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    Affiliation: (The Creed, Templars, or Neutral)

    Weapons: (No OP)

    Appearance: (Picture/Description)

    Clothing: (Robe Colors)







    My Info

    Name: Julian Titus Thatcher

    Age: 20

    Sex: Effeminate Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Affiliation: Ex-Templar (Neutral)

    Weapons: French Rapier, Hidden Blades, Smoke Bombs, Rope Dart, Boot Knife

    Do to his effeminate-ness...Julian has long, jet black hair that reaches his waist, light purple eyes, and a pale yet soft complexion. He stands short at 5 foot 6 inches as weighs about 105 pounds. He owns a light scar under his left eye from a lucky arrow during a fight with a certain assassin. To hide his appearance, he sometimes paints whiskers on his face with black face paint. Many rings decorate his fingers along with many scars on his wrists. She always keeps her neck wrapped because of the scars on her neck caused by that assassin who killed his sister.

    Clothing: His hooded robe is Midnight Blue with an Ultra Blue finish. He wears black boots and black fingerless gloves.

    Personality: Julian is a natural born leader; protective of others, not afraid of people, quick on his feet, and can talk himself out of anything. Many think he is too serious and needs to loosen up but he disagrees and is hell-bent on revenge for the Templar who killed his 10 year old sister. Any chance he gets he will fight, regardless of who it is. Don't be on the wrong end of his sword for a good reason.

    Backstory: Julian was born prematurely, this most likely explains his girlish appearance. He was born an only child until he was 6 when his sister Emma was born. She followed his as if he was her parent. She adored him, and he acted as if she was his child. They were inseparable. When Julian was 15 and Emma was 9 their father had gotten in trouble with the wrong crowd and was killed along with their mother. The Templar took Julian and Emma in and raised Julian as an assassin, getting his first assignment at 16 years old. When Julian was 19, Emma tried to become an assassin as well and the Templars let her follow another assassin on a mission. That assassin accidentally killed Emma; Julian was forever enraged and blamed the Templar, he was never the same. For 14 months he's been on a search for this assassin and killing the Templar off one by one. He doesn't affiliate himself with The Creed but declares himself a "Hitman for Hire".

    Likes: Rain, Drawing, Fighting, Snow, The Cold, Nighttime, Cats

    Dislikes: The Heat, Templar, Daytime, Being Alone, Water, When people make fun of him for looking like a girl

    Other: Cannot Swim, Allergic to Flowers​
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