Assassin's Creed Roleplay anyone?

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  1. So like the title said. I'm craving for a bit of Assassin's Creed Roleplay we can discuss the plot and such through PM though i'd like to say a few important things.

    No one liners nobody likes one liners at least write a paragraph or two minimum especially if you're only responding once a day.

    Our grammar isn't perfect, but please don't type like a 7 year old that got its hands on a computer

    I can get very impatient if you haven't responded for like 3 days if you're not going to be avalable notify me at least so i'd know you aren't ignoring me this also applies if you don't want to roleplay anymore.

    I'm not playing canon characters as i have trouble getting in character with them, but if you want you're certainly allow to play canon characters, however please do keep the timeline in mind. Ezio and Altair can not meet each other considering the fact that Altair is dead before Ezio was even born, Desmond is out of the question too same goes for Connor basically all 4 of them can't be in the same timeline. (if what i said made any sense).

    Speaking of which the roleplay can take place on any timeline you wish. Just not in the modern era.

    Also no you can't have a character who's related to one of those 4 unless you can make up a really great story.

    While i can play both genders i mostly prefer female.

    No romance isn't a priority here.

    Don't leave all the plot planning and such all to me at least contribute a bit we're working together here.

    Yes we will play multiple characters.

    Now that's all i think PM me or respond to the thread if you're interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.