Aspiring Horror Author!

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  1. Okay so namaste!
    What I've been researching,

    I've gotten my toes wet in horror and thid is whst I've begun with.

    "The pentagram was still burning and it, by it I mean the grey-skinned eyeless son of a bitch with a malnourished appearance was just floating".

    Now I've shown this to my college friend and shown her what I've been studying from creepypasta's wikia. I've said to myself that if the above sentence sacres at least 1 person I'm off to a good start. (She's even said that too) And I'm going for shock and dread and not using paranoia in addition I'm starting this story from the ending.

    Criticism is wanted!
  2. Ok, you have come to the write place!!! I love to write horror, and the best way to learn to write it, is to keep reading it and keep writing it.

    CP is Amazing But Please PLEASE do not limit yourself to half the jargon on Creepy pasta....Sure keep reading it, Icons like slender man and Ben drowned are great examples of horror literature. Sometimes you will find yourself sifting through and endless list of mediocre works and they....well, won't help you to grow.

    You want to get your hands dirty with some Lovecraft, and not just the famous shit...the way he wrote all of his work, is just inspiring. Don't let the vocabulary intimidate you look up the words, get into it. You can probably find these books on the internet to read them for free. Lovecraft was known for his short stories that were quite impactful and strange, especially for his time.

    Ray Bradbury, Anne Rice, watch Vincent price movies...the scripts are hilarious and full of colorful old world vocabulary.

    Watch a shit ton of horror films in general and just keep writing and new horror authors of our time I'm sure you've read Stephen king and dean Koontz, excellent horror novelists.

    I'm a Horror enthusiast, I love to play jump scare and horror survival video games like Outlast, Silent hill, Fatal Frame, and containment breech((a product of the SCP, a very similar and up to par site counterpart of Creepy Pasta)) If you like Creepy pasta you will Like The SCP foundation too. SCP stand for "Special Containment Procedures. Sometimes putting myself in these games really helps me to understand that atmosphere. There are a lot of FREE horror games to download online too all you have to do is the research.

    We have a Horror forum to play with, and I am running a Horror Club where you you can share your Horror finds, and creepy pasta's that you write and see what others find horrifying and discordant.

    Great Horror writers tend to teeter back a forth from sophisticated to shocking, sometimes finding that balance between the two is all you really need, but this comes with Practice. You are in Luck! For his season Iwaku has PLENTY of horror literature activities coming up soon to help you hone that desire to scare.

    Stop getting those toes wet, and Dive in head first!!!
  3. Thank you! I really appericate this, I've even bookmarked some links.
  4. I hope to see you in our up coming contests and apply for the mass horror Role play coming soon. If you have any more questions regarding the site or need help with anything feel free to PM me.
    Welcome to Iwaku.