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Asmo's Greed Discussion

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Paorou-sama, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. alright guys, like I said, I'll be remaking and revising the game to make regional battles the main thing.

    The campaign and world will be optional and secondary from now on. This will directly affect logistics and unit deployment, however. (I might include a points system for this.)

    Airship battles will be removed for now. (But I will work it into the system later on.)

    I won't be changing much of character creation, however, and will tell you guys when I do. So go ahead and restat.

    Oh, the rules (or what's left of them) are here.
  3. y u so mean to me ;_;
  4. "A private jet. In Beverly Hills.. Well, the others will hate her."
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  5. Developing the stats for ISAF/Dystopian units.
  6. Sorry for going missing.

    Myrn is approved, though keep in mind that I may change the ranking system.
  7. Dude, update the rulesthread. I think people aren't joining partly because they don't remember the rules. I certainly don't. :/

    Copy pasting from the wiki now.
  9. Thanks a mil. :)
  10. >.> I can't create Jack Shade...I have limited number comprehension...care to help me out mate?
  11. Me or Paorou?