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  1. So, it's been a while since I've discovered these YouTube videos where there is no talking and ONLY the sound of the objects being interacted with. It is a certain type of video with is made to relax you and stimulate your ears.

    Apparently, this type of video is called an ASMR, which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. They are known for giving you a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation on the back of the head, back, and neck, as well as surface of the scalp.

    Now, I thought that giving yourself earboners was kind of weird at first, but after watching a few videos (and getting the chills pretty much every time), I've been convinced that this is one of the most relaxing things I've ever done.

    Take a gander at this and let me know what you think!
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  2. I listen to a lot of these videos. I discovered the community on Youtube a few months ago and was blown away by the fact that some people can experience this and some people can't. And some people are very picky when it comes to triggers. I can't stand food/chewing sounds but for some people, it's heaven. Some people hate "ear-touching" and it's mindblowing to me. If I ever mention it, people think that I'm nuts. But in any case, I'll link you to the profiles of people that I love to watch below. They are wonderful content creators.


    A bit random: I have heard many people try to sexualize ASMR but that is simply not the case. While it is very intimate, it is in no way sexual or intended to be. So, for all of you people who don't know anything about it, don't feel like you're doing anything naughty while listening to these videos. It's perfectly natural and is theorized to be so relaxing because the sounds trigger something that can be said was first introduced to us in the womb. And if you watch the videos and simply nothing happens, that's alright, too. :)
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  3. Yes! That's how I feel about it too! I mean, I'm sure someone somewhere gets off to it, but it's not designed to be a sexual thing.

    For me, I'm really not into the chewing/eating sounds. I like the crinkling and the tapping sounds. Plastic on plastic or something like that.
  4. Welp, the Internet truly does never cease to amaze me.

    Didn't feel anything. Just boredom. But work might be more to blame for that.
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  5. I've heard that wearing headphones helps, and being in a place where outside noise can't contaminate the relaxation :)
  6. Well this must be absolutely amazing, for those who can hear all that and experience it! I wish I could, but I had to turn off that first video, after the first minute or so. The sound of all that plastic clicking was just too irritating, and not relaxing at all. The sounds of those women whispering in the other videos was nothing I could begin to listen to for any length of time. I have a pretty bad case of misophonia, and the sounds of people chewing, clicking pens, twitching repetitively in a chair, high-pitched voices, mouth-breathing, knuckle cracking or gulping a drink (among others) is seriously enraging. I am genuinely envious of the people who can find the relaxing tingling from all these videos - what a lovely strange thing!
  7. A pretty good explanation of ASMR (I think)
    The comic isn't pornographic in the least, but there are a couple tits in it, so spoiler for safety!
    cartoon tits within (open)

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  8. Ah, yes. The rabbit hole of relaxation.

    Only recently started listening to ASMR, though I've been sort of semi-aware of its existence. It works wonders when it comes to taking the edge of stress and anxiety, and it also makes for excellent study ambience.

    Personally, I gravitate toward the negative end of the ASMR spectrum. Or just ASMR that many might consider creepy or unsettling. EphemeralRift and EpicASMR are the two channels I currently follow, mostly because Rift is more consistent with the tingles (and he's just an overall great guy), and EPIC has his Cyberpunk series that I adore. Rift's Repairman series can also put a raging hippo to sleep within minutes, so yeah.

    And it's safe to say ASMR isn't sexual. Otherwise aces like me wouldn't want anything to do with it. :D

    Should also mention it's up to people to decide what they think is sexual or not, but, basically, yeah.
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  9. Agreed. That is such a great way to explain in. When I try to, I get all jumbled up because the person is like "Freak. o.o" and I can't explain it accurately.
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  10. Oh! I forgot my personal take on ASMR!

    I've gotten weird tingles and shivers from random things before, but never really pursued it or tried to sustain them. Since I learned more about ASMR I did more digging into my triggers.

    I'm fussy, and there's a LOT of context to consider, as well as my mental state, but if I'm relaxed, happy, there's not a lot of other stimulus going on, and I'm alone or with someone I trust intimately, I can get ASMR from

    The sound of paper being shuffled or turned

    The sound of pencils writing

    Soft whispers (male voice. This video, omg. All over my head and lower back.)
  11. The whole "ASMR isn't sexual" thing confuses me. Like, sure, it doesn't have to be, but I think it can be. I've been listening to ASMR for a really long time now and I've sometimes accidentally stumbled across more, uh, intentionally "sexually charged" ASMR videos. Sometimes I've enjoyed them, sometimes I haven't.

    It pisses me off to no end to see all the awful sexualised comments from cringey guys on most normal ASMR channels, but it also sorta pisses me off how people go on ASMR videos with a sexual theme and blast the comments section with "THIS IS EROTIC SO IT CAN'T BE ASMR AS WELL." That's just stupid - of course something can be designed to trigger two reactions in you at once. Ear-to-ear whispering and personal attention are widely acknowledged ASMR triggers, and people are honestly trying to tell me that it's suddenly impossible for those things to be a trigger if the words they whisper are erotic or sensual or something? It's a nonsensical prejudice, borne from people feeling insecure about their ASMR habit because they feel others will think they're weird and assume it's a sexual thing, when for them it isn't. The fact this even came up proves it - feeling the need ro qualify that it isnt sexual from out of the blue whenever the topic comes up. But it's frustrating because that prejudice is being espoused by the same people who most loudly lament all the horny guys flooding normal ASMR videos with crap... when they do the same bloody thing in reverse. Hypocrisy of the highest order in one of my favourite online communities, great.

    But yeah, anyway, rant over. ASMR is amazing. Only way I can fall asleep, half the time. Gentlewhispering, and MassageASMR are probably the two most consistently excellent artists out there, though there are plenty of others with awesome videos.
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  12. I get so many reactions from this stuff. And I'm so happy @Minibit shared that comic, because I had forgotten that pretty much ALL of those things get reactions out of me. Getting my hair played with or done is probably my favorite, but it can happen from anything really. Maybe I am really sensitive to this ASMR stuff.

    It's pretty awesome!
  13. I wasn't meaning anything in my comment about ASMR being or not being sexualized and wasn't being judgmental in one way or another. I only brought it up because it is often a question that is brought up many times by people who want to know more about it, either in person or online. ASMR can be sexualized (and nothing wrong with that), but many of the videos that you will find are not intended to be. At least, from my experience. Some triggers, like the personal attention and anything to do with the ears, are major turn-ons for me, but I'm not watching the video with the intent of getting hot and bothered, but quite the opposite. Sorry for causing you to rant.

    EDIT: While I had to leave the house for a moment, I realized that what I was saying and meaning were two different things. You can blame that on being really tired for no apparent reason. I am mainly talking about the feeling being or not being a sexual experience.
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  14. I didn't feel anything from the sounds, but I do find watching the person work very relaxing. :)
  15. ASMO also gives you head tingles. :)
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  16. I found the few I tried to watch, irritating. The head movements, the wet sounds of their voices ... it all set my teeth on edge. Are there any without the stupid whispering? Because some of the sounds, the tapping etc didn't seem so bad, but they kept talking and doing that chicken head thing.
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  17. I tried to listen, it was honestly just a bunch of annoying clicking noises for me... Not sure how it could be seen as relaxing, I got the opposite reaction.

    Then again it's worth noting, being Autistic, although my therapy has caught me up in most ways it's possible there's some deeper wiring in my head from it that's still around, autistic wiring that prevents me from getting this pleasure sensation that so many others are reporting. Maybe my Autism has nothing to do with it though, there's no real evidence to say one way or the other but it's an interesting hunch at least.
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  18. Some. You really got to search for them. If you're interested, check out the ASMR subreddit and there should be tags there like [NoTalking] and different things like that.

    There is also this. It's a Pure Tap video, althought the first 30 seconds or so is speaking. After that, there aren't any words said and all you see are the woman's hands as she tapping her nails on the bag. But if it's not your thing, then it's not your thing, but maybe you can find something for you. :) I also have those noises that I can't stand. Wet sounds and then anything food related. I get it. Lol.

    EDIT: I'm not on that subreddit often, so I don't know if they have anything of quality there, but you may find something.
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  19. You weren't really the spark for the rant; it was more the comments I see on videos that really irritate me, and when sexualisation was mentioned it reminded me of all that crap. ^^ It wasn't AT you, or really in response to what you said, the mention just jogged that train of thought. That's why I didn't quote or tag.

    I actually did misinterpret what you meant though, about the feeling not being a sexual one as opposed to the sexualisation of ASMR. I'm also sleep deprived atm, so that's on me. :P I've been part of the ASMR community for freaking ages, and get all protective of it because it has honestly made a huge difference to my life. So that's why I went off on a tangent a bit.
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  20. Ugh, the tapping one sounded like giant bugs to me >=<
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