.

    "There must be some mistake. My father couldn't own a company, he could barely hold down a job..." She spoke without thinking, blurting out words as she attempted to reason with this man, "Please, there's no need to kill me....I'm no threat." It was just unfortunate that while she remained alive, she always would be. The very fact of her existence was a crime, and if anyone found out about this illegal meddling with genes, her father would be sentenced to a hefty time in prison. So, even if she agreed not to bid for the company, there was no way he could or would allow her to live.
  11. "I do not care about this at all, because im getting paid for you death and i will bring him your death." He looked at her giving her a very menacing face. He smirked as he then looked t her with a very questionable face. "What do you mean he couldn't hang onto a job?" he asked her, starting to be a bit confused. This was the first time he has actually questioned the mark and his job.

    (Hey since she is genetically engineered we could have it to were she restraints him.)
  12. ((Not a bad idea...))

    They were both as confused as eachother, though only one of them was terrified of what was happening. Tamsin was still breathing rapidly, unaware that this fear was unlocking something that her father had thought a complete failure. She had been intended to be the first of a line of totally compliant, entirely honest human beings, what would be a battalion of soldiers or police. With this in mind, strength and stamina had been added to the mix, and until now had lain dormant.

    "I never knew my father, my mother told me he was a deadbeat." She shrugged, and without really thinking about it, took a step toward her attacker. She didn't know what she was doing, only reached for his arms, speedily doing her best to wrest the guns from him before he had a chance to discharge a shot.
  13. Without warning the girl was trying to restrain him. He has been in fights before but this was different she shouldn't have this kind of speed or power under the suggestion of fear, what is he? He thought, his guns were dropping from his hands as he went to the ground, stunned at how he didn't even have enough time to think about his next move. "What the hell are you?" He asked her wondering why this wasn't in her file.

    He tried to break free from her grip but it was useless. She was now straddling him keeping him constraint. This was an embarrassment to his name. "There is just no way a girl like you should be able to contain me!" He yelled out wondering in shock.
  14. Before she knew it, Tamsin had him on the ground, much to her own surprise. She was shocked, powerless to do anything but stare at him and struggle to breathe, until finally she was able to answer, "I'm sorry. I don't know what happened." To be apologising was ridiculous, but this was the legacy of her conditioning to be compliant. She almost released him, but was thankfully able to stop herself before she sealed her fate, "Please, just leave me alone."

    Still not moving, Tamsin did begin to think a bit more clearly, reaching for each of the fallen guns, feeling that perhaps this was her best chance of getting away. "In a minute, we're both going to get up, and we're going to walk in opposite directions. Right?" And she was going to keep hold of the guns, unless of course he ordered her to give them back, something she found almost impossible to ignore.
  15. He finally got up when she reached and grabbed my dropped guns. He took to his feet and kept his hands held up high. "So, you want me to just back off right? Well I hope you have fun with the others then." He said looking at her as he quickly took the guns from her hands and then backed off.

    He then holstered his guns. "You will probably have about 5 hours before the net assassin shows up and i like to say, welcome to the assassins games." He said turning around and starting to walk off not caring, that she would still die."Oh before i leave, ill give you a choice if you hire me and pay me more for you protection, then i will do it." Those were his last words to her before he started walking off yet again.
  16. She hadn't considered that there could be more than one assassin at work, that this person could just hire man after man until the mark was no more. Tamsin watched as the assassin began to walk away, wringing her hands as she wondered what on earth she could do. She could probably pay him, but she doubted what she had availaable would keep him at her side for long.

    Despite her misgivings, Tamsin eventually headed after the assassin, nervously reaching his side and speaking, "I'll hire you. I'm sure this has to be a mistake, but until it's sorted..." She didn't know how such a grave thing could be rectified, and of course knew that the way she had restrained her assailant was not normal. In any case, she was certainly sure that she wanted answers.
  17. "Ok perfect since I know you don't have the funds to pay me now ill make a tab for you and once you take your fathers company and money and also his power ill then take my pay check." He said looking back already know she was going to do. He did not care about betraying her father, the father was stupid enough to pay Him half of 3 million dollars up front. He then looked at the girl, "Do you own a car? or will my bike be ok to head over to your house and get a few things for you then off to my safe house." He said looking at her curiously.
  18. She was surprised at his altruism, but did her best to just move on, "The bike will be fine. I'm staying at a hotel, my mother sent me away...and now I suppose I know why." It was only just dawning on her, that perhaps her mother had lied to her about what was going on. Why else would she have felt the need to force her only daughter to the other side of the country.

    It wasn't far to the hotel, and within a few minutes Tamsin had her bag packed, hurrying back out to the waiting assassin, wondering where they would be going now. This was all so alien to her, and she had to admit that she was pretty damn terrified. It didn't keep her from asking curiously, "How can you kill people for a living?" She honestly didn't understand. She could hardly stand to see people die in the hospital, and that was after doing everything possible to save them. How anyone could seek out people to murder, she couldn't comprehend.
  19. He looked at her walking out of her hotel. "Come on, lets go." He said hoping onto his bike, then he heard, what she asked him. He moved his head back just enough to were his eyes were visible to her. he then let out a sigh tossing her his spare helmet. "Its all i know how to do, i was raised in a cult, of killers." He said before stopping starting to get flash backed from his memories in that dreadful place. He then lightly moved his head side to side. "It was kill or be killed that's what my childhood was." He then kicked the throttle and looked at her. "Come on we go to go." I told her waving her to hop on.
  20. She wondered what on earth it was like to grow up in what must have been a pretty damn hostile place. The thought of it was enough to have her feeling a little sick, and she quickly turned her mind away from it, donning the helmet before hopping onto the back of the bike. "I'm sorry." She muttered, partially to herself just before they headed off. But she did mean what she said, honestly wishing she could take what pain this man felt and make it go away somewhere. Maybe it was wrong to feel for someone who had attempted to kill you, but that didn't change how she felt. For the rest of the journey she remained silent, mostly due to concentrating on not falling off, seeing as she'd never been on one of these things before.
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