Assassin's Creed Ideas (Needing M 18+) Ingore Post

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  1. I want to do an Assassin's Creed remix romance, what I mean by this is that parts of the games shall remain and others will be changed. I'm looking to play the female characters, so I need someone to play a male. I have plots for all these pairings. I am lookong for partners who can reply with at least a paragraph. These will have romance as a major theme with other themes mixed in to keep it interesting. If you have any questions or your interested please message me!

    Altaïr - OC Female

    Ezio - OC Female

    Ezio - Catarina

    Connor - OC Female (REALLY CRAVING THIS)

    Edward - OC Female

    Shay - OC Female (REALLY CRAVING THIS)

    Arno - OC Female (REALLY CRAVING THIS)

    Jacob - OC Female (REALLY CRAVING THIS)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.