Assassin's Creed III Details Released

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    The first details of Assassin's Creed III are beginning to emerge from Ubisoft.

    Apparently the setting will be the American Revolution (quite a jump from Rennaissance Europe). By the look and design of the lead character I'm gonna hazard a guess at him being a Native American; would explain the tomahawk and bow.

    Kotaku have a few more details (and images) here. It's early days but more announcements will apparently be coming in the next few weeks.

    So yeah. If you're a fan of the series share your thoughts; I'm quite interested to see how the series handles such an interesting part of history. The Assassin's Creed games have always been good at blending their mythos in with the history of the period they set their games in, so this should be a lot of fun.
  2. O.O

    Wow this is news to me and I absolutely love the series. And I agree it is a huge leap between eras. I wasn't able to finish Revelations although from what I gleaned from it, it's still pretty compelling. I wonder how they are gonna blend the native american culture into the Assassin's story. I have some reservations about it but hopefully Ubisoft will do a good job.

    I wonder if they are gonna take away a lot of the cool shit that Ezio used in Revelations. (I see a gun, but I don't see his bombs.) I feel like the games have been getting considerable easier as far as combat goes. I hope they will make it challenging again.
  3. -Heart stop beating- <3 Assasing Creeeeeddddd <3
    I want it now!!! I do not know if they are going to make it about Ezio or Desmond >:Y
    Arghhh I can not wait to have it!

    Gibs and I were guesstimating that they might do the next one set either during the fight for American Independence or the Civil War. 8D So it's pretty cool.
  5. I whose point of view then?
  6. It's not about Ezio. That ship has sailed with Revelations. This is a new setting, and a new character.

    High time they had a change, actually. I liked Ezio, but that shit was stretching thin.
  7. I wonder how they're going to do cities worth scaling, since us Americans didn't really have anything that matched the great cities of the old world back then. ._.
  8. I really like the American Civil War, but I agree, how are they gonna fit in all the climby climby jumpy jumpy? I did like Revelations a lot, although I could not get past the second desmond jumpy platforming thing. <^^'> I can't really say I'm gonna miss Ezio. Being fifty years old and trying to hook up with someone half your age was weird... An awesome thing for the next game though would be more of a focus on Abstergo going after shaun and them (Cant remember any other names DX) while Desmond is stuck in the Animus. He still is right? I can't remember. Im already geeking out, thinking of possibilities and IMing my other AC nerd friends. I think one of them has a complete 3D model of Roma. But I'm getting off topic. Ill let myself out~!
  9. Maybe they will just have you traversing the wild useing freerunning? Anyway I'm excited for this, but I do wonder why they skipped a bunch of history, but I don't really care.
  10. I'm assuming they can only make so many games for the series, and there are SO MANY great points in history they have to pick settings that have a really big recognition/atmosphere factor. 8D

    Also, maybe it has some major plot-reason too. O____O

    It's possible that a lot of the high scaling and stuff could be done in natural terrain and mountains! 8D Or crossing between two countries in both America and England!
  11. I love the assassins creed franchise, and that is a huge jump forward i wonder why so far?
  12. 49. The answer to everything is 49.
  13. The cities in Assassin's Creed have never exactly been to scale, so I imagine they'll have a bit of creative leeway to stretch/shorten things a bit to fit them into the game.

    Going by some of the latest screenies leaked, however...


    ...I think we're going to see a shift in focus with Assassin's Creed III. The choice of a Native American main character is no accident; I think we're going to see wilderness exploration, climbing and freerunning through forests and mountains.

    Sounds good to me; the series is needing a bit of a change.
  14. I just hope it does not disappoint me >:l
  15. Yeah, Assassin's Creed III should be interesting, though I'll be honest when I say that Ezio's story is probably going to be the highlight of the series in my book. Assassin's Creed II brought a lot of fun things to the series and running around Italy will always be iconic to the series for me.

    I tilt my head in interest with wilderness exploration/free running, but they gotta give us some of that good old fashioned Assassin's Creed building scaling. Yet at the same time I wonder how they plan on pulling stuff off on the scale of Assassin's Creed II. I'm not aware of many American Civil War structures as grand as the things you saw in the Renaissance that immediately jump to mind.
  16. This looks good. Ya Ezio was fun, but it got repetitive.
  17. I just saw screen shots, and yeah, exploring the wilderness and the survival elements (I saw another shot where you can go hunting) sounds like a nice change of pace for the series.

    So, yeah, color me interested, etc.
  18. This does seem quite interesting. A little thing though. The Civil War was between the Union north and the Confederate south. From what we have seen, it will be against the English so it would be the Revolutionary war. Not that Civil War. Just wanted to point that out.

    Ok. From what I have seen, I think this will be full of awesome sause. I am excited about this now! WOOT WOOT!
  19. I keep calling it the Civil War, don't I?

    *commits historian harikari*

    Been reading up way too much on that war of late; my bad peeps. War of Independence, not American Civil War.
  20. Yeah, part of my brain paused going "Civil War? That looks more to me like the Revolutionary War."

    I'm curious to see how the Assassins made their way to America before the original expedition. It makes sense the Templars' main forces would be with the British. Perhaps the Assassin's came over with the original settlers in 1607? I can only imagine that the intent of settling America was a Templar scheme to get at a Piece of Eden. Perhaps the Assassins sneaked on to stop them then screwed over the plans, declared themselves independent, and that's what lead to the Revolutionary War?

    Either way, I think the origin and backstory is going to boil down to the original settlement plans and if it was a Templar scheme, Assassin plan, or something they ended up influencing from the shadows.