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  1. Prelude
    The world of Gaia is a large and magnificent place, humans, elves, and all other assortment of creatures roam freely. However, even though all roam together, wars are inevitable. The Human nation of Hoarn is currently engaged in a bloody war against another Human nation, Charinbol, and has been for twenty years. Thousands have lost their lives in the battlefields wrought from this war, and Hoarn has decided to use it's final weapon.

    After the first two years of war, the king of Hoarn foresaw the years that it would take to end this war. He secretly made a decree for one dozen children to be stolen from his subjects homes and trained in the many ways of killing. Subterfuge, Brutality, poisoning, these children were all created for the one purpose of ending the war that killed thousands.

    For eighteen years now, the children have been trained in all manner of abilities. The camp has been kept secret in the aptly named Ama Taurë, or Blood forest, and finally, the final testing has begun to see if the recruits were ready.

    Falief leaped over a dead log as another arrow slammed into a tree next to his head. The nineteen year old half-elven man reacted instinctively, rolling into the cover of a different tree, taking a breath for a moment. He heard the hurried feet of his fellow recruit trying to catch up with Falief. The half-elf grinned and spun around the tree, his leg shooting out to trip the unsuspecting recruit.

    Unfortunately for Falief, the recruit had suspected the movement, leaping over Falief's leg and slamming their palm into Falief's face. He felt the smaller bones of his nose crack with the strike as his head starts falling back with the other recruits hand. In a quick motion, Falief slipped his left forearm against the inside of the recruits striking arm, and Falief's other forearm on the outside of his opponents arm. He rotated with the force of the other person falling, and forced the recruits arm behind his back.

    The other recruit gave a loud yelp of pain, "Over here!" they shouted right before Falief's knee slammed into their face. Falief let the recruit go as he heard more feet coming his way. He groaned and started running again.

    This had been going on for two months, the constant fighting and survival test. The four instructors had announced that the time had come to give the final test. The test was to elude capture for a week straight. If they were caught before the end of the week, they had to start the test over. The only rule the instructors had told them was not killing another recruit. So far five of the recruits had taking their tests, all of them passing the test eventually.

    Falief had been the sixth one chosen for the testing, and he still had two days left before he scored perfectly. He was going to do anything to be one of the perfect Assassins. He only had one worry, and that was he had not seen Anniet for five days. Anniet was his best friend and the best stealth recruit around, and the only person Falief was truly afraid of. Anniet was also the only female recruit that he had romantic feelings for, and after what happened last month when they were tracking the third recruit, he knew she had them for him as well.

    He had been lost in his memory just long enough to not duck in time as a branch appeared in front of him. He felt the wood grind against his broken nose, almost de-balancing him from his run. He cursed as he smacked into a tree and darting off in a different direction, leaving an obvious trail behind him.

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  2. Anniet had been chosen for the final test second, and was now on the team who was chasing Falief, her best friend. He had two days left, and she certainly wasn't going to give it to him easily. Hearing the cries of the other recruit, who was due to go after him, Anniet ran in the direction she heard it. Seeing him, she kneeled down at him, "Which way did he go?" she asks him, her red hair falling down her face. The recruit points, and Anniet follows the trail of broken sticks and shrubbery obviously left by Falief. At the broken branch, she takes to the trees, leaping between the branches and other greenery.

    Following the trail, she quickly caught up with Falief. Gazing at him from this height, she reminisces about their shared moment a month ago. Falief was a man she has had feelings for five years, at the least, when she beat him in a test for stealth. His apparent clumsiness put him in a new light, from being just another recruit to being the man she wants to spend her life with. She kept these feelings secret until the incident last month, when he showed the same feelings towards her.

    Shaking herself from her memories, she leaps down upon him, ready to strike, smirking all the way.
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  3. The poison specialist named Belladonna which was a name she gave herself walked around the forest she wasnt really looking for the new target she was actually looking for something more important than that which was nothing more than some herbs that could be combined into a poison which was her favorite thing beyond her body. She began to put things into the basket she had with her "oh why does it always come down to this it seems every time they have a new person to hunt they use up all of my stock." She laughed and then sighed "it seems that some of the others are wanting him to fail because they had me make some of the strongest stuff i have made to date but at least i get to practice." As she was thinking of her poisons in action her smile grew bigger and bigger and she started thinking she would like to see it herself "good thing i always save enough of each batch for myself." She dug into her pockets and pulled out a small vile "ah perfect now to find someone anyone really i just want to see things with my own eyes." As she walked she heard what sounded like Falief curse "oh good two birds one stone." She began to follow him slowly with enough stealth that she could get close enough to him without being heard. She was about to catch up to him when she saw someone jump untop of him she knew it was Anniet instantly and started to laugh loud enough for them to hear her "oh good i thought i was going to have to drag his body back myself with you it will be easier now wont you help Anniet deary i dont mean to kill him i just want to make him motionless for awhile." She showed them the vile in her hands which was full of a blue powder "i would move deary unless you want to be paralyzed for maybe a hour or two." She poured the vials contents into her hand and then put it up to her mouth and blew the powder at them. She was used to poisons so they had no effect on her "dont worry even holding your breath wont do a thing it can go into your skin." Little did she know that this powder was nothing more than a sneezing powder and that one of the people she made the poisons for actually switched her vials without her noticing.
  4. Falief ran seemingly blindly through the woods, breaking twigs and rustling bushes on purpose as he moved. He knew he'd be followed, and that was his plan. He ran full sprint towards the middle of the forest, hearing the rustling of bushes near him. He leaped forward and caught a tree branch, kicking his leg to the left and jumping off in the new direction. He barely glimpsed a familiar strand of red hair, hoping that it wasn't Anniet up in the trees, although his gut told him she'd probably been following him closely since day one. As Belladonna appeared to his side, He covered his mouth with the bandanna around his neck. He coughed and sneezed, his eyes instinctively closing with the sneeze, and ran headlong into a tree. He heard a crack as his left arm dislocated from the force of the blow. He gritted his teeth, being one of the fastest recruits had disadvantages as well.

    Moments after his enounter with Belladonna, he reached what he had come for. His eyes still watering, he planted his foot against the edge of the thirty foot wide canyon, overgrown with trees and such. Falief had, two days previous, prepared a vine swing at this precise location for an escape. If he was able to reach the other side before the other recruits, he could slip off, even with his mild stealth skills. He knew that luring all the recruits his way was dangerous, but if they were all behind him, then he could have an easier go at hiding. He leaped off the side of the chasm and fell for a good five feet before grabbing the rope vine. He held on tight as he swung towards the other side, his left arm useless at his side. Damn it, I really hope there's a soft landing over there, he thought as the wind rushed into his dark green hood, pushing it off to reveal his dark brown hair and olive green eyes.
  5. Damn, I missed, Anniet thought as she thumped lightly on the ground. Taking to the trees again, she follows him closely, to the ravine, where she too had made a trap for the others. Taking a stick she had sharpened a few days previously from her belt, she throws it in the direction of the vine rope, gauging the projected distance of the rope and how long it would take the handmade projectile to reach it. By her figures, she knows that if he falls, he shouldn't die, or even be injured too badly, as he was strong enough to shake it off. His left arm seemed to be dislocated, something she hadn't guessed.

    Cupping her hands, she makes a bird call to Belladonna, signaling her position relative to his. Waiting for her reply, as Falief's vine breaks and he falls, Anniet leaps down from her perch in the tree and slides down the side of the canyon, kicking down rocks and bushes long the way, a determined look in her eyes. As she slides down, her red hair whips out behind her, her icy blue eyes shining in the semidarkness of the jungle. Sweat glistens against her forehead, the heat making her leather armor all the more stifling. Seeing him, at the bottom of the ravine, she strides over, ready to make him fight for his victory.
  6. Falief's moment of victory was cut short by the loud snapping of the rope. Whether it was his weight or Anniet, he did not bother to guess, all he knew was that the wall of the ravine was racing towards him. He grimaced as pain again shot through his arm, an idea spurring into his mind. He spun in the air and crashed against the wall with his left arm, pushing it upwards as he did so. A loud crack filled the air as his arm was snapped back into place, but the crack was also from one of his ribs. Worth it,he thought as he tumbled down the wall of the ravine. As he fell, his mind raced to find a strategy that would get him out of this predicament. A memory flooded into his vision.

    "When facing a greater foe than your strength," Havenir, a tall and delicate looking elf instructor, had said, "There are several options you can do if you are comprimised. The most obvious option is to run." The twelve recruits had all sat in a semi-circle, listening to this speech. Falief had been paying close attention. This was one of the areas he excelled in, although today his thoughts were distracted by the red headed girl next to him. His attention faltered only for a moment when Havenir snapped his long fingers in Falief's direction, "Boy, you will give me your undivided attention." Falief winced, nodding, feeling a bit flustered, since he had been paying close attention. Havenir continued, "The second option is to lure your foes to a point they can not proceed, and you can. The third and final way to shake a pursuing foe of greater strength," Havenir paused, gazing around the group, "Is to fight." Falief raised his hand, "But teacher, if they're a stronger force, then how can you fight them all?" Havenir smirked at the eight year old boy, "That, I can not teach you. You must learn for yourself."

    Hitting the bottom of the ravine hard, Falief rolled to a stop, his breathing coming harder than it had been. He planted his hand against the soft plant filled ground and hoisted himself up, looking to where his attackers had been. His hopes fell fast when he saw the red hair and blue eyes coming fast for him. He grinned, however, standing up, "I was wondering when you'd show up," he called to her, his left hand pressing against the broken rib as his mind raced again to remember the best way to dodge her long ranged and get in close for the kill. "Five days, have you been waiting for me to get tired, Ann?" wincing in pain, he let his right hand fall onto the short sword he carried with him at all times. No one in the camp knew why he held this sword dear to him, or what the inscription on the blade said, to be honest even Falief did not know. He only knew that he had weilded this sword for as long as he could remember.
  7. Anniet smirks, "No," she calls to him, "simply preparing a challenge for you, Fal." Her smile gets wider. She brushes at her eyes, an itching appearing behind them.

    She rushes forward, taking her sword from its horizontally-placed sheath.
    With her left hand, she jabs Falief in his sides, and as he falls, she stands over him, and kicks him in his nose. Her eyes, she knows, are filled with hate. Anniet takes her sword, and plunges it into his chest. At the moment of contact, her eyes flash a dangerous gold. She laughs maniacally, gleeful at her kill.

    Anniet snaps back to now. She is standing there, five feet from Falief, who is more or less okay. Shaking, she thinks it is some trick of Belladonna's, but knowing in her heart that it wasn't. Yet, she didn't even carry a sword, only small throwing knives, and occasionally a recurve bow. Indeed, if she had wanted to harm Falief, she could have done it any number of times in his test. However, this vision was worse than any other she has had.

    Anniet has remembered having these visions, or whatever they were, since a training session many years ago. Tathar, one of the many elven teachers, was teaching the initiates about poisons that can be used to kill a person. He was holding up a nightshade weed and explaining what it was and how it worked and Anniet had a vision of shoving the weed down his throat. It scared her so much she threw up all over herself and those sitting next to her, including Falief, a detail she had always wanted to remove from memory. Gradually, the visions got more intense, more real, and happening to people she liked. But with the added visions, she also grew to become used to them, and is now able to go about her daily life without collapsing.

    She digs her nails into the palms of her calloused hands. Breaking through the shakes and fighting off the urge to curl into a ball and lie there for a while, she pulls three metal throwing rod, all black and sharpened to a deadly point, from her belt. Holding it between her fingers, she releases a flurry of them, quickly putting more between her fingers.
  8. A concerned furrow appeared on Falief's brow as Anniet started shaking slightly. He tched, It's happening again, he thought, watching her struggle there for a moment. His breathing got a little more intense as Anniet fell through her vision, feeling the piercing attack through his chest. He gripped the place where Anniet had stabbed in the vision, grimacing. He never saw anything, however somehow he felt certain feelings whenever she had these mysterious episodes. Of course, the pain might be from his still broken rib, who knew. He was about to ask if Anniet was alright when she grabbed her throwing rods. "Shi-" he stammered, drawing his sword and cutting down three of them in quick succession, a stab of pain stopping his movements for a split second. The third rod ripped though his leather stomach armour, cutting his side.

    The dull thunk of metal digging into dirt was heard as his side started bleeding from the wound. He went into his pouch with his left hand, taking out a large leather pad with a shimmering surface on one side, "Heh, a challenge?" he called, kicking away so the he was a good ten feet away now as he applied the pad to his side. As the herbs in the mixture hit the wound, he felt a heat emanate from his side to all over. He gripped his sword tightly as his pain receded somewhat. "Come on Ann, we both know that I can dodge those ro-" he stopped. She was going to keep him at long range and guide him around, she knew how he moved after all. A trap, he thought questioningly, feeling the ground around him with his boots. No rope so far.

    Falief weighed his options, he knew the ground between him and Anniet was safe, but the rest of the ground he was unsure about. "A challenge," he said with a grin of understanding. He breathed out, drawing his dagger with the other hand. Two seconds to reach her, plus one second added block time for the rods, then she'll dodge to the... Falief stepped forward, bracing himself to start his sprint. He exploded towards her, his sword and dagger held in a defensive position to block oncoming rods. She'll dodge to the... LEFT! his head screamed at him. As he reached her, probably a little more cut up if she had thrown the rods, he'd jump kick where he thought her head would be dodging! Hopefully he was right!
  9. Belladonna was more than pissed and yelled so that the others following Falief "i will kill whoever did that to me do you hear me your dead." She could hear that they were not that far off and well it was more fun than what she was doing so she started to go after them. When she got to the cliff she laughed "fun i wonder if he knows where he is headed or could he just be heading to my favorite spot on accident." She of course meant the cave that she had first killed of course back then it was a accident but thats when she found out her pleasure was watching peoples reactions to poisons "i wonder if the bones are still their or not." She went her normal way of going down the cliff which is just going from large rock to another until she reached the bottom. She began to look around and then saw a few broken twigs and knew where they went. She knew that she should either stop them from going in the cave or go in first and see if any of the bones are even still their. She started to walk until she found the entrance and with a quick sigh she entered knowing where the body was last time she went. She laughed when she saw that only a skull was left, she grabbed the skull "might as well take it back with me." She dusted it off and put it in her basket. As she walked she could tell that more of the people where going down the hill from all the noise she could tell that they either fell and caughed themselves just short of falling face first. She thought for a second and then walked to where she thought they would be. Being a poison expert she had to be in the forest quite a few times a week and she knew the forest like the back of her hand. She quickly found them and just watched them she wanted to see what Anniet was just doing when she seemed to be out of it.
  10. -Raine had been running along the tree branches, Along where Falief had taken down the first Person he ran into, He had a Combat knife in his hand's, And almost slipped off the tree's branches afew time's, The next step he took, Lead him straight into a rope, As he hit it, The rope tugged upward's and ripped him, Up into the tree, As he first hit it, It had made him lose his balance, And he slipped, Then it tugged him up, And it made his Head slam back into the Branch, He was not bleeding, Which was rather surprising to him,But his gaze was hazy, And his Head throbbed, He picked himself up by using the Rope to get to the top of it, As he did, He cut himself Loose, He fell and Hit the Tree branch, As it snapped from under him, he Plummeted forward's, Luckily he landed on a Bush, Which Broke his fall, But had Inflicted great pain, He slowly pushed himself up Putting a hand to his temple, He knew that Belladonna girl was close by also, He heard her yell out, but he kept running, Untill he got to the Ravine, He lept on a Log That was a Farther way's Down from where the other's had fallen,He clutched his knife in his hand's as he crossed, He walked quickly, But There was something about him, That made him seem lighter then he actually was, But it was hard to put a finger on thing's about him, He had kept to himself, But had often Glanced over at Belladonna And tryed to speak to her,But he found he could never form the word's he wanted to around her,Not even a simple hello,When he had stepped off of the log, He grinned, And looked down at himself, He had no wound's, Surprisingly, But still, He was in great pain, From his Foolish move's he did earlier,He then looked down at the two that were in the Ravine,He could easily see them, And could tell who they were, But perhap's if he was just a tad bit closer.. Then he would have been able to make out some Feature's perhap's, Raine had alot of Lame side Attribute's that had helped him alot through his Training,And his great eyesight was one of them, But most of his instructor's had yelled at him for not paying attention,And what was this reason? He was always looking over at Belladonna, That was the reason,He had a thing for her, And if they were Grouped together, And you watched him around her, You could easily catch him staring, Or It would look like he was beating himself up around her,But he was just trying to find those word's, That Vanished from his mind,-
  11. "Heh, you know me too well, Fal." Anniet grins for one second, braces herself for half of another, launches another volley of rods in the other half, and leap upwards as Falief tries to slice her with his sword. "However, I too know you well, and I too know how you think." She lands on the top of his head and lands directly behind him, grabbing his wrists so tightly he drops the sword. "Belladonna, Raine, someone come and get the sword, it's fine." She calls to them confidently.

    Spinning around, and taking Falief with her, Anniet then picks up more speed so that she can throw him with enough momentum to put it directly under the trap, and nearby the tripwire. Anniet throws him in the direction she wanted, watching him fly. "Come on," she complains in his direction, "I'm just getting warmed up. At least give me half a challenge, or I'll have half a mind to make you fail." She grinned as tried to stand up. As he began walking to her, she shouted to him, "There's a tripwire in front of you!" Knowing him, he'd probably stumble back and step on the tripwire that was behind him and trigger the trap.
  12. Falief hit the ground on his heel, slidin backward and digging into the ground to make himself stop. He tched, looking down the ravine at Anniet, behind him to Bella, and although he could not see him, Falief knew Raine was close at hand to. If he wasn't careful then he'll have to spend another week doing this! At Anniet's warning, Falief smiled, "In front of me? I see," he said holding up a small tripwire wire and pulling on it strongly. His short sword flew across the ravine floor, cutting though plantlike and any supposed tripwire. He knelt down to grab it, "we know each other to well, Ann.". He looked behind him to Belladonna, "Hmm, Bella, you're another face I have t seen much of this test, been out picking herbs again?" he chuckled, a plan running through his mind. There was a system of caves near them, a different entrance than the one Bella had come from. Even more luckily, it was rather nearby. Fight them in a closed space where my close quarters has the advantage, he thought. He prepped his stance, grinning. It was time.

    He broke into a high speed run towards Anniet, leaping over higher plant life. While he didn't know where her traps where, he knew where is were. Usually he would dodge left or right to avoid hitting Anniet, but he would have to start being unpredictable if he was going to get past her. As he rushed her, his foot smacked against one of the metal rods stuck into the ground. He kicked it upwards and caught it, knowing he'll have to lock more rods eventually. As he neared Anniet, he did the opposite of what he has always did. He jumped over her in a flip. Little did people know, he acted more clumsy than he actually was. His legs had thrown him high in the air, and as he was over Anniet, he threw the rod hard at her to give her a distraction. He was just lucky that the other two had held back for the moment. He hit the ground on the others side of Anniet and moved quickly now, the cave entrance a few second sprint away. He leaped three times while running, the second time was over the tripwire he had placed weeks ago. If that trap activated, a homemade net would explode upwards and catch anyone unfortunate enough to trip it, Falief was just glad he was past it.

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    A few miles away at the assassin camp, the four instructors had called a meeting, several knights of the King had come with a message.

    "They are taking their test now," Havenir said, crossing his arms and speaking roughly in the Common tongue. He had always preferred his elven language to that of the Humans. "They will be ready by the time you need them."

    One of the knights shook his head, "You misunderstand, Instructor," the knight said patiently, his helmet visor up and showing the face of a middle aged man, clean shaven and still in much of his prime. "The King requires their talents within the next two weeks, and from what you're telling me, their test will still take another few months. Ready or not, the time for their talents to be showcased is coming soon. Charinbol marches upon the castle as we speak, there is little time for these tests."

    The lead instructor, Jorgan, stood from his place at the head of the table. Jorgan was taller than most full blooded humans, his face wreathed in a thick black beard. The man had been the former King's lead Assassin in the days of his youth, but a massive amount of injuries had left him crippled, his left hand a mere stump and most of the nerves in his left leg dead. "Havenir, you are much to cautious with them, you have grown to love them as we all have. However, Feyorn is right," Jorgan said, gesturing to the knight with his only hand. "If the King needs them, then who are we to over rule him. Our best have already been through your test, Falief the last of our cream de le crop." Jorgan put his hand upon the table, about to continue speaking when one of the knights stumbled in," M-Milord," he coughed, blood spraying over the table. He fell to his knees, Feyorn holding him so that he did not fall to the ground, "Thesald! What happe-" Feyorn paused, realizing what had happened in an instant. "They have found us," he announced to the instructors, hoisting Thesald onto his shoulders. The smell of burning flesh filled the room, emanating from the younger knight. "The Charinbol Magi," Havenir deduced.

    The Charinbol Magi were the leading mages of their nation, and they usually had a whole army behind them. They had appeared only a year ago, turning the tide of many battles. They were the main reason Hoarn was being assaulted directly.

    "If they are here, then that means they intend to destroy the young ones," Jorgan said, moving calmly to the flap of the tent. Suddenly there was a large explosion, throwing the assembly back and uprooting the tent. As the instructors stumbled to their feet, arms at the ready, Jorgan winced from the pain. He was not as strong as he used to be. On the outskirts of the camp, there were the twelve Magi of legend, the bringers of chaos and destruction. Surronding them was about thirty knights with the symbol of Charinbol embossed on their armour. Havenir guarded Jorgan, blood spilling from fresh would, "My apologies Master," said the former apprentice, "But I do not believe your body is capable of fighting these devils. You and Feyorn must reach the young ones and get them to the King." He took out the large hilt of his family, holding it before him. A blade of magic and steel shot forth, glowing in the semi-darkness of the shade. The knights glanced at this man and his magical greatsword, fear flickering in their ranks.

    "And Falief, what will I say to him," Jorgan asked, standing up holding his side. "You will tell my son nothing," Havenir said with finality. "He knew naught that I was his father, and he will continue to be left in the dark until the time is right." The third instructor stood over the body of the fourth, eying the magi as well. Tall with some elven features, Faier strode to Havenir, "Gorsh is gone," he said, removing his hood and readying his bow. The man's long red hair flowed behind him, ice blue eyes staring ahead towards his death. "I suspect you will do the same with my daughter, Master," Faier asked the old man, notching an arrow into a crystalline bow. Jorgan nodded, Feyorn moving towards the old man now, "Sire, we must leave and find them," he said, grabbing hold of Jorgan and helping him away.

    As the two escaped into the woods, more explosions echoed through the forest, but the battle cries of the last two instructors were heard above the fire. Jorgan gritted his teeth, in his one hundred years, he had only two apprentices. He always thought that they would be the ones to bury him, but to see the opposite came true, tears welled in his eyes. He wiped them away as he and Feyorn raced into the woods to find the recruits.
  14. -Raine felt the ground shake under his feet and he knew something was up, Something bad was going on, So he ran over to the side of the Ravine And yelled out,- ~Hey!~ -he cleared his throat then spoke again,- ~Do you feel that! Stop Training for a second and stand still! Listen to you're surrounding's!~-Raine stepped away from the Ravine and looked around once more,- ~What is that..~ -He shook his head sighing,-~ Maybe im just going crazy,I did take a pretty hard hit to my noggin,~ -He let out a soft laugh, At how stupid that sounded, But sighed, He spent so much time alone, He even laughed at himself...Now that's kinda sad But he shook his head, Pushing these thought's out of his head, And turned, Looking up at the sky, As he let out a soft sigh, Letting himself be off guard, As he continued to watch the sky,- (Short, But i just woke up, Call me lazy, xD)
  15. Belladonna was about to say something when she heard Raine and she then did start to feel what he was talking about "hey Falief and Anniet stop something is not right Do you hear anything their are no animals and the groud is shaking." She started to head back when she thought of something and then quickly decided against going back "guys we need to find out what is going on Raine get over here and help me decide what to do." She knew that Raine liked her she could catch him looking at her at any given group they where in she didnt mind he was cute and well it might be fun to spend time with people other than the teachers.
  16. Feeling the tremor, Anniet says to Falief, "You've any idea what that was?" At his negative reply, she says to Belladonna after hearing Raine's call, "We should go. Call it intuition, but I think something's wrong." Turning back to Falief, she tells him, "We'll finish later, when we sort this out." Quickly, Anniet climbs the tallest tree she can find within a few seconds. From her vantage point, she sees the darkest smoke she's ever seen rising in the North-east, where camp was.

    She chews at her nails anxiously. "Something's wrong at camp. I don't know what, but it can't be good." She puts her hands to her mouth and sends three long whistles, calling to the other eight recruits with her code that they need to regroup at camp. Leaping down from the tree, not bothering with the slow way of climbing down, she says, "Let's go, I don't know what we'll find, but it probably isn't good. Be prepared for anything." Just then, she remembers something important. "I'll catch up with you. Fal here left a recruit lying injured on the forest floor. I better find him."

    She runs south, the approximate direction of where the recruit was left, and, finding him, she drags him to his feet, quickly explaining the situation. Finally, she says, "Anything broken, you can move okay?"

    "Dislocated shoulder." He grunts, wincing.

    Anniet grimaces, having experienced many dislocated shoulders before, and not envying him. "This'll hurt."

    The recruit smiles, I was built for pain."

    "Uh-huh, tell me more of your heroic exploits." He laughs, not noticing the pain as Anniet shoves his shoulder back into its socket. "Let's go, the others are already ahead of us." She pulls him up by his injured shoulder, purposely to show him how much he inconvenienced her. She dashes off, past the ravine, and further North-east.
  17. -Raine looked over at Belladonna, Watching her for a second before nodding and he Ran over,Across the log swiftly as he stopped next to her, But this time, He held his gaze away from both of them,watching the floor, As he listened to Anniet talk, He took it all in and Then turned looking at Belladonna once more, as he let out a breath,- ~Hi..~ -Was all he could get out, But he knew how lame it was, But he also knew it was better then completely avoiding any contact with her,But he shook his head, And got down to business, Speaking,- ~Anniet is right We need to get everyone and see what is wrong, If we stay here, Who is to say that fire Will not get to us, Because That smoke is A big buildup, And it seem's up the Whole came is burning, But this is just a guess, There must be a Reason this is going on, I know if it was some one's screw up, That it would have been put out by now, But it seem's as if we are being attacked, Or some one did this on purpose, Some one...~ -He stopped talking and moved some of his hair out his eye's with his index finger,- ~We do need to get out of here It would be smart, But i dont know if going straight there would be a good idea,~ -He then looked up at Belladonna, And his Tone dropped abit, To something more gentle,- ~What do you have to say on this..~
  18. (iPhone again DX, I'll be posting more red text after some sleep, so be looking for it tomorrow, apologies for he shortness

    Falief stopped short just like everyone else when the explosions shook the ground. He flipped his sword and sheathed it, nodding to Anniet. He dashed off as well, running towards Raine and Belladonna, "A timeout on a test, that's a first," he said in a worried tone of voice. He had been thinking that maybe regrouping all at once at camp wasn't such a good idea, either way the call was made. "I agree with you Raine," he chimed in, looking at the tower of smoke coming from the camp. Another explosion was heard, Falief turning his head to the sound. "That doesn't sound like a powder keg explosion... Hey guys, go together and flank the east side, I'm going to see if I can get any info from the west, if there's a for e attacking they attack from the north anyway. Sound good?" he said, tossing Belladonna's real poisens to her.
  19. ~I will go with belladonna And flank east, As you said,~ -He looked over at belladonna, And awaited for her, To see if she would Come right away, Or if she wanted to have a saying in this,And he knew she could be Rowdy at time's, So if she wanted to talk, He would let her,He watched the sky, Listen to afew of the Other noises that came from around where the camp was,-~ No it was not sound like a keg explosion,And it is obvious it's not,~-He paced around abit as he waited around, Biting his lip as he watched Belladonna, But just because he was waiting on her, So they could continue on,-
  20. Bodies littered the ground around the campsite. Havenir and Faier stood back to back. Of the fourty attackers, only seven remained, all of them Magi. Havenir felt weak, barely able to hold his greatsword. His body was a mess of burns and lacerations, blood poured from everywhere. Faier was much the samehaving loos staining his pure white robes. He gripped his dual short swords, having run out of useable arrows awhile ago, he staggered upright, "It's been a good run, don't you think Havenir?" the man spoke in elvish tongue. Havenir grinned, breathing heavily, "I killed two more than you today, so that makes us tied. We can die as equals now.". The two men nodded, the magi circling the friends, angry over their lost mages. "I'm just glad to know that Anniet has my sons back," Havenir chuckled as the Magi started to chant. Faier grinned a bit, "I've seen the way they look at each other, they will be partners and beyond I believe. The group will survive, if they don't Belladonna will poisen them in spite.". Havenir gave a chuckle as a circle of fire surrounded them. "That she would.". He tossed aside his family hilt, Faier doing the same with the crystalline bow.

    Falief gave Raine a nod, "Alright, Ann will probably. E approaching slower from the southwest, so everyone me-" A sudden explosion rocked the grounds on which they stood, wind whipping violently around. Cracks were heard as trees fell all over, Falief grabbed onto a tree to keep his balance. "Shit, he thought, looking to the huge billows of smoke now coming from the camp. He gritted his teeth, running north to try and see what was going on.