Assassins Creed RP

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    Nothing is real, Everything is permitted
    The Creed

    "People are being taken, kidnapped, held against their will because it is believed they can help find the location of a precursor artefact known as the Tree of Eden. An item fabled to be able to recreate pieces of Eden, ancient artefacts that are very dangerous. Pieces of Eden already found are mostly held by a group, the group responsible for the kidnappings. You know them as Abstergo industries. We know them as The Templars. Our enemy. We have been fighting them for thousands of years."

    There is no definitive good, or evil. The line is forever grey, be it Assassin or Templar, step into an open world setting, from modern day to any period in history, allow your character to step back in time through the Animus and relive their ancestors lives through the genetic memories. Anything is possible, so will you fight for freedom, order, or power? Will you change allegiance, or follow no creed at all? The choice is yours.

    * AU Assassins Creed Rp
    * Knowledge of the game series is certainly not required or expected.
    * Modern Day and any point in History
    * Historical Characters allowed.
    * No word Count
    * R rated​