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  1. Jasik (me) and his partner are thrown into the world of assassins shortly after their families are killed for unknown reasons. They must fight their way to the men responsible for the death of their failures and exact vengeance. Along the way they find secrets and find that there is much more to everything than they ever thought
  2. (is your partner me??)
  3. (sorry if i was offline for awile my little sis turned off my computer oh and by the way i am a major newbie. ok i am very nervous i have never role played in my life.)
  4. (im freaking out cuz i dont want to do a bad job)
  5. (here I'll start)

    Jasik watched from the crowds as the herald spoke ill of his family. He slowly made his way toward the front of the crowd. He waited for the prefect opportunity. Jasik engaged his hidden blade and lunged forward driving the blade into the man's heart
  6. Reyce watched from the crowd as Jasik quickly and gracefully killed his target. (I hope this is ok >.<)
  7. Jasik watched as guards came running into the crowd toward him. He pulled his sword and cut the first guard's throat. He countered the next guard and stabbed him with a spear. After killing the two guards, he ran out of the common area and climbed to the rooftops.
    (Try and be descriptive, imagine being an author describing a scene in a book)
  8. Reyce sighed and quickly followed after her partner as she climbed to the roof of a nearby stand. She took off quickly, her short brown hair whipping rapidly in the wind.
    "You left quite a scene, Jasik." Reyce said once she finally caught up to him, looking at the boy from the corner of her eye.
  9. ”But they know that I mean business. Besides, they have no idea who I am.” Said jasik as he ran and jumped to the next roof top
  10. Reyce thought this over and gave a slight nod of agreement. She followed Jasik and flipped over the roof's edge with cat-like grace. It's a good thing they don't know who Jasik is, but after the stunt he pulled, he's going to have a bounty on his head. Reyce mentally sighed. Reyce wasn't fond of trouble and hated to deal with it, but after what happened to her family, that's all she's been doing.
    (Am i doing ok?)
  11. Jasik motioned for reyce to follow him into a crowd below. He ran to the edge of a building and swan dived into a pile of hay below. He crawled out of the hay and waited for Reyce to follow him
  12. (swan dive XD)
    Reyce followed Jasik's exact movements. Once she got out of hay, she grumbled as she started to pick the hay, that was left behind, out of her hair and clothes.
    "What do we do now." Reyce asked turning to Jasik
  13. Jasik lead Reyce to his palacé and pulled his hood off of his head. He went upstairs to his room and began searching through his documents
  14. Reyce, instead of following Jasik, went to the kitchen to grab a snack. She could hear Jasik walking around his room, looking for something. Reyce leaned on the counter and bit into the apple she found, waiting for Jasik to finish whatever he was doing.
  15. Jasik came back down with a codex page. It would have the location of their next target
  16. "So...who's the next target?" Reyce asked biting into her apple again and placing a spare one on the counter next to her for Jasik to take if he wanted.
  17. ”A man named Francesco. He was one of the men who gave the order for the execution” he said and picked his apple
  18. Reyce nodded her head. She took the codex page from him and let her eyes roam over it. She placed the page on the counter and looked at Jasik, waiting for further orders.
  19. ”There is someone who can help us find him” he said as he motioned for her to follow
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