Asmo's Crazy Idea: GROUP ADVENTURE!

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So, back when I got demoted and hated you all and wanted to show how worthless you all were without me, I started my own Proboards Site.

It was designed as a Choose Your Own Adventure, where you began reading a story and at the end of the first post you had to make a decision and click a corresponding link. The link then took you to another part of the site, where your adventure continued.

Whenever you lost health or ammo, you could replenish it by writing a roleplay post in a designated "safe area".

It was too much for me to build all on my own.

But I'm thinking we could do a version of this idea on Iwaku, using the Groups system.

So here's how it would work. I use the Mythos setting as an example:

- Each participating GM chooses an Area and sets up a Group for that Area. e.g., Jack chooses "Insanity"

- Within it they post topics that represent various locations. e.g., Jack makes "Bakery", "Woods", "Crypt", "Nerf Castle" & "Highway"

- They then choose the function of that location, as follows:
...THREAT: The player meets an enemy or obstacle in this location
...ITEM: The player finds something in this location
...PLOT: The player learns some important plot information in this location
...SAFE AREA: The player can make a roleplay post in this location to recover either health or ammo​

- Each location ends with a decision to be made, and whichever decision they click sends them to the next location.

- To make sure people are playing by the rules, certain locations can be password-protected and the password is hidden in plot revelations that the player must have been through.

On my Proboards Site I had different character classes, with different starting health/items/ammo. I used pics like this :D


Damage was determined through decision making, i.e. "If you use FOUR bullets on the monster, you can escape this encounter unharmed. If you use THREE bullets you escape with -2 Health. If you use TWO bullets you escape with -4 Health. And so on.

Safe Areas worked a similar way, i.e. "If you want to replenish HALF your ammo, write a roleplay post of 5 lines. If you want to replenish half your ammo and half your health, write a roleplay post of 10 lines. And so on.

But I only did it this way because I didn't have a randomiser or dice roller system.

So that's my rough idea. An adventure for every member of the forum, through the mysterious backroom groups of Iwaku, earning rewards, uncovering secrets and finding Easter Eggs.

Any thoughts?
Re: Asmo's Next Crazy Scheme: GROUP ADVENTURE!

Sounds very similar to what Andrew Hussie tried doing with BardQuest but found the exponentially expanding options a headache to keep up with and switched to a more linear 'people make suggestions and he picks the one he wants to use' format.
Re: Asmo's Next Crazy Scheme: GROUP ADVENTURE!

It's definitely a neat concept, but one that would require a metric fuckton of work.
Re: Asmo's Next Crazy Scheme: GROUP ADVENTURE!



If you can find a way to simplify it, I think it could be pretty cool. o___o

The major issue, is that roleplaying is very organic, so coming up with Closeable options to send people BEFORE the roleplay is near impossible. >< You'd have to do it on the fly, and then certain groups would move faster than others, so you have to keep in time with everyone...

Not to mention considering how often choices branch out from each other, and when they start to collide together. x__x
Re: Asmo's Next Crazy Scheme: GROUP ADVENTURE!

I've seen you try similar mechanics before, or at least 'alternate' roleplay ideas. I like the concept but share the apprehension with the other staffers. If you think you can keep up with the players pushing the boundaries of expansion, we can give it a test run trial.