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  1. I was just wanting to see if someone wanted to do a Assassin's Creed RP taking place shortly after the Death of Ezio in around 1570 AD, only six year after his death.

    Several Recruits have assembled in Florence Italy at a academy to prepare a fight against the Templars who are regaining territory since the Death of Ezio. These Assassins can be from anywhere over the world but they are all trainees here at the academy.
    We will all be training for awhile and dealing with the involvement of each other. There will be templars and there will be fighting but realize that doesn't come until after training.


    1. All Iwaku rules apply.
    2. Please don't have sex in the IC forum, please have sex in PM if that is your fancy.
    3. Swearing is allowed, just keep it in character.
    4. No character control (Do not control others' characters) unless you were given permission.
    5. NO God Moding
    7. Please use grammar in your posts. Also, no one or two liners please.
    The RP will go as long as other people leave and other people come.

    Age: (18-25)
    Appearance:( I don't care if it's anime or not, just make it look like an assassin, no other races from human)
    Strengths: (5 max)
    Weaknesses: (5 min)
    History: (One or two paragraphs)
    Personality: (Maybe 2-3 sentences describing what you're like)
    Order of Assassins:
    Equipment: (Hidden blades, specific swords, armor and such, pictures are allowed)
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  2. Name: Vladimir Kulsnov
    Age: 20
    Strengths: strong willed, physically strong, fast, agile, good at using his surroundings, good at manipulating people, he is very paranoid, and great at blending in. He is intelligent, and educated due to going to school during his younger years, he is always interested in world events
    Weaknesses: he distrust almost everyone including other assassins, often views people as pawns, seems very cold, and often underestimates his opponents
    History: Vladimir was born into a rich noble Russian family. His father helped crown Czar Ivan, or Ivan the terrible to further control the Russian populace. During a hunting trip when he was thirteen his father was killed and he was kidnapped. He would later realize his father was a Templar and he had been kidnapped by assassins. He would be trained for 4 years before he seperated from the main guild and returned to society. His return assured that he collected his father's riches and secured a spot close to the czar. He would use his wealth and power to locate Templars. He continues to get closer to czar Ivan in the hopes that one day he'll be able to assassinate the terrible tyrant. He received information from the guild about the training occurring in Italy. Vladimir would decide to attend the training in an attempt to better himself so that He may kill Ivan. He has never left Russia, until now.
    Personality: He is calm in most scenarios and doesn't try to mask his distrust. His brutal honesty and silver tongue sometimes clash. He constantly is physically training and making back up plans in case of attack or failure. He had no problem getting his hands dirty and actually like to make sure the Templars see who he is.
    Order of Assassins: Russian
    Hidden blade
    Family sword