Asmo's Christmas RP

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Don't get excited. It won't work. It never works. Nothing ever works because you're all so crap and lame and talentless and lazy and full of sucky fail.

The great God Asmo decides to send his son to Iwaku to redeem the people. To this end, he bestows a virgin birth upon Diana. He sends his angel, JackShade, to announce the news.

Diana, and her useless husband Rory, are told by the angel to travel to the Cbox and give birth to the Son of Asmo. But all the chat rooms are full. So the sarcastic Innkeeper Palonis lets them use his ninja-dojo for the night. Diana and Rory make do as best they can, sharing the dojo with some anime freaks.

However, the evil king of Insanity, Paorou-Sama, is looking for them. He has forseen that the Son of Asmo will destroy him, so he sends out his troops, Orochi, Jinx and Captain Nic, to find the child.

Meanwhile, the Angel WMD continues spreading the news. He finds Ryker in the fields, who is shepherding NPCs. He tells Ryker about the wonderful birth that is about to happen, and Ryker travels to witness the event.

Also, three rulers come to pay homage to the Son of Asmo. King Coffee of Fourth Wall, who brings a gift of comedy gold; King Porg of Iwaku World, who brings a gift of frankinsence tea; and Queen Kitti of the Shapeshifters, who brings a gift of Myrn. o_o

Then... stuff... happens... but frankly I don't except the RP to get far, what with you all sucking and stuff.
In before someone expresses puzzlement at the source material. :p

I think I just might sabotage this for you, at least until your name draws a crowd and I back out in accordance with custom.
...I can see this turning into something like The Adventures of Black Jesus from The Boondocks.
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