Asmo's Funeral

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  1. Approved at Street Level, or as Enhanced with the suggestions I made in the PM to you. Please repost for indexing in the thread of Approved Characters
  2. You two are the same as Kitti.

    Do more stuff that I can spoof.
  3. *Rolls eyes* Make me!
  4. *Whimpers more*

  5. I would NEVER swear at someone's funeral.... Maybe get drunk and cry about the times that I led Issa into your room while you slept.......
  6. I'm glad to see that even in my old age I am still fun! >:D
  7. Sunnuvabitch...he's still alive?

    Everyone grab a shotgun, burning torch, or pitchfork and follow me.
  8. Hahahahahahaha, I love you Asmo.
  9. *Sigh*

    And thats why I always keep my Megane locked in his cage.

    Why to they need to kill everything thats is good and awsome in this world?
  10. ...This being on fire thing is kinda overrated. And it kinda hurts, apart from anything else.
  11. But I have so many animu characters on my list who I haven't played yet in the MGs. D:
  12. I will allow a single Bane.
  13. Taken from Chapter Five-Dickity-Two "And hark-en the FB sings. We shall long talk about his legacy as one to learn from. Come all ye ungrateful and let us bring geese to mess up Funeral 8."

    Heh heh heh, I like it.
  14. Can Robin get into a Secretary-General-off (read: Hand to hand combat) with Kenjiro?

    Or have Corrin fight some Faceless or something. Idk.
  15. Wait...I become an Admin when Asmo dies? Huh. That changes a few things...
  16. Indeed. Who's to say Elysium is the only Seraph Domain around? XD
  17. Otto White
    Interaction: Alan
    Mentioned: Deanta, Tyler, Alkura and Maine

    What they had been introduced to was not what he had expected, cheering crowds, faces of men, women and children looking to he and the others with a myriad of emotions upon their faces. Most of them looked to them with hope yet others looked upon them with awe, Otto was...uncomfortable he didn't like large crowds like this especially when their attention was on him as he was used to being just another faceless pair of hands with a title behind his name. He knew that anyone who saw him would be able to tell he didn't like the situation he was in, he tried to take his mind off things by starting a conversation with someone but he thought better of it before the words left his mouth. None of his companions had seemed to be very interested in talking with him or conversing in general on the VTOL so he sealed his mouth and retreated into his own mind while his body kept walking on what was for all intensive purposes auto pilot with the same stoic look on his face and a blank look in his eye, confined to his own thoughts was not the best thing for Otto as he began to reflect on the past few days and how he had nearly gotten the others killed. He should of known better but due to his choices Tyler, Alkura and Maine had all been seriously injured. "What are you even doing here old man? You should be dead in the sands not leading a ragtag team of superhumans." The thought passed through his head as his mood worsened.
    They had arrived to a large room that Deanta had lead them to, men in robes sat along with a man named Alan stood before them welcoming them with open arms while offering a meal. Otto sat with the others and gave a weak smile to Alan when he placed a bowl of soup in front of him but it did not stay on his face, they began a prayer of some sort and Otto waited until they were finished before he joined the others in eating. He ate slowly, little interest for the food in front of him as his appetite was absent but he did pay attention to what Alan was saying about this group, these Guardians.
    "What silly names, Eternally Immortal? The Guardians? It's almost as if someone was writing all of this." He thought at the absurdity of the whole situation, Alan then asked them to join. "Ah so this was all a sales pitch?" Though Alan was right, they had nothing else to do other then keep running. "I'll throw my hat in to this little group of yours." Otto said in a drab voice.
  18. You've lost all your cynicsm and misanthropy and become a believer in transcendental spiritualism and scientology.

    I think the joke speaks for itself.