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  1. alright guys, like I said, I'll be remaking and revising the game to make regional battles the main thing.

    The campaign and world will be optional and secondary from now on. This will directly affect logistics and unit deployment, however. (I might include a points system for this.)

    Airship battles will be removed for now. (But I will work it into the system later on.)

    I won't be changing much of character creation, however, and will tell you guys when I do. So go ahead and restat.

    Oh, the rules (or what's left of them) are here.
  3. y u so mean to me ;_;
    • Name : Myrnodyn
    • Rank: B
    • Description : A roguish puppy, with several defensive abilities.
    • Type : Mystical
    • Staying Power : 4
    • Basic Attack : TF gun: Myrnodyn fires a volley of shots aiming to disable his enemy with harmful transformations.
    • Basic Attack Value : 3
    • Special Defense: Teleportation: blinking in and out of view, Myrnodyn uses this technique to counter high powered assaults.
    • Special Defense Value : 4
    • Special Support : Regeneration(Self, Expert care): Myrnodyn's body can repair itself even after suffering severe trauma.
    • Special Support value : 2
    Well, here's my AG character, to start it off. Changed it around a bit so that it's actually a viable character instead of it constantly getting it's ass kicked :P

    Question: Maybe it's a good idea to make a "Monster Gallery" for all those Super GFU's that are bound to turn up again?
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  4. And now I'm tempted to put up either Janis Joplin or an oyster as my avatar.
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    Name:Rachel Lillian Cole
    Mythos Origin: Inspired by the story of Rapunzel

    Skills and Abilities:
    Prior to the events that lead her to wanting to become a huntress, All Rachel wanted to do was run the book shop she inherited from her father in peace. She has amassed a wide range of knowledge on... well usually trivial subjects, that are less trivial now that she's decided to be a huntress, because of the fact she's an avid reader of fiction, especially fantasy and the old fairy tails.

    She's a halfway decent cook, and likes to dance and sing but is only mediocre at that. She used to sneak into the back room of her father's bookshop a lot to read in peace, so that honed her stealth and shadowing skills. Upon getting her weapon, she practiced tirelessly and has mastered its uses. Despite the fact that she wears glasses, Lillian has very good peripheral vision, which she uses to her advantage. Her glasses are for up close reading only.
    Notable Attributes and Fighting Style: Rachel is a bit of a wallflower, and this extends to her fighting style. She'll back up, flank and maneuver, while using her usually superior reach to hit her foes from a distance.

    Age: 17
    Race: Human
    Hair Color: Violet
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height: 5'4"

    Weapon: Lilac Lash

    A pale violet whip, that, near the grip, is ringed with what looks like the chambers of a revolver, that fire miniature spinning rockets that follow seemingly random paths to their target, not unlike the missile swarms seen often in Mecha anime. Lilac Lash has a reach far greater than it appears, a good ten yards at full extension, and Rachel has used it to grab onto things like branches or other overhanging objects to move by swinging, to bring objects to her, and to disarm her opponents. The rockets however, while they do decent damage if a good number of them strike one target, have such an erratic path that this rarely happens unless Rachel makes a concerted effort to attack a single target. One thing is always consistent with the rounds fired by Lilac Lash, the explosions they make are bright purple and very showy. An explosion close enough to a target may temporarily blind them.
    Semblance: The aura around Rachel looks like a network of violet strands, not unlike very frizzy hair. If she focuses it, it somewhat manifests, entangling enemies and, well, sometimes everything and everyone in her immediate vicinity. Thankfully she is very adept at dismissing this particular effect if it's done something inconvenient.

    She's hideously bad at keeping secrets, and also is most of the time entirely unaware of when people 'like' each other, especially if someone likes her.
    Motivation to join Valhalla? See Bio.
    Rachel was a bookish girl reading everything in sight gets her peaceful life disrupted by the battle between huntresses and creatures of Grimm, and decides to come down from her virtual ivory tower to also become a huntress.A battle between a team of Huntresses and creatures of Grimm overflowed into her bookshop, causing a lot of damage, but this gave Rachel an epiphany - She knew, somehow, deep within, she could be like these Huntresses and went into developing Lilac Lash right away, using the large amount of knowledge she'd already absorbed over the years and that was readily available to her due to the bookshop, who specialized in hard-to-find books.

    - Rachel is an avid reader of comic books
    - She would love to be an artist, and has sketchbooks full of merely mediocre sketches and pastel pictures

  6. Dude, update the rulesthread. I think people aren't joining partly because they don't remember the rules. I certainly don't. :/

    Copy pasting from the wiki now.
  8. Thanks a mil. :)
  9. >.> I can't create Jack Shade...I have limited number to help me out mate?
  10. AUGUST 28, 2016

    "I think I found something," Sam announced after systematically flipping through various notebooks, binders, and manila folders scattered around O'Ryan's office. By his estimation, a whirlwind had careened through the premises, adding chaos and disorganization to the surreal horrors of malformed corpses. That whirlwind was O'Ryan. Her scribbles and notes were increasingly erratic, suggesting a rapid descent into madness. It made Sam hate this Black Weaver just a little more.

    He showed the twins a notepad he found on O'Ryan's desk. Amidst inarticulate, maddened chicken scratches about her experiments were a set of numbers. "Latitude and longitudinal coordinates," he explained to the twins. He popped open O'Ryan's desktop computer and made a quick google search. "Coordinates for London."

    He then pointed out a few other disturbing memos on the notepad. "See these numbers? They're military lingo for an insurgency operation." He pointed out another set of numbers. "With timing. Oh-eight-hundred tomorrow. Eight in the morning, London, Piccadilly Circus," he translated. "Must be the Black Weaver's next target. But what's his method...?"

    Sam knelt by some of the human corpses. No rotting scent yet, though according to Sendon, whatever magic kept them preserved would soon fail. But Sam wasn't looking for magic. He was looking for something far more conventional. He turned the head of one of the corpses and examined the arm of another. They both had small scratches and bite marks. In addition, there were burns on large portions of their bodies. O'Ryan did the smart thing in keeping the stench at bay; charred flesh was very recognizable.

    Amidst the human bodies were the shredded remains of mice and rats. He picked up one of the torn bodies, turning it over for inspection.

    "These aren't laceration marks...." Sam observed. He brought the rat corpse to his nose, taking a whiff. "That's not blood. That's...." He recognized the smell, that gunpowder-like odor.

    "Sendon, Neren," Sam said with urgency, "we need to get to London. I know what the Weaver was doing here, what he needed O'Ryan for. He was using her to modify vermin with explosives. He's going to release them in Piccadilly Circus tomorrow!"


    AUGUST 28, 2016

    Chiaki felt the compulsion to tell her manager the truth. He was her friend, after all. Maybe he could help Tyril-san and Hikaru-kun with their superhero careers as well.

    "Well, sir," she began brightly, sitting before him at his desk, "Hikaru-kun - he's a friend of mine from school - he's very brave. He got a cell phone app that lets him turn into a bunch of different heroes with different powers. His favorite right now seems to be Skull Rider. He get summon his own motorcycle out of thin air. He's really quite dashing like that.

    "And Tyril-san - he's a newer friend, a soldier - he's really good at fighting and he has an alien suit of armor that's permanently bonded to him. He can do a lot of different things, including fly and make different weapons. I don't really know the full extent of his powers; I don't think even he knows. I think the suit also makes him a little crazy. Ever since he started wearing it, he makes all sorts of strange comments. But he's still very reliable!"

    She tilted her head cutely at her manager, still wanting to be helpful. "Is there anything else I can do for you, sir? I hope that helps. I really look forward to being a superhero...."