Assassin x Target's Daughter

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  1. Kieara was a new student here. She had a different way of coming here unlike most of the students who attended here. She'd gotten into this college with sheer grades, and scholarships. She was extremely smart. However for her that was all going down hill fast.

    The majority of her family had been murdered a few years before. By who no one knew. She remembered waking up in her living room to find them dead. She wasn't aware that it was her father whom she couldn't escape now, or that he'd done it because he was stuck in the middle of a drug war. Kieara was also a quiet one. She didn't speak out of fear of being hurt. She'd been hurt by her father so many times, being the daughter of a drug cartel mob boss had its disadvantages. She still had yet to realize he'd killed her other family to get them out of his way, however, she knew a lot of illegal things happened behind closed doors in her household.

    She was clad in a plum purple sweater with long sleeves that hugged her delicate curves seductively. She was a small, petite girl, yet very pretty. She rose to the height of 5'2, and had on a pair of black jean pants. Her hair was up in a bun a few loose curls falling to frame her alabaster face. Her hair was a deep red. Natural red, not that ungodly fire engine red like she'd seen on other girls. Her eyes were a bright blue clashing with her hair.

    She had picked the long-sleeved shirt and the pants for the purpose of hiding the scars of her abusive, drunken father. The one who'd gotten her family drug into the drug problem that killed them. Oh how she wished to escape him. But what could one do to escape a mob boss? As much as she wanted to, she couldn't get away.

    She'd just arrived through the front door of the school. She took night classes because she couldn't leave her home during the day. Her curls swayed a bit when she walked. She looked around at all the people conversing, but didn'tjoin any of them. She seemed so nervous and shy. She was jittery and if anyone came close to touching her she flinched. ​
  2. View attachment 9053 Dylan was young but intertwined in a business that was less than savory. He was a hired gunman; he had to shoot down anyone who he was being paid to kill. He had blood from too many people on his hands. Pretty soon he would start his assignment on a huge drug boss. This guy has hired him before to kill off member of his own family. Now, some anonymous person has hired Dylan to kill the drug boss.

    He sat in his barely furnished apartment, smoking a cigarette, watching the smoke float up into the air. Oh, how he wished he could be like that smoke, floating up into the air only to be forgotten; did he really want that? In a way he is already like that smoke. Dylan barely ever gets noticed; he needs to keep it like that. Dylan leaves someone's life as fast as he entered it; he needs to do that. Not only did he kill wanted men, he was a wanted man. His life was on the line every time he walked out of the door.

    Now would probably be a good time to start getting ready for his next kill, but it was his birthday; he felt as if he deserved a day away from his nightmare of a job. Staying in the apartment, just him, felt appealing. Maybe he would watch TV or act like a semi normal person and walk around the city. He could even walk around the local college campus to find a girl who would be willing to please him for the night. That was what he was going to do.

    Dylan pushed off of what he was sitting on. His cigarette hung loosely between his lips as he put on a black jean jacket and shoved his keys in his pocket. I'm going to make today a good day, he thought as he trotted down the stairs and out the door towards the campus.
  3. Kieara sighed as she exited her morning classes. A break for lunch, then she'd be free for the day. She walked over to a bench nestled underneath a willow on the front lawn of the campus. She relaxed enough to be able to eat without thoughts of her father entering her mind. However, she stayed alert enough so that she'd know if he sent some of his goons to fetch her.

    Her father remained paranoid. Paranoid she would say something to someone. Try to run. Try to escape and turn him in for the filth he was. She didn't. She couldn't. She was constantly monitored. Or so she was led to believe. He had so many people working for him she couldn't keep track of them all. She didn't even know half of them. Hadn't even seen them. So his threat was viable.

    She ate her lunch in silence. By herself as usual. She tended to blend in. Metaphorically speaking that is. She was fairly certain that in some sort of line-up, she'd be unmistakeable. Red hair, blue eyes, and freckles? Yeah, she wouldn't stand out at all. But personality...that was another story. She played off the shy girl routine, didn't get involved with anyone, and made certain not to get noticed, or else her life would be even more difficult.
  4. He strolled calmly around campus, looking at the faces of various people that passed him. Dylan had a habit of keeping track of who was around him; he had to. Some may say that it was paranoia that kept him always looking around, but he says it is his training. There have been times where his life depended on who was around him. There were scars on his body from attacks he didn't know were about to happen.

    Who was he actually going to sit down and talk to. His eyes were soon drawn to a woman sitting alone at a table. She sat under a willow tree, and she was fairly attractive. Her red hair was absolutely gorgeous, and he wanted to see her eyes. His steps were silent as he walked up to the girl.

    "Excuse me miss... do you mind if I sit here with you?"

    His voice was deep but somehow soft. Dylan's green eyes were bright as he looked down at the girl. His body language read safety.. after all.. he was.. wasn't he? At least if he was talking to someone he wasn't going to kill them; he was safe.
  5. Kieara jumped like she was shot hearing him. She hadn't been expecting it. She turned her bright blue eyes to him and crinkled her nose lined with freckles as she looked to him. "Oh um....hello..." Her voice was soft and soothing. She wasn't sure why he wanted to sit with her, but companionship couldn't hurt any right? She moved over.

    "I don't mind if you sit with me." She said to him. She just hoped her father's men wouldn't start trying to hunt him down if they happened to see him with her. She felt the prying eyes weren't around right now though.
  6. Her eyes.. they were gorgeous. For a moment he felt loss with in the pristine blue. He settled down across from her and lit up another cigarette. Dylan knew smoking wasn't a very good, healthy, or attractive habit but at least it is something constant in his life. Smoking also kept his nerves calm, allowed him to think clearly.

    Dylan noted a couple people passing by, couples, singles, nothing peculiar... wait.. A man stood a distance away. His demeanor, the expression on his face.. something wasn't right. He was watching the red head woman, but he decided to ignore that... for the time being.

    "So, how are you today?" Dylan looked up at the sky. "It is a beautiful day."
  7. "I'm pretty good....Would you like some lunch?" She asked offering him the other half of her panini. She'd made it herself, but it was still good. She offered him a friendly smile trying to hide the fact that she stayed nervous. She found his appearance rather attractive as well but had to remind herself not to get involved that it was a bad idea.

    Kieara looked around at all the people. She made it look casual, but in essence she was looking for her dad's henchmen. The man watching her she didn't know, therefore she looked over him. She didn't have as keen of an eye either therefore she didn't catch it. She looked back to him after a moment.
  8. Lunch... sounds amazing. Wordlessly he nodded and reached out for the other half of her panini. He took a bite and looked at it with a bit of a surprised expression; this sandwich thing was rather good. Dylan chewed politely then swallowed before he spoke.

    "This is really good. Where did you buy it?"

    He didn't know what made him think she bought it. Maybe it's because all he does is buy his food. Cooking just seems like such a trivial task, and the mess takes up precious time. It's easier to just pick something up then throw out the trash. Of course, take out food isn't as health as fixing your own food and just throwing the trash out was definitely not part of this new 'green movement.' Dylan found the movement a load of crock anyway. If the world is going to end it will end whether or not there is trash.

    This girl was so adorable. Her eyes, hair, those cute little freckles. Dylan couldn't help but smirk the slightest bit when she looked at him. He wasn't about to entertain the slightest bit of hope that she may even consider a date with him. She was too good for him; she was someone actually pursuing an education.
  9. Kieara smiled a bit and blushed a bit when he suggested she bought her lunch. "I didn't buy it. I made it." she said to him. "I'm glad you like it." she said. She rather enjoyed cooking. It was actually what she was here to take her classes for. She found it nice that someone liked her food. It meant her hard work was paying off.

    She hadn't noticed his smirk. She smiled at him in a friendly manner though. "So where are you from?" She asked trying to make conversation as she ate her lunch. She hadn't the slightest idea who he might be, but she wanted to know. She thought maybe it would be nice to have a friend around.
  10. "You made this?" He said surprised. "This is really good."

    Dylan looked up slightly. Where was he from? Ever since he was a boy he never stayed in one place very, and he couldn't remember where is mom said he was born. Would everywhere be a proper answer? That answer was a bit vague and may leave him sounding like a creeper. Maybe just telling her the truth would be best. After all, plenty of people move from place to place; it wouldn't be that strange.

    "I am not from any one set place. I've moved around a lot my whole life. Can't remember for the life of my where I was born." He simply shrugged and focused at the ground; his guys following a lone ant. Clearing his throat, he looked back up at her.

    "What are you studying here?"
  11. She smield. "My hard work must be paying off." She spoke to him. "I'm studying food and cooking. I want to be a chef." she explained to him. He'd just made her day by complimenting her food. She soon had finished off her half of the sandwhich. She was happier, and it was apparent. It wasn't everyday that she had company to sit and eat lunch with. Much less company that complimented her food.

    She listened to his answer and spoke. "Oh. That's ok." she didn't mean to touch on a bad subject. "So, do you live around here?" She asked. "Are you going to school here?" She questioned trying to get to know him against her better judgement. For the life of her she couldn't help herself. She got so lonely. Even though she knew her father would pose a problem.
  12. Food and cooking... that's impressive. He smirked slightly as he thought.

    How weird would it be if he told her he didn't even go to this school but walks around the campus? Or that his apartment was a couple blocks away but makes it a habit to visit the school? Any sane person would think that was creepy, but she would understand.. maybe. She seemed like she was easygoing. After clearing throat, he propped his elbows up on the table and leaned closer to her.. ready to tell her the truth.

    "I live in apartment that are about two blocks away. I don't go to school, but I enjoy walking the campus." As soon as that statement was out, he wanted to rewind and think of something smoother to say. Dylan kind of looked down at the table. Surely he convinced her he was a creeper by now. Better luck next time if this girl walks away...
  13. Kieara looked as he leaned forward. Ok...That was a little odd, but she was no exception. She tended to loiter around here too to try and dodge her father's goons. Surely he had a reason like she did. And if he didn't, he seemed nice enough. She smiled at him again not making any move to get up and walk off at this point like would be expected.

    "I see. The campus does have some really pretty grounds, and nice people here too." She spoke. For the most part everyone was friendly, but occasionally you'd meet the asshole of the bunch.
  14. "I'm sure not everyone is nice." Dylan looked away from the girl when he noticed movement from the corner of his eye; the man had came closer to the table. Something wasn't right about this. How was he going to go about this? Would he tell her some man is getting closer? Aha! He came up with what to do. "Since you attend classes her, would you mind showing me around?" He asked, breaking out in a cute semi crooked smile.

    "I promise you no harm will come to you. You can even pat my down.. I have nothing on me," he joked.
  15. Kieara laughed at his joke. She smiled brightly to him and spoke. "Sure thing." She spoke. "Finish up eating and we can go." She said to him. She wasn't going to rush him. After all, she had no more classes for the day. Though it was odd she was wearing pants and a long sleeve on such a warm day. She looked out over the crowd of people once more.
  16. He finished up the sandwich that she had made the stood up. In all honesty, he didn't need to be shown around. Dylan had walked around the campus enough to even direct a new person or two on where to go. Getting her to walk with him was just an excuse to now be alone on his birthday and keep her with him.
  17. Kieara smiled and she got up and gently took his hand. She then began to lead him off. She told him about the different buildings here and what wing was what. She then led him to the forest ebhind the college campus. "I like going out there. There's a waterfall and I go out there to write." She spoke. She smiled. She didn't lead him that way thinking that he didn't want to go through the brush.
  18. He smiled a bit when he felt her hand in his.. such a simple gesture but one that made him that much happier. Dylan enjoyed listening to her talk and tell him what everything was. This simple companionship with a stranger was pleasing. "Hey now," he said softly and looked back towards the forest.. "take me there?" Dylan nodded.. trying to be encouraging.
  19. Kieara smiled as she looked to him when he stopped and asked her to go out there. It was one of the few placecs she'd go to try to escape her father's henchmen. She nodded. "Sure." She continued to hold his hand and led him along. The brush wasn't very bad, but in a couple places she had to part some limbs and stuff to get through. Soon the roar of the water could be heard then she led him out where a beautiful waterfall was. It held a cave behind the water and a small path led up the hill and wrapped around coming out at the top of the waterfall.
  20. Dylan stomped through the high grass and into the woods. He took a deep breath, taking in the woody smell. The woods was a place Dylan decided he was going to hide after he got out of this business. Who would think to check the woods for an assassin? There were so many woods all over the country. A simple wood cabin would be perfect... maybe buy a horse or two? That would be awesome.

    His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the roaring of the water. This scene was definitely breathtaking..Maybe this would be his new place to get away when he needs to. "This is so beautiful," he said softly.