Asmo's Funeral

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  1. Approved at Street Level, or as Enhanced with the suggestions I made in the PM to you. Please repost for indexing in the thread of Approved Characters
  2. You two are the same as Kitti.

    Do more stuff that I can spoof.
  3. *Rolls eyes* Make me!
  4. *Whimpers more*

  5. I would NEVER swear at someone's funeral.... Maybe get drunk and cry about the times that I led Issa into your room while you slept.......
  6. I'm glad to see that even in my old age I am still fun! >:D
  7. Sunnuvabitch...he's still alive?

    Everyone grab a shotgun, burning torch, or pitchfork and follow me.
  8. Hahahahahahaha, I love you Asmo.
  9. *Sigh*

    And thats why I always keep my Megane locked in his cage.

    Why to they need to kill everything thats is good and awsome in this world?
  10. ...This being on fire thing is kinda overrated. And it kinda hurts, apart from anything else.
  11. Hehe :33 I never age XD

    AND WAHHH ^.^ Asmupuu remembered PUKUPUKU~<33
  12. Ho-leee damn.
  13. Taken from Chapter Five-Dickity-Two "And hark-en the FB sings. We shall long talk about his legacy as one to learn from. Come all ye ungrateful and let us bring geese to mess up Funeral 8."

    Heh heh heh, I like it.
  14. Why would I want to snort your body? It'd be more practical to fire it up on the bong.

    I bet you'd make some excellent LSD though.
  15. Wait...I become an Admin when Asmo dies? Huh. That changes a few things...
  16. Indeed. Who's to say Elysium is the only Seraph Domain around? XD
  17. I don't get how I'm suddenly the cultured religious type. What, did I lose all my sarcastic idiocies in my old(er) age? You've got to explain this sudden shift in characterization right now, Asmo, because spoof works have to be 100% compliant with established canon!

    *plays the harp(sichord)*
  18. You've lost all your cynicsm and misanthropy and become a believer in transcendental spiritualism and scientology.

    I think the joke speaks for itself.