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  1. It's the beginning of the American revolutionary war. As the colonists and the British are locked in battle, a group of highly trained assassins fight along side the Americans in an attempt to ensure the colonists' freedom from Great Britain and end king George's corrupt ways.
  2. As Jasik looks out the window of the abandoned church, he can see a group of British soldiers passing through on their way to the nearby town. He stealthily moves through the shadows of the church toward the back door. Once he's outside, he follows the soldiers from the treetops above. He notices a stray soldier breaking away from the group. Jasik quietly gets down and slits the mans throat. After putting on the british soldier's uniform, Jasik catches up to the rest of the soldiers. He decided to follow them into town in order to assassinate their commander. He'd also meet up with his partner in the town.
  3. Where are you Jasik? he thought to himself. Thomas waited impatiently for his partner. Thomas wasn't an assassin, but he was a thief. An absolute skillful one at that. He left the killing to Jasik. Thomas wore nothing but a a torn white, sailors shirt, and black trousers with black dress shoes. He decided not to wear any good clothes he'd stolen, for the British would get way too suspicious. He stood in the alley way waiting for Jasik to show up.
  4. kyle was at the entrance to the city from a far he saw the british coming. In an unsuspicious way he climbe to the top of a house and pre pared. His bow was in a shoot ready position .. If everything went as planned . There would be a spy assassin in their clothes.. The signal is all I needed waiting waiting .. If he waits tolong I cant shoot.. Kyle looks over to the base where the commander is "shit hes on the move.. " I look back to the group moving toward the city. Isend a signal known to assassins in hopes he sees it and gives the call
  5. Ryland was currently following the British soldiers, ready to jump in and kill as many as quickly as he could. He was one of the quickest assassin's in the group of assassins. He was known for his quick kills and his even quicker escapes. He was waiting for their signal. 'Don't take to long.' He thought. 'We need to get this done.'
  6. KYlecould see ryland deep behind the platoon he was moving toward one of his trip mines he set for an animal .. of course it would be easy for him to get out but the noise would attract too much aytantion .. I just hope his misses it or sees it... "hey you your not s supposed to be here" this made me turn it was one a Templar he wore their crest. I swung my body to the left dropping my arm down grabbing a knife as I completed the turn I extended my arm hitting him in the neck he dropped and fired of f a gun shot I jumped on him and finished him .. looking around I hid in a bird coup on the roof for a while.only thinking about ryland
  7. Serena leaned against a fence post with a bored look on her face. 'Where are they?' she sighed. Her job was to finish off any soldiers that escaped from the attack. She fidgeted in her long dress. It was a dress that any normal lady would wear at that time, but Serena wasn't normal nor would she classify herself as a lady. Long, poofy dresses annoyed her because they were difficult to move in and just frankly uncomfortable. Becoming impatient she put her hand on her sleeve and felt the cold metal of her dagger press against her skin. 'What is taking so long?' She wondered as she crossed her arms and waited.
  8. Thomas finally noticed the group of Redcoats. He smirked, before stepping out and b-lining through the group of the British in the opposite direction of the march to simply distract them. He gained a good amount of money doing so. He then looked back to make sure that everyone else was in position. He hid behind a corner in another alley way. His hidden blade slid into view before Thomas took a grip on it. He waited with anticipation. He took a peek and noticed a few of the soldiers making their way towards him. Could we get a move on!? he thought to himself, hoping that Kyle would make his way out of hiding once more to strike again.
  9. Ryland kept walking and stopped himself from stepping on the mine. 'What the hell? *Sigh* Kyle, are you trying to kill me?' He thought. 'Then again...... I could work with this.' He said as he backed up and picked up a rock and hid behind a tree. 'They'll send a few to check this out. I'm almost done waiting for the signal.' He thought to himself.
  10. OK I thought to myself this ;s it ... he heard their boots clapping against the ground .. he counted earlier 20 not knowing which one jasik he was afraid to shoot. So ii just went with his gut feeling .. I lined three arrows and shot at the flag carrier in the middle one hit through his head the other two misfired cause as I released my hand I was hi it with a rock which then collided with the arrows I fought them spinning to one knee the rock thrower was a kid I shot hitting his knee this all happening very quickly ..I stood up as I did this all but one solider looked up "jasik I whispered to my self then shot a smoke bomb .. I begin to head down the side of the building the smoke encompasses the soldiers I grab my arrow out of the fallen man and I pull out my tomahawk and crouch down the soldiers can be herd screaming orders to each other and counting off from one ..
  11. Think to myself as I wait for the screams of death .. I hope this wasn't to open .. I begin thinking of other was I could have done this less attention grabbing
  12. 'Finally.' Ryland thought. He jumped at the back of the group and began stabbing and cutting with his twin daggers as quickly and quietly as he could. He had jumped back from the group and got surrounded by three of them. 'Time to practice hand to hand.' He thought with a smirk. 'Lightbulb.' He thought as he began leading the three towards the trip mine.
  13. I was the eyes and ears of the group always scouting ahead and seeing before every one else so I had to be on point. I ran to the three story building and begin climbing cat jumping from window pane to window pane. once on top I saw that I was followed by 2 of their heavy weapon holders. one had a gun and the other an axe. .. with one behind me and one infront . I thought gun first. "I give . " I speak the one with the gun got closer and as he did that I dropped to a pushup position then preformed a wind mill knocking him off his feet. as he falls I lean forward doing a front handspring .. as im coming down on him with my tomahawk im kick in the back by the other guy .. I roll and turn facing them my feet behind me and one hand on the ground my tomahawk raised. I need a new approach ... with 10 feet between us I have time to think .
  14. Serena heard the commotion and saw scared people running toward her frantically. 'Here we go,' she thought and slid her knife out of her sleeve and into her hand. Walking to the middle of the street, she scanned the turmoil for soldiers. She saw two running towards her. 'This is what you get for running away,' she thought as she ran towards them with impressive speed and agility considering that she was wearing a dress. They were too busy looking behind them to notice her. She easily and neatly slit their throats and waited for more soldiers to come running. The screams of the people running by rang in her ears. 'Gosh do they have to be so noisy?' she thought, annoyed.
  15. Ryland got the three to the trip mine. 'This is gonna hurt.' He thought as he set off the trap. He got out of the way to avoid most of the damage but he was winded. The three lay on the ground, lifeless. More of the British came his way. 'Damn.' He thought. The smoke blocked most of his vision but he saw well enough. He was going to have some trouble. Setting off the mine wasn't one of his best plans, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. He let the British near him before he began to fight. Getting hit and hitting. It was like this back and forth until there was just him and one other Brit. The damn redcoat shot him in the shoulder. Ryland gasped at the pain, but drew one of his daggers and threw it at the Brit's head. Stabbing right into his skull.
  16. the first gunshot kyle saw the shooting through the legs of the solider helping his friend . diversion he thought.. then remembered the reason for all of this hoping jasik and Thomas were on it he moved to hel Ryland . he threw the tomahawk up both looked I quickly ran sliding my knee into the downed soldiers head he rolled until he fell off the building . I caught the tomahawk and sliced at the males knees until he dropped cause it was not possible for him to stand. ... a full out sprint I darted for the tree jumping off the building and through the branch my cape caught on it and ripped slowing me down I hit the ground and got to Ryland " you ok you just cant get enough of getting shot can you .. "I rubbed my back where I had been kicked
  17. Ryland chuckled dryly. "Nope. It's one of my favorite pasttimes." A smile coming accross his face. "Your trip mines are a blessing and a curse, I hope you know." He said. "Well, I guess it would help if I didn't intentionally put myself in the way of the explosion." He said with a chuckle.
  18. Serena heard the sound of boots stomping on stones. Spinning around she saw about fifty soldiers marching towards her. 'Uh oh, here comes the backup,' she thought as she began to run towards the battle. As she neared it she saw the red uniforms of the dead soldier blending in with the blood soaked ground. "Hey guys, it's time to go," she yelled. An enraged, bloody soldier ran towards her with a knife. Dropping to the ground, she tripped him and stabbed him in the ear. After a painful scream his eyes glazed over and he laid still.
  19. "Yea well I guess that would help . " I saw the backup and past them a horse and the commander getting away "we cant let him get away "I tried for a shot but they all failed he was moving too fast.. "jasik should have known that if we didn't move before they made it to the city it would be near impossible to CAtch him .. I look around "can you run"I looked to ryland"
  20. Ryland chuckled. "A simple shot in the arm won't keep me down." He said before he took off as quickly as he could. He was one of the quickest assassins in their group so he figured he could catch up no problem. 'Just go to get this guy dead.' He thought as he ran. 'We can do this.'