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  1. We were all taken as babies or young children. Told that our parents had died, or they had abandoned us. We were taken to a large facility that us teens call, "Assassin Academy." Every since we were little we were trained in the art of killing. Once we reach the age of 13 we are able to go on missions. Our missions are to take out people that no longer need to be alive. People that deserve death more than they deserve life. Well, that's at least what our teachers tell us. Most of us enjoy the killing, as that is all we know. Some of us however feel remorse, and remorse is weakness. According to our rule book, "Remorse is a sign of weakness, and weakness is something we cannot have. Those who are weak shall face punishment and persecution."

    You are a student at Assassin Academy, and you were chosen for a purpose. To Kill. You will go on missions to assassinate many people. You will work together as a team. You treat your team like family. Never put your mission before your own team.

    -Obviously you do not have to make a character sheet, but if you do that would be great. ^,^

    Character Sheet:



    Name: Avalon (Ava) Smith

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Ava is what you call a neutral personality. She is blunt, and says whatever is on her mind. She never really shows her emotions, and on the rare occasion she does, she prefers to be alone so that no one can see her. She finds killing a waste of time, and it can get on her nerves. She has no problem with it, but it has just gotten boring to her. So recently, her killings have become more 'creative.' She is fiercely loyal to her team 'family', and will do anything for them.

    History: Ava does not really remember much of her past, all she knows is the fact she was taken at a young age, and that she is now an assassin. She has no desire to know who her parents were, or what they did. She could care less about her past. She just wants a chance to explore the world, and finally find something exciting to do.


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  2. Name: Victoria "Vic" Glassgow

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Vic is one of those people who just don't give a shit and don't show much emotion. Though she is fiercely peotective of her dog and her dog is protective of her. Vic is very loyal so whomever her teammates are but if they get on her bad side she'll give them "what they deserve". In fact, Vic recently had to be relocated to a different team because in her last one a male teammate tried to poison Frankie so Vic made sure he had an "accident" while on a mission and he's currently being hospitalized from it. Vic is also one of the assassins who find great joy in killing. It's a sport to her. Plus it gives her a way to be as sadistic and cruel as she wants. Often times shed be used to torture people to get information out of them, and that is something she truely finds fun. Harming people, but not killing them so the fun lasts longer is just a riot to her!

    History: Vic doesnt care much about her history or the life she could have had if she wasn't raised by the academy. She's been there all her life so why bother questioning it? The only part of her past she finds important is her first kill and the day she found Frankie.

    Appearance: Vic

    Other: She doent mind killing people. In fact, she enjoys it. But the moment an animal gets involved she refuses to participate since she is a die hard animal lover. She has a dog that she brings on missions called Frankie who's a Mastiff. Frankie is basically her guard dog and will put his life on the line for her, and Vic would do the same in a heart beat.
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  3. Name: RafaDark
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He is cruel and like to see people die by his hands. He is someone that you will not like to see in a bad mood but he have a good heart and he don't care about others feeling.
    History: He always thought about it but he never really wanted to know it.
    Other: He loves to kill and hates being interrupted while he is making a plan to destroy his target.
  4. (Totally forgot about this. 0__0)

    Ava sat in her dorm room, a frown evident on her face. Ava always frowned, saying she usually had something negative on her mind. She stared at the ceiling and began to count the tiles. When she reached twenty, she snorted and sat up. "God, I am so freaking bored. I need something to do." She stood up, and began to search through her closet. She pulled out her uniform she usually wore on missions. She quickly undressed and changed into it. She looked into the mirror, her hand resting on her hip. "Not bad.." She said with a crooked smile.
  5. RafaDark waked from a good night of sleep, he walked to the front of his window and with a yawn he opened it. Trying to cover his eyes from the bright light of the morning, he walked to the center of his room and with a growl RafaDark picked up his assassin clothes from the ground. With his clothes on, he jumped out of his window and fell on the alley that was the location he most used in all these years of being a killer and to make his way to the assassin academy.
  6. Name: Arsta
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She is calm and rather emotionless. Generally, she doesn't talk a lot but communicates mostly with subtle body language. She will not kill without a reasonable purpose, but she enjoys the thrill of the k├Čll. Fast, agile and intelligent, her major weakness is she is not strong at all, and cannot even lift a knights broadsword. She is devoted to her group, and will stop at nothing to protect them, and also to kill the target
    History: The only thing she knows about her life away from the academy was that she continued fighting the entire time they brought her to the facility, and only stopped when she was fed (she gets angry and uncontrollable when hungry)
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Other: Every night it is possible she reads the anatomy of the human body and constantly thinks of easier and faster ways to assassinate
  7. Vic and Frankie had woken up early, before the sun rose. She slips on some shorts and a black tank top. Placing her earbuds in her ears, she and Frankie jogged quite a ways. They returned in an hour when the rest of the academy started to awaken. Vic wipes sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand. Her dog laying on the ground and breathing heavily. Vic looks at her dog and shows a faint smile, kneeling down and patting the dogs head. "Sorry boy, but we still gotta head up to the dorm room. You can rest when we get there." She speaks in a soft voice. Standing up, her features harden, returning to her normal pissy yet emotionless look. She starts walking to the girls dorm, Frankie rising and following behind her. Her dog shakes his head when he enters the building, dog slobber flying everywhere before he trots behind Vic to her dorm room.
  8. Name: Artztok
    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    Personality: he is completely and utterly mad. He is unpredictable, sometimes showing complete remorse, or cruel ruthlessness, even to his team. He could be the friendliest person, and in a split second, be the most rude and angry person there.
    History: Artztok remembers nothing before the academy, literally nothing.
    Appearance: image.jpg

    Other: he loves gum and would sometimes go to extreme and unrealistic lengths to get it.
  9. Walking through the alley and passing on the street, he saw that there was almost nobody in there, just some peddlers and some merchants selling their stuff around the streets of that mysterious city. Getting close to the academy, RafaDark noticed that none of his "Fellow Assassins" were not around the place, trying to know the time, he remembered that it was already morning and he didn't needed to be there at that time. Tired of being late or early for almost all the missions, RafaDark waited in a corner close to the academy for the others appear.
  10. Once in the dorm, Vic took a quick shower and changed clothes. She pulled on a black tank top, a waist cut leather jacket, and some gray jeans. She walked about her room, grabbing whatever she might need and putting them in her back pack. She had all the standard school things like notebooks, pencils, pens, as well as some.. "special" items. She grabbed various throwing knives, a dagger, some heavy spiked chains, and a chew toy for her dog. She pulls on some leather, fingerless gloves and walks to Frankie who was asleep on the floor by his water bowl. She smiles at the dog, walking out the room to get a bite to eat in the cafeteria for breakfast.
  11. |Name|
    Benji Green

    Remorseful, Serious, UpTight
    Will not give any information up here.
    -During Kills-
  12. Name: Maddie

    Age: 16

    Gender: Androgynous Male

    Personality: Almost reluctant on killing, kind around his fellow assassins, permeable mood (If you're feeling mad, Maddie will start feeling mad, even if he'd been originally happy,) typically what you'd expect from the 'healer' of a group.

    History: Maddie had originally been an orphan, with his mother having died giving birth to him and his twin sister, which also died, and his father murdered when he was 3 years old. He stayed in an orphanage, the name he can't recall, for around 6 months before the Assassin School recruited him into their ranks.
    ~~~ He grew up there, but never really got into the groove of killing people. He wants to be seen as the... Nurse, so to say, of the School. Though, if required, he won't ask any questions if he's needed on a group assassination with the possibility of injury to any of the other students.


    Other: He is completely fascinated by blood, and the concept of pain. He would often stare at his own cuts, self-inflicted most times, and wonder just what it would take to bleed out. He will sometimes harm others who are under his care, but not too badly.
  13. Character Sheet (open)

    Name: Francine "Frank" Willson
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Frank, being one of the oldest of the group, tends to try and mother the other students, in her own, logical and emotionless way. She was a military bratt, taken from home when she was 12 with the normal amount of memory that one has of their life before they were 13. She is not the type to feel remorse for killing- as most of her jobs now that she is older is to seduce jackasses before killing them. She is as protective of her 'family' as everyone else.
    History: As one of the oldest in the school- as most get killed- Frank is usually the one they have had kill the students that bail. She puts a lot of effort into keeping this unknown. She has an average reputation, being trained longer she would be assumed to be better, but she has never had the bloodthirsty tendency that others have.
    Appearance: [​IMG] (Photo Link)
    Other: Her tool of choice is poison, though she will use a gun or dagger as well. She is also skilled at hand to hand combat. Mostly though, she is used for positions that use her silver tongue skills.

    Frank went into town that morning, her small dagger in her boots. She didn't look terrifying, she looked like an 18 year old girl walking around town. She scanned her eyes, looking for any fellow Assassins. They preferred to lurk in the shadows in general, so she looked there. She saw @RafaDark and headed toward him.

    "Hey," she said, leaning against the wall. "You're here early."
  14. Looking tired to the side where someone talked to him, he saw that it was Frank the oldest girl of the group. "Yeah..." Said him giving a sigh as he closed his eyes and looked up " I'm always the one that get early or late for "School". Every time that i go to "School" i am early and then i go home, every time i get back home i get late for "School" that is not cool..." Said him with a sad and angry face. "And you? what are you doing here" Said with a face of curiosity.
  15. Vic plucked an apple from the breakfast line, walking out the cafeteria. She though of going for another jog, h it decided against it. Instead, she steered herself towards the gardens in the school. The gardens weren't big, but they were certainly beautiful. Vic enjoyed them. Though she didn't mind her way of life, she knew it was an ugly way to live, and was always grateful for this small bit of beauty the school provided as an escape. Sitting on a bench, Vic takes a large bite out of her apple. She let her gaze wander, spotting some early bees busting themselves with tending to the flowers. Viva face was emotionless, as usual, but she was smiling on the inside.
  16. Frank shrugged, "I just like it out here." She looked around, "Gives me practice dealing with civilians. Besides, it's sort of on the way to the cafeteria, if not at all. C'mon, no one cares about punctuality, considering you do good on all of your assignments." She hadn't gotten an order to kill him, so she figured he was safe.

    People walked around, not many giving them attention. They walked around, not knowing that two weapons of mass destruction leaned lazily on the brick wall.

    "We'd better get to class," She decided after a second, bouncing weightlessly off of the wall.
  17. "Ok then, let's go" said climbing easily and lazily on the brick wall. He noticed that the people was passing but not seeing them, he thought looking to the street "What if all those civilians were my victim and all would be looking at me right now...they would be chasing after me and that would be totally awesome." "Anyway... i need a new gun or bow for me...let's go..." Said again waiting to her to show the way.
  18. She rolled her eyes, heading to the cafeteria with him. Assassinating people? That was her job, not her life. If they'd all just calm down about it they'd be more likely to get the more touchy assignments, the assignments where you had to blend. She shrugged, if it was a real issue they'd tech 'em.
  19. Name: Mishuu Lowell

    Age: 17

    Gender: FtM Transgender (or male, if this gender isn't allowed)

    Personality: Mishuu is one of the most reserved Assassins in the Academy, and tends to hardly be seen due to his lack of presence. While he may come off as rude and unresponsive, he is honestly a rather cool guy to be around for small talk, if taken the time to know. Not much is known of him, and when someone finds him, he will tend to use his disappearing skills to evade others during the day.

    History: Mishuu is rather blunt when it comes to his history. He does know what actually happened, but he doesn't really seem affected by it. Nothing emotionally affected him, especially killing those who didn't have reason to be alive anymore.

    Appearance: _closed_auction_black_jackal_siblings_by_jequis-d7x674u.jpg (This is one of my adopted character, so I finally get a chance to use him XD But he does not have his tails or ears, and the bandages will be around his arms under the jacket. His orange stripes are tattoos on his arms, and the piercings are on his normal ears, while the stripes are tattooed on his back).

    - Mishuu tends to spend much time in town to buy items for his room, or to study the people around him quietly
    - He always has his mask on, and uses it often to hone his other senses with his lack of sight because of the mask, so no one has actually seen his face than those who took him in.
    - Mishuu likes to eat a lot, and usually stocks up in town during the night, since he likes to sleep all day long.
    - His weapons are mysteries, but he has a small variety of strange weapons that he uses to kill.

    "Thank you..." Mishuu handed the store owner of a trinket shop a small pouch of money, ignoring the way he ran back inside his shop at the sight of his threatening mask. In his hand was a Gemini necklace that he swiftly tied around his wrist so it wouldn't get in the way of his neck bracer. Soft sighs left his lips quietly as he tightened his mask and tucked the long sleeve back over his hand. His heavy boots made dull thumps on the ground on his way back to the Academy, looking at the scenery he had always passed through the years. If hi short stature didn't frighten people, his mask or outfit did. "I need to sleep again..." Mishuu mumbled to himself, yawning under his mask in the process.
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