Assassin's Dealings

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  1. KURKUNA sat down on the cold stone roof and sighed as the cold bit into her skin-tight body suit. She hissed as it slid under the fabric, chilling her to the bone. She checked her weapons again, then she turned and looked out into the dying light. Somewhere out there, there was a person about to get a big surprise.
    She was a lone wolf, and a beautiful one at that. Her name was Kurkuna, no she did not have a last name. She despised her life and thus strove to correct it. She loved the sky and thus let her long blonde hair ripple in it. She had cold blue eyes and a tiny, but sexy build. She wore a skin tight suit and a flowing shirt over it, exposing curves and hips. She adjusted herself and checked her position.
    The target wasn't far off, but wasn't close. The city was the perfect place to hide, she realized. She'd have to make sure the target was dead before she could get away. Her life deepened on it.
  2. Eliza's hazel eyes scanned her surroundings as a cold wind blew past. She kept a tight grip on the handgun concealed in her pocket. Her weapon was much like herself; they both looked small, and unintimidating, but they were still both designed to kill. One could underestimate the tiny weapon, or the short female with ginger hair tied in a ponytail braid and bundled up in a tan leather jacket, but that didn't stop them from doing what they were made to do.

    She stopped mid-prowl, having been sent on a mission but not being able to shake the feeling she was being watched. However, she didn't want to tip off whoever could've been following her, so she played things off casually - fake sneezing before picking up the pace again and walking down a slightly different city route than originally planned, looking for a good place to turn around and figure out who was after her. After all, the best hunters know how to detect when they themselves are being hunted...
  3. Kurkuna was nifty, and she knew that she was playing coy. She had done it herself many times. She watched her movements, tracking them down to the single movement. When she realized her direction, she unlimbered her worn sniper rifle. Might as well play with her prey before she killed it.
    She fired once, then moved. The bullet struck the ground in front of Eliza. She fired again, hitting the block behind her. Then above her, then behind her. She kept on this until she was sure she was scared, or at least she got the message. She grinned like a wolf and unlimbered her claws.
  4. Eliza jumped, spinning around as the bullets landed at her feet. She didn't expect the situation to escalate so quickly, but it was too late to try to get away and make a stealthier return. She drew her handgun, sharp eyes quickly scanning the area for the source of the bullets. She found her target's outline barely visible against the nighttime skyline and fired - though even with her skills, she was in such bad lighting and under such pressure that it was hard to tell whether or not she'd succeeded in striking down the attacker. She stepped back, hoping that if the shot turned out to be a miss, she could at least lure this assassin into the glow of a street light.
  5. Kurkuna was fast, faster than the bullet at least. She had out her long claws, which resembled fans over her fingers, and used it to deflect it. She leaped down and landed in front of her, slashing at her. To her surprise, she dodged. This would be a fair fight, so she drew her sword.
  6. Eliza gasped as Kurkuna came out into the light. Swapping her handgun for her dagger to match Kurkuna's sword, she couldn't take her eyes off the face that stood in front of her. This was... her target. What? Was Eliza found out somehow, and her own target prepared to put up a fight? In that case, she hadn't been warned that her target was such a top-notch assassin... but either way, that should've only been a secondary concern. Eliza's primary concern remained staying alive. She kept her dagger ready.
  7. Kurkuna hesitated to attack, "Hello, I'm Kurkuna, the night stalker. So I'm going to say this once, lay down that prissy dagger and lean over so this is clean and painless, or you'll die in agony. You're choice."
  8. "'Night Stalker'? Sounds awfully pretentious. You know assassins can still be efficient without needing to be flashy. Could it be that your skill can't stand on its own so you have to compensate?" Eliza smirked, ready to defend herself if her words proved to be enough to make Kurkuna strike. Truthfully she wasn't quite as confident as she let herself sound, but she couldn't let that show. Perhaps if she managed to anger Kurkuna enough, she might be able to get some answers to this weird situation.
  9. Kurkuna barely moved, but a dagger buried itself in the wall behind her, "I could kill you now, but you amuse me."
  10. "Amuse you, eh?" Eliza replied. "Feel like sharing why?"
  11. Kurkuna leaned against the wall, "Something is up. Normally my targets don't hunt me down."
  12. Eliza's eyes widened slightly. So this wasn't just a target of hers that knew how to fight back - this was someone who was in the exact same situation as her, which would mean... "Are you implying..." Eliza spoke up, tone growing more serious. "...We're targeting each other?"
  13. Kurkuna sat up, "What the hell did you think it was?" She sheathed her sword, "Which means something is up."
  14. "Who says?" Eliza replied. "It's not impossible that maybe someone I know doesn't want you alive just as much as someone you know doesn't want me alive. Why's it gotta be a conspiracy?"
  15. Kurkuna looked her in the eye, "How old are you? How many years have you been an assassin?"
  16. "Sounds like an awfully personal question." Eliza shot back. What is this? One second they're trying to kill each other and the next they're not only digging into conspiracies but also learning each other's life stories? "Tell me what it has to do with anything and I might tell you."
  17. Kurkuna suddenly vanished. Then she appeared behind her, dagger to the neck, "14, my parents got raped and killed. Fucking hell I've gone through more employers than you care for. Something is up, dammit."
  18. Eliza inhaled and exhaled deeply. Truthfully Kurkuna's explanation made little to no sense and she still didn't see how either of their backstories had anything to do with this proposed conspiracy, but with a dagger to her neck, she had little choice but to go along with it. "Been training to be an assassin for almost as long as I can remember. Never knew my parents." she replied bluntly. "Now then, care to explain what either of our pasts have to do with any of this?"
  19. "Gladly. so two employers magically send us to kill each otehr at the same time? Isn't is a bit suspicios?"
  20. Eliza's patience began to wear thin. "I get that part. Are you trying to say it's because we both became assassins when we were so young?" she asked, still trying to connect point A and point B.
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