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  1. I've seen here and there a handful of people who are learning other languages and I want to reach out to them (again) to see if we can practice and learn together!

    The last time I did this was quite a while back, but seeing as we've had a nice influx of new members, I figure this might be a better time!

    So, on this thread, feel free to try to reach out to those who are learning or speaking the language you want to master! Introduce yourself by...
    • Listing your most proficient language(s).
    • Listing languages in which you have considerable skill.
    • Listing languages in which your skills are basic-intermediate.

    I'm Levusti! I'm a fucking fanatic about languages! Learning languages is my hobby and the structure, semantics, and culture never ceases to amaze me!

    My most proficient language is English. I can speak it (obviously) fluently!

    I have moderate confidence in my Tagalog! I can speak it conversationally, but some words stump me.

    I am learning German, Korean, and Spanish! I am learning German through Rosetta Stone and I am starting to understand a lot. I have a long ways to go, though. I feel I can pick up a handful of words here and there, but I'm picking it up faster than I thought I would. I am learning Korean through, which in my opinion, is without rival concerning the free resources of Korean language learning. And Spanish was learnt through my friends and coworkers. As such I have only basic conversational skills, but I'm looking to improve!
  2. I'm a bit rusty on my Japanese so I don't know if that'd fit into any of those little categories. Maybe considerable skill but I don't know enough to start a conversation and carry on with it. I'd love to learn German, French, Russian, Korean, and Italian. After I finished a Danish movie just two days ago, I think, I want to learn that as well.
  3. I can speak English, of course. |D

    I am learning Spanish in school, obviously, and am also learning Japanese and French.
    I know more Japanese than I know French, but not enough for small talk. >.>
  4. Primary Language: English
    Languages I Remember a Few Words and/or Phrases In: German, Spanish, French

    I started learning Spanish in my online school, but then I stopped, and as such only remember a few words, such as colors.

    My mother's aunt is German, so when she stayed over for a bit I learned some German from her. I've also taken some online courses, and googled some stuff. I don't remember all of it, but I clearly remember the phrase 'Diese Katze ist tot' which means 'This cat is dead'. Strange, but it's because my cat likes to lie really still on the floor, so my mother would point to her and say that. I actually had to look up how to write that, because I know how to say it, but didn't know how to write it.

    I have a few paintings with French words, so I'd ask my mom what they meant. Stuff like 'Le Petit Chat', or 'Le Chat Noir'.

    In short: The only language I can make conversation in is English, everything else is random words and phrases. :P
  5. I speak English, and Bad English.

    Can understand broken english, ebonics, and some French.
  6. Proficient: English
    Some skillz: Elvish
    Basic: French (Bonjour, un petit cafe mocha a la menthe se il vous plait!)(hello! One small mocha with mint please!)
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  7. Obviously English, but I also speak Dutch and Chinese Mandarin. I can only understand the Chinese dialect of my parents and speak basic German and even fewer French. I understand more reading than listening, with the exception being Chinese. Then I understand more listening than reading.

    Oh, and I suppose I understand some Frisian as well. But only if they speak city-Frisian, which they say is different from real Frisian?
  8. Fluent in Swedish and English (though I do tend to forget words in both languages when I try to speak xb I write too much and speak to little xD haha)

    Beginner (JLPTN5) in Japanese, still learning.
  9. Fluent: English
    Proficient: Mandarin Chinese (spoken), Spanish, Sindarin
    Some knowledge: Traditional Chinese (written)
  10. Fluent: English, Spanish, Hering-Gonza(Spanish pig latin)
    Some skills: (I can understand what people are saying to me in the language and read some of the words but can't write or speak more then a few words) French and Italian
    Basic: (I know a few words) Hindi

    I'd love to continue learning French, Italian and Hindi, but I'd love to learn Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Swedish.
  11. Fluent: English
    Proficient: Spanish (Mexican, not European), American Sign Language
    Some Knowledge: Karis (spoken, pueblo)

    I love languages, I'm planning on learning French, Swedish, German, Farsi, and Dutch. Probably more, but I'd like to whittle down that list before getting excited about any others.
  12. Hello! Proficient/Native English speaker here. I have a long list of languages I would like to learn. I have varying degrees of understanding (at basic level) in: German, French, Russian, and Japanese. But I am definitely best in German. I am also working to learn: Finnish, Swedish, Dutch, and Irish. Although as of late I am out of practise in all. Having (a) language buddy(s) would be pretty great, though.

    Two websites which I find helpful:
  13. Gaelic! That was the other language I wanted to learn!
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  14. I'm still trying to get back in the groove with my Japanese, I've been slacking as of late and my Kanji knowledge is slipping away with a quickness. I really need to get my textbooks out and really crack down on it. When you don't use it, you lose it faster than you ever knew you could. One day I hope to the the N1 and pass with flying colors...I may have to move back to Japan to make that dream come true though. I've studied Japanese for three years plus at this point, and I've lived in the country for 6 months. Gosh I miss my friends and host family.

    Welp, if anyone is looking for a conversation partner, I'd be happy to do so. Also I'd be happy to make photo copies of my text books and send files to anyone who wants them. I have Genki 1&2 as well as Tobira. The copies will of course be sent via PDF files.
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  15. English most proficient

    I know Japanese well enough to get a lunch date; that was pretty cool. oh, and well enough to figure out how to play melty blood. that was awesome.

    that's about it
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