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  1. "So, this is the elite arts school," Kisumi took in the sight of the building in all it's glory with his hands on his hips, chin held high. "I can't wait."
    Kisumi Shouyo

  2. Walking through the school Akiko Kirusugawa was trying to find her class, she was an artist im a different way! She loved making different foods and that was her art!
    Seeing Kisumi she blushed, he was indeed a handsome man and feeling she didnt stand a chance with him she sat as far away from him as possible.
  3. Kisumi looked dazedly around with a rather dumb expression on his lips. His eyes landed on a rather beautiful girl who sat across the room from him. Tilting his head, Kisumi skipped over to the girl, smile wide and genuine. "Hey there," He chirped, folding his arms onto the desk.
  4. "Hey," Akiko smiled and placed a strand of hair behind her hair as she looked down and shifted in her seat.
  5. Ayaka strolled through the squeaky halls of her dull school. She couldn't find any inspiration, Ayaka shrugged it off and snapped open her locker. Which was plastered with her photography and various printed images.

  6. In the back, window seat Sat a dull-looking girl, but she was furiously drawing up manga and anime posters. She started getting odd looks from the other students, but she intended to sell them to other fans or hang them on her wall in her room. Since she moved out of her parents home, she would be able to express her individuality an love for anime in her own home. Well, right now it was really small but she'd get a bigger one once she got an even bigger job.
    She finished drawing up a black butler poster and adjusted her glasses. She took a deep breath and relaxed. Her inspiration was finally used up for a little while and she needed a rest. She rested her arms on the desk, then put her face in her arms. She was half asleep now.
  7. [​IMG]

    @Katrina Iceheart @Ashley Moon @LiveLaughWrite22 @elfghoul

    (Pinyin: Ni shi wo de xiao pingguo/ Eng Trans: You are my little apple)

    The halls of the school were like a labyrinth, winding into dark places unknown...there was probably a Minotaur somewhere...ah yes! The Vice Principal; however, with the pull of summer lightly tugging on the cuffed sleeves of ever student's shirt, one could say that the year would start off rather well...At least that was what Koizumi was telling herself.

    Large, stuffed bear ear headphones in the shade of mocha brown bodded atop the small head of the Elite Art Schools most...colorful... recruit. Her hair was a light shade of golden brown, falling to about the base of her neck, with choppy bangs splayed messily across her face...not to say that the girl was messy, but she usually contained the organized chaos fit for most artist.

    "This is..the part when I say I don't wanna! I'm stronger than I been before~♪♬"

    Her eyes were slightly lighter than her hair, sweet orbs of honey brown, large and owlish, cast ahead as she searched for her destination. She had been in the painting department, working on her newest creation...something that she referred to as "Archy Poke". The name had little to no meaning; however, she had enjoyed the way it rolled off the tongue. It was because of her trip to the painting department that the girl, who stood at just about 5 ft nothing, was sporting a bright streak of pink of her freckled cheek...a warrior's mark unnoticed by this tiny titan of the arts.

    "Can I get your number~♪♬"

    Koizumi did many things in this school, her emphasis in music. She was a concert trained pianist, referred to as a child protege by the staff of the school. She was also an inspiring popstar, her voice gracing these halls nearly everyday. Her emphasis did little to deter her from trying the other arts of the school. She liked painting, even though she was armature at best. She also liked drawing, finding her love in the chibi styles of Japan and Korea...Ahh...Korea. That was where this half Taiwanese half Japanese runt wished to be; however, her parents had thought rather differently. Hopefully she would get there one day.

    Koizumi stepped past Ayaka on her way down the hall, giving a small wave and calling out.
    "Good morning, Ayakachan~"

    She turned the corner and moved down the hall before coming to a halt, having found her classroom, shifting her music book and Kpop magazine in her hands to slide the door open. There were a few others in the room, Akiko Kirusugawa the inspiring chef, the sleeping girl who always drew the anime posters (Koizumi was horrible with names and seemed to have forgotten at this time), and even...wait...

    Koizumi stared the pink haired student down from her place in the doorway. She could have sworn she knew most of the students here, but his face was new to her. She blinked, head falling slightly to the side and causing her bear ear headphones to flop along side her.

    The new student was presently in a conversation with Akiko, causing the smaller Koizumi to momentarily burn with envy. The new student had pink hair, just like one of her favorite Kpop stars; however, she would keep that to herself for now, a Cheshire like grin working it's way onto her small face as she stepped forward, speaking up to gain his attention.
    "Are you a new student?~♪♬" The question came out slightly sing song; however, that was common for the tiny musician.
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