INTEREST CHECK Assassin's Creed RP??

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Original poster
I don't know if there's one of these going right now...but here's what I have in mind (I can't remember some of the names for things, sorry) :

Basically, it'd be like the games, but with different characters. We'd have 1-3 people who have assassin ancestry. A group of bad guys who want to search the memory through DNA to find some sort of important object, and then there's a group of good guys who think it's best for this object to remain hidden. We'll also have some people play as the people of the past and such.

A lot of plot-holes and such, but other than that, does it seem good?


Original poster
I don't know if you're still interested in this idea, but I LOVE As.Creed and would be willing to do just about anything related to the games whether it be one on one or group. Let me know if you're still interested, we can work out a plot! : )