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  1. In the rain forests of South America, there is a native tribe who study the ways of plants and natural poisons. In this tribe, lived a girl by the name of Livia. The orphaned child of visiting entomologists, she was raised in the ways of the tribe until she was fourteen. It was then that a traveler happened across her and offered to take her home to America. This traveler was no ordinary traveler, he was Luther Jones, the figure head of a large crime syndicate in the metropolis known as Kardanthia. Kardanthia was a booming city with millions of people. By day, it was a place thriving with business and trade with the brightest and most advanced society known to the world. By night, it was a dangerous, malicious town where murder and crime ran rampant through the streets. The local police force was out-skilled and over-worked. To survive in a place like this, a person had to have one or two tricks up their sleeve. The most popular and highly demanded trick to have, was an assassin.

    Luther took the young Livia, with her vast knowledge of poisons and antidotes, and turned her into a master assassin. Her combat and intelligence skills grew each day as he continued to raise her as his own daughter. Of course, Luther being a mob boss, meant Livia was now a mob princess. The danger was always high risk and as soon as she entered high society, she became a target for many. Still, to the world, she was known as Livia Jones. Daughter of business tycoon Luther Jones. But to the underground, she was known by a different name. She was known simply as Belladonna, the Natural Assassin. She quickly made a name for being the best female assassin in Kardanthia. She's never failed a mission and she's never left any evidence behind. There were many skilled assassins in this city, but if you wanted an A-class assassin, you went to her. She was on a level with only a few top assassins, and she had a hand in all of the high profile murders. Only her and her father knew of her double life. This gave her the freedom to come and go as she pleased while keeping her identity safe.

    Livia, or Belladonna if you prefer, stood at 5'8". Her hair was long and dark red. Her complexion was fair and her eyes were a deep shade of green. Thanks to her tolerance to the Belladonna plant, her poison of choice, her pupils were more dilated than those around her. Her body had a natural floral fragrance and she carried herself with a regal, confident posture. She was deadly, potent, and had more money from her father and her commissions than she knew what to do with. Not many people were up to her level, but of course there were always exceptions. One such exception was her long time partner in crime. He was another master assassin and he was just as deadly, if not more so, than she. They were often requested to do recon and target assassinations together. Not because they couldn't handle it on their own, but because most of these cases had top security and many guards to eliminate. Two knives were better than one and this duo of assassins were at the top of their field. Livia strung the crystal vial, filled with the Belladonna antidote, around her neck. Then, she strung her chain of vials, containing various poisons, and weapons around her waist. Tonight she was meeting with her partner to infiltrate the Suoh Corporation and take out the top scion, Kale Suoh. There would be dozens of guards and a high profile security system, but this was just another walk in the park for the deadly duo. Livia, now known as Belladonna, grabbed her bag and headed to the rendezvous point to await her dark counterpart.
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  2. Kane Soto, otherwise known as Zephyr to the underground lifestyle, was a different story...

    He was born on a Native American reservation, living with the Shawnee tribe for many years. He lived the hard life of hunting and fighting for his survival, one that he would use to his advantage in his current lifestyle. He fought through the ranks of his tribe, soon quickly becoming the right hand man of the chief. Skip forward a few years and he is found kneeling beside the lifeless body of the chief. Everyone in the tribe thought it was him, trying to gain the title of chieftain. Nearly escaping his death, he ran out of the reservation, covered in somebody else's blood, or it might of been his own, he didn't know. He escaped to the prosperous city of Kardanthia, remembering the name that his English teachers spoke of.

    Living in his new surroundings, he was quickly recruited for the underground world, now living his life as an assassin.

    Kane took hidden passageways and took others out with his dagger, which he named Nakaala, which meant leave. He soon caught up with his partner in crime, Belladonna, at the rendezvous point. He decided to have some fun and try to sneak up on her, his padded shoes making little to no noise. Kane smiled to himself and grabbed his dagger and tried his best to put the dagger close to her neck.
  3. At the Rendezvous point, Belladonna waited for Zephyr. It was dark and silent and there was no one in sight. Still, the hair on the back of Bella's neck stood to attention. She was being watched. From her waist chain, she stealthily removed a small throwing dagger. In an instant, she whirled around, her red hair taking flight and flung the dagger toward the approaching assailant. The assailant ducked down barely missing the blade, which managed to slice through a single strand of hair, as the blade buried itself into the wall behind him.

    The instant the metal flew from her hand, Bella knew the perpetrator was no other than the mischievous Zephyr. It was pitch black, but her enlarged pupils allowed her to see quite adeptly in the dark. There was no mistaking that face. "You idiot. I could have killed you! What did I tell you about sneaking up on me like that? And what took you so damn long? You should have been here five minutes ago! I only left about ten men on the way here for you to take care of. Aren't you a professional?" She teased.

    They were partners, but they had a very competitive relationship. Both tried to out do the other. In fact, even if they could finish a job by only killing one man, they often increased the body count just to see who could kill more. It was pointless really. They knew they were evenly matched, but it made the job more fun. Still, no matter how much they bickered and argued, Livia knew she could count on Zephyr to have her back. She didn't trust anyone the way she trusted him.
  4. Zephyr only laughed at her statement, "You say that like I have a risk of dying!" He purred, his thick accent garbling the words he spoke. He smiled at her, standing up at full height, towering over her, "Yeah, you left me ten, but I killed twelve. It's a shame, they were easy too..." He teased back at her, slightly sticking his tongue out at her. He walked back to the wall that had the knife buried in the wall, "Good job, you killed the wall..."
  5. Bella grabbed the dagger from his hand and quickly returned it to its home on her chain. "Whatever, I could kill you and you know it. Shut up and let's go. Our target is waiting two floors up." The team lurked through the darkened corridors. They passed seven guards along the way. Belladonna took out four of them, and smirked over at Zephyr. "Oops, do you want me to slow down and give you a chance to strike first?"

    As they rounded the final corner, something caught Bella's eye. "Get down and be quiet!" She hissed. Peering around the corner, her eyes were able to detect a small movement about one foot above the floor. Further in the distance, she was barely able to make out two outlines of men on either side of the door they needed to pass through. "They have high level motion lasers at three foot intervals traveling down the hallway. At the end, two men are guarding the entrance to the target's room. How do you want to deal with this? It's unlikely that we can make it the length of the hallway without being noticed or tripping the lasers, and if we use our guns, the target will hear us."

    Bella reached down and pulled up the hem of her skirt. She preferred to wear shortened skirts on her missions because it gave her the ability to move freely. Plus, what did she care if other people saw her underwear? She could just kill them if they looked. Bella unclasped something from her thigh strap and handed it to Zephyr. It was a small metal ball. "Twist the top half of it and roll it down the hallway. You have a slightly better aim than I do and we need this to get close to them. It has a five second delay, so do it quickly. It'll release a poisonous gas that will kill them silently. There's no smell so they won't be tipped off. Don't let it bounce off the ground or we'll be found out. We can jump the lasers easily if we deal with them first."
  6. Zephyr only smirked and pulled the blowgun that rested by his hip, "You and your poisons... Remember where I come from." He whispered back to her, loading the blowgun he had. He peered around the corner and held the blowgun to his lips. Zephyr closed his eyes as he sent a gust of air through the reed, propelling the dart to it's target, the men's necks. He quickly loaded the other dart and sent that one on its way, both burrowing into their necks and watching the men slump down silently onto the floor.

    Zephyr looked back around the corner and studied the lasers the went down the hallway, then at the ceiling. He noticed metal bars traveling across the ceiling, so he quickly jumped onto it and began to crawl his way down the hallway.
  7. "Psht. Show off, and let's not forget that your darts' tips are coated with my special spider venom poison. If they weren't you'd just be poking their necks like a mosquito." Bella looked up as Zephyr jumped and saw the bars traveling down the length of the hallway. A smile erupted on her face as she climbed up effortlessly onto them. Two could play at this game. She took off sprinting down the bars. She leaped and hopped back and forth passing Zephyr with ease. "Remember where I come from. This is nothing compared to the trees in the Amazon." Bella reached the end of the corridor almost a full minute before Zephyr. She sat on the collapsed corpses and crossed her legs waiting for him to arrive. She smugly admired her nails as he jumped down in front of her. "Took you long enough. I thought maybe I'd finish up here alone and go home to catch the evening news. You never know, they could do a story on you for being the slowest assassin in Kardanthia." She beamed a smile up at him. "So, should we go kill this guy? You took the guards out, so I call dibs. I haven't used my fine wire in a while. Shall I use it?"
  8. "Were they really, Belladonna? Give them a close check and you'll realize that they weren't... I make my own poisons too, Shawnee know how to fight." He merely said as he climbed the bars and landed in front of her. He just smirked at her words as he began to peer around the corner at the door their target was in, "Sure, you kill, I'll mutilate to send a message. You know I'm good at that." He said, watching her every move as she went towards their target.
  9. Bella rolled her eyes at his comment. Still, she knew he was right about the maiming part. Bella may have been a master assassin, but she hated when the requests included disfigurement. Her parents were torn to pieces by the animals in the jungle, so any mangling of corpses made her sick. True, she was only three at the time, but that was an image so horrific, it stayed with her.

    She poked her head into the room. It was darkly lit. Perfect. She opened a vile of Belladonna and took a small sniff. If any normal person did that, it would instantly reduce their abilities and render them unconscious. However, Livia was not a normal person. Her resistance was so strong, she could swallow the poison and not suffer. Her eyes dilated even further and now she could see everything. Dust floating in the air, a fly on the other side of the room, nothing escaped her sight. The room was vacant and there was a large oak desk sitting in the middle. Lucky thing the secretary went home for the evening.

    Bella crossed the room without making a sound. Thanks to her skills from the jungle, she could sneak up on air. That was one of her specialties in the field of assassination. No one ever heard her coming. Never. Still, she made sure to take extra caution crossing the room. She slid the door open slowly and found their target, the CEO of Suoh, standing by the window on his phone. The only light was a lamp on his desk. "I told you! I don't care what you have to do or who you have to hire! I want Jones dead! His syndicate has been running rampant through my territory for years and I'm sick of it!" The man screamed. Livia paused. He was obviously talking about her adoptive father. She found it interesting that he would try to order a hit on her father. She snickered just loud enough for him to hear. "What was that?" The man whirled about and looked all over the dark room. Livia was hidden well, though and she knew she wouldn't be found. "I'll call you back. Don't do anything until I call you!" He hung up the phone and grabbed a pistol out of his desk drawer. Livia crouched her way along the floor to the other side of the room and watched playfully as the man searched for her. She let out another small giggle as he moved the leaves of his fake plant in the corner. He whirled around to face her direction, but she had moved again. In an instant, she was standing behind him.

    Livia took her small dagger from earlier and traced the tip of it up his spine. "It's not nice to order hits on people, now is it?" She whispered over his shoulder. The man stood frozen. "Who are you? You're good to get past all my security. If you don't kill me, I'll pay you triple to kill for me. I have quite the hard target on my hands now, you see?" Bella laughed loudly. "What's so funny?"

    "It's just," Bella sheathed her blade and removed a long thin wire from her chain, "I've already lost my father once, and I don't plan to do it again." She whispered just loud enough for him to hear. "My name is Belladonna, you can tell that to the ferryman when you see him." Bella wrapped the line across the throat of the man, twisted the cable ends, and threw the man over her shoulder to the ground. He laid there face down in a pool of his own blood. His throat was cut deep from the wire as Bella returned it to her waist. "Too easy," Bella paused, "were you going to come in now, Zephyr, or were you just enjoying the show?" She mused.
  10. Zephyr smiled at her, "The show was nice, but now comes my specialty..." He mumbled to himself, leading her out of the room and shutting the door when she was out. He turned the lamp light onto the body and examined it, using his imagination to create the CEO into one person he expected of the chieftain's murder. He began to stab, slice and crush the man, yelling hysterically in Shawnee. His pupils dilated at his adrenaline rush, hitting harder than he was.

    When he had finished the mutilation of the corpse, he turned off all lights and walked out of the room. The entire front of his body was covered in blood, as he stood in front of the master assassin, breathing heavily as his blood rage simmered down.
  11. Livia stood outside of the room trying to think of anything other than what Zephyr was doing. He was always careful about hiding this part of the job from her. He knew it messed her up. From outside the door, she could hear his shouts and cries. They sounded so painful, so lonely. When he finished and opened the door, Bella tried not to look at him. Seeing anyone she cared about covered in blood made her sick. Her face paled as images flashed across her mind of her birth parents' bodies. She handed Zephyr a towel to clean up, so he wouldn't drip. She moved to the other side of the room, a bit light headed from the irrepressible images. Taking care not to show her weakness to him. "Are you alright? This job has a funny way of making our past demons resurface, doesn't it?"

    Livia looked at him with concern and then back to the door. It was opened a crack as per the instructions of the employer. The effects of the belladonna were still in place, so her vision was still heightened as her sights froze on the mangled body. He had done well this time. So well, in fact, that Bella could not take her eyes off of the corpse. She remained frozen, unblinking, as her body started to tremble. This was not something an assassin should fear, but to her, it was petrifying. She needed to snap out of it so they could leave, but her gaze would not shift. Her feet would not move.
  12. As the usual, after the mutilation part he had to finish, he only spoke in Shawnee. It was a habit he couldn't break, it was all just a dream to him, he was still in the reservation, leading beside the chief. Then the visions came to him, visions of the dead chief, the blood on their bodies, everything.

    He continued to talk in the foreign language towards her, grabbing the towel and wiping himself off. Zephyr placed a hand on her shoulder and pulled her away from the corpse, slightly carrying her out of the building.
  13. Belladonna loved the way he spoke in his language. It reminded her of her own tribal tongue. Still, it wasn't until they were outside of the building that her senses came back. She shook the thoughts and memories from her head. "Thanks. I swear, I'm going to get over that one of these days. If I don't it's likely to get me killed." It was then that she noticed Zephyr's hand on her shoulder. She blushed a little, and then spoke again. "Well, I'm off to get a shower and sleep. It was nice working with you, as always. And next time, my body count will be higher than yours. I promise." Livia smiled up at him and turned to walk away. She opened her phone and called their agent. He was a mysterious person her father got in contact with, and he was the one that told her about her missions. Apparently, her and Zephyr had the same agent, which is why they got so many joint assignments. The voice picked up. "It's done. Send the money to the account in the Cayman's." Livia hung up and continued home. She had a busy day ahead of her tomorrow.

    The following day, Livia woke, bathed, and got ready. A full day of socialite gatherings awaited her. Her first stop was to brunch with several of her father's clients. The second was meeting with her father's chain of command. There were pleasantries and gestures of gratitude, followed by going to the sports club to meet with prospective clients. It was exhausting work. She met up with her father at his tailor's to try and talk her way out of tonight's gala. "Father, please? I can't stand talking to all of those stuck up, entitled, rich girls. All they ever talk about is who the hottest bachelor is and how much money they spent on their private islands. It's ridiculous."

    "You shouldn't forget that you are one of those entitled, rich girls as well. You have to go," Luther said. His voice was deep and husky sounding. "Oh, and nice work last night. That Suoh guy had been getting on my nerves lately. I should have ordered the move sooner."

    Livia looked at him astonished. "You were the employer?! Are you serious? Why didn't you just tell me directly? I could have handled it on my own!"

    "Now, now. I know you don't like to do the messy bits at the end. And besides," He gave her a pitiful look, "You never let me pay you for work if I go to you directly. That makes me sad you know? I should be able to shower you with all kinds of luxuries, but you never let me."

    "Of course I don't! You took me in and raised me as your own. You even want me to lead things after you're gone. How could I ask for more?"

    "See, that's what I'm saying. You only think that I took you in out of pity and the like. However, I needed a successor and when I happened across you in the jungle, I knew you would be perfect. I feel like I'm using you at times. So please, just let me do things indirectly like this. It will help ease my conscious." Luther looked at his daughter. "Besides, you seem to enjoy working with that Zephyr. I thought it might cheer you up a bit before tonight's gathering." Livia's face flushed a bit. Of course she did enjoy working with Zephyr, but that was it. Nothing more. Assassins don't have things like attraction. It just gets in the way of work. Besides, they knew next to nothing about each other's real lives. Only a bit of background and enough to know that they were both running from their pasts. She could only imagine what he'd say if he knew she was the daughter of a big time mob boss. A rich little princess playing assassin? She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of teasing her about that.

    "Whatever, I'm going to go get ready for tonight. Since I have to," Livia huffed and went off to select a gown. She settled on a lilac colored dress with an open back and a deep, plunging V-neck. She chose crystal heels and layers of diamond necklaces. This way, she could still wear her vial of antidote around her neck. It helped her keep calm through the disgusting talks at the dinner table. Her hair fell in amber ringlets down her back, and her make-up was done so it made her pupils look a normal size. She fit the perfect image of a Lady, and she wanted nothing more than to jump off the balcony of her estate and disappear for a few hours. Alas, her father had requested her presence, so she would have to suffer through the next few hours bored out of her mind.
  14. Zephyr bid her farewell and walked along the empty streets, examining the surroundings around him. He always spent his alone time training, conditioning his mind, and strengthening his body.

    As per usual, Zephyr spent most of his nights without sleep. He continued to train his senses, trying to become the best at what he did.

    One morning had come around, Zephyr, donned his casual clothes and was now Kane. Kane was still running from his past, trying to escape the memories of his past life.
  15. The gala was just as mind numbing and painful as Livia feared it would be. Still, she stayed long enough for her to not be considered rude, and then excused herself for bed. She changed and laid in her four-poster bed with silk sheets. It beat sleeping in a hut, but it made her feel a bit homesick for her jungle. The sounds of the animals and the nearby river were so peaceful and soothing. The noises of her tribe and the children playing always brought joy to her face. Still, she had decided to leave all of that behind to come here. Luther once asked her why and she replied, "My parents lived in your world for such a long time, but they chose to leave it behind and come here. They left everything they knew and came to find the place that they belong. I want to try and do the same." Livia loved the jungle, but she felt so out of place with the villagers.

    She fell asleep with thoughts of her old home in her head. Her mind relived the days well spent and the peaceful times, but like always, her memories turned dark. Flashes of lightening and rain pouring down, set the scene for what was to come. A small child, dressed in a grass skirt and an animal skin top, climbed her way up the tree to her family's hut. Half way there and she heard the men of the village chanting "Jaguara! Jaguara!" and circling around the southern part of the village. It was rare for a jaguar to approach a village, but this time of year was mating season, so the males hunted in competition with each other, trying to bring home the biggest prize. A young Livia rushed up. The women of the tribe tried to hold her back, but as the men chased after the cat into the jungle, she made her way up to the bodies. Torn, shredded, covered in blood, with chunks taken out of their throats. This is the only image Livia had of her parents anymore. The child's eyes filled with tears as her body shook and she screamed out to the treetops above her.

    A scream filled her room of the estate as she bolted up out of bed. Sweat covered her body and her hands were trembling. "Dammit," she said, climbing out of the sheets. She moved to her closet and changed into some of her assassin's gear. She headed down to the basement and entered the gym. It wasn't your standard gym. It was more of a training center. This was where Luther taught Livia to be a master assassin. It was a top of the line kind of training facility, the best money could buy. Still, there were many things you couldn't learn in this building. Either way, Livia got started. She limbered up and worked on her speed and agility. She sniffed the Belladonna and shut the lights off. It was a concrete building with no windows and only two doors, sealed tightly. There was no light. Livia enjoyed this kind of training the most. She did target practice and trained with weights before heading over to the metal door on the other side of the room.

    From her waist chain, Livia pulled out a key and unlocked the heavy steel door. Inside, it was like a green house. There were plants of every kind, and the south wall was comprised of small clear cages that held many different insects and small creatures. This was her poison room. She tended to the plants and fed the creatures. She had insects, arachnids, tree frogs, lizards, snakes, and an entire garden of plants, all native to her jungle and all highly deadly. One wrong step in this room, and it meant death. This didn't bother Livia, though. How could it? This was what she was raised to know. She collected the poisons that were ready and made the antidotes in the same breath. Livia had never had to use an antidote before, but it was always a good precaution to take. She had just walked out and locked up when her phone rang. It was her agent. "You've got a job. Target is Marie Swann. Age 47. She'll be in Grande Royal Hotel room 188. They want it done tonight."

    Livia looked at the clock. It was 3:25. "Tonight? You couldn't have told me about this sooner?"

    "It just came in. Take it or leave it." There was no pleasantries with this guy.

    "I'll take it. Am I going solo, or are you calling Zeph in on this, too?" Livia would never let him know, but more often than not, she referred to him as Zeph instead of Zephyr.

    "For now, it's just you. They're still deciding on whether or not to bring him in. But you better get started. It's only a hotel, so security is lax, and intelligence tells us she only has one guard tonight. You shouldn't need him. Oh, and one more thing. They want it messy. You know what to do." He hung up before Livia could protest. She hung up her phone and went off to change. She would just have to get through this one alone. It wouldn't be her first time, but ever since Zephyr started doing missions with her, she hadn't needed to get messy. That was something she was irrevocably thankful for.

    Livia headed to the hotel and waited. Once the staff was reduced and no one was around, she was able to get to the 18th floor. Intelligence had taken care of the camera's and set them on a loop, so she was covered there. When the elevator dinged, she walked out calmly and passed the room. Making eye contact with the guard and winking. She took out an old key card from one of her father's hotels and tried it on a neighboring room. Of course, it didn't work. She fiddled with it and continued to act like she couldn't get it to work. She got more angry and agitated as she felt the guard looking at her. "Why won't it work? Am I doing it wrong?" Livia pretended to ask herself. Like she had planned, the guard walked over and asked if he could help. When he took the key card from her, he scratched his hand on a piece of her jewelry. "Sorry," she lied. He was able to try the card once before he fell from the poison that had filled his body. "Too easy."

    Livia removed the key card for room 188 from the guard's pocket and let herself into the room. It was dark and silent. In the bed lay Miss Marie Swann. Livia opened her vial of Belladonna and poured it into her open mouth. She swallowed it, then tossed and turned for a moment, and then lay still once more. Livia removed the blankets and the bedding and tore open the dead girl's clothes. She felt a chill run down her spine as she made several long cuts along the woman's body. The blood ran crimson along her body in neat, delicate lines. Of course, this blood was filled with poison and was now highly toxic. Cuts were one thing, but now, Livia had to make this gruesome. She took a deep breath and swallowed hard.
  16. Zephyr quickly looked up as his phone rang, he looked at his phone and sighed when he saw that it was his agent. He donned on his assassin garb and made his way to the Grande Royal Hotel.

    He stood next to the building, counting the floors before he found the floor he was supposed to be on. He breathed deeply and began to climb the wall, quickly making progress before he peered through the window. He saw Belladonna taking her time, trying to mutilate the body.

    He quickly unlocked the window and climbed inside, his feet making no noise as he landed on the floor, "Let me take it from here."
  17. Bella's hands were shaking. Images kept flashing through her mind. So much blood and flesh torn and thrown around. 'I'm an assassin. I have to be able to do this. I have to get over this. I have to. I have to. Dammit! Why is Zephyr not here!?' As soon as Belladonna thought those words, the window slid open and Zephyr was there. Her eyes stung and welled up with tears. Before they could fall, she blinked them away, hoping he didn't notice them. "Ah," she sniffled, "Well, I guess since I've done everything else, it's only fair to let you do this part. Be careful though, the blood is toxic." She headed towards the hotel room's bathroom to wait for him to finish. "Thanks," she whispered, before she closed the door.

    Inside, she put her hands on the counter and stared in the mirror. Her face had become pale once again, and her whole body was shaking. Livia sighed and sat down on the closed toilet, hugging her knees. She didn't try to stop the tears this time, she let them fall silently. 'I failed again,' she thought.

    Once Zephyr had finished, she wiped her eyes and walked out of the bathroom, handing him a towel. Her phone vibrated as soon as she stepped outside the door. Her agent told her that they couldn't loop the camera's anymore so they'd have to go out the window. Belladonna looked at Zephyr. "I guess we're going out the way you came in. It should be easy to jump down the balconies, but..." Bella looked in the direction of the bed. She'd have to pass directly by it to get out the window. "I, uh. Maybe I can just avoid the camera's?" If she saw the body, she knew she would freeze up again. And if that happened, Zephyr would have to figure out a way to get them both out of there and down 18 stories. Of course, he could lead her to the window with her eyes closed, but there's no way in hell she was going to ask him to do that for her. She'd rather risk the cameras than embarrass herself by asking.
  18. "Come on." He said, putting cloth over her eyes before he slung her over his back, "Hold on tightly!" He said before he began to climb out the window.

    As they made their decent, he lightly sang a war song in his tongue. The song spoke about a warrior who had lost his way, and was finally coming back home.
  19. Livia didn't have time to react before she was blinded and thrown over his shoulder. She clutched onto him so tightly, her knuckles must have been white. She had never been more afraid in her life. It's one thing to scale down eighteen stories, it's another to be holding onto someone while they're doing it. Livia wanted to scream, and if Zephyr hadn't been so strong and relaxed, she might have. His song soothed her and soon enough they were on the ground.

    Livia had never known him to be so strong, so confident, and so.. sexy. 'What am I thinking?!' she scolded herself. 'He is my partner, not some hunk!' But Livia's eyes betrayed her thoughts as it took in Zephyr's body. He was so fit, so toned. His tanned skin and dark hair complimented each other so well. As her mind raced through thoughts of him, it failed to notice that she was still holding onto him tightly. When she came back to her senses, a minute or two had already passed. She jumped off of him and looked down shyly. "Sorry. I was, uh- distracted. Hah." It was so unlike her to get shy in front of people. She steeled herself before looking back up at him.
  20. Zephyr set her on her feet and looked at her, "Care to share what got you so distracted? You seemed to be gripping me fairly tightly..." He mumbled the last bit to himself, but loud enough for her to hear. Zephyr just chuckled and watched her few moments of shyness. His eyes widened when he remembered something, "Oh! Belladonna... Is there a way to build up my immune system to your poisons quickly? I saw a bad omen in the morning..." His voice trailed off.
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