Asmo's Awesome Acting

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  1. Unusually lighthearted seeming, not really whatI would have expected from you.
    Still, British humor, so it was still in the realm of believability.
    No, I liked it a lot actually. Very amusing.
  2. Well now I know what you've been doing instead of being here with ME!

    Amusing though, definitely amusing. XD
  3. I'm still not going to respect the tractor.
  4. mede me laugh. especially the bribe.
    although the tractor drink splashing was a close second.
  5. I love it! Even the second one, I found that one awesomely hilarious!

  7. Dogs with cardboard beaks stuck to their faces.
  8. This is obviously...a thread. And threading is ILLEGAL!!!
  9. "My tractor won an award for being outstanding in its field." <---- THIS SHOULD BE A THING

    Love the clips! Great work Asmo.