Asmo's Puzzle Shenanigans

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  1. Can anyone share the answer to the last part of the puzzle, the one that gave the password, and how they got it? I got as far as figuring out the hidden messages in the red and orange thing he posted (mostly thanks to him posting that cheat sheet earlier today) but have no idea how the password was to be figured out, and even though it's over, I'd really like to know.
  2. Okay, I finally figured out what the hidden quotes were and all--go ahead and make fun of me, I didn't even notice those things hanging around the site.

    I'm curious to see what all the quotes were, but don't have nearly enough free time to find them all myself. Can anyone help me, and maybe include where they were found?
  3. Just put ""+"(random iwaku mythos character name here)" and generally you'll get a page.

    Still can't figure out the letter number combination. <_>
  4. Thanks Paorou; I still need the location of where the pages were found, though, it seems when you first find them they have another number on them besides the one you see when you view the quote.