Asmo promotes creativity

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  1. Where the fuck is MY article?
  2. make your own.

    Asmo, I wish I had trolls messing with MY ARTICLES! It makes me pleased seeing how butthurt they are, butthurt enough to modify a wiki people left for dead. (6 months ago even.)

    But alas, Paorou is hardly around. ;_;

    P.S. it's sad how I can undo all that hard work with one click of a button. *trollface.jpg*
  3. You gotta be kidding me... WHY?
  4. That's boring trolling. I guess they can only call people gay, cuz you know that's the best comeback ever~ :cow:
  5. What I don't get is why he's called me "nubile"...

  6. He might have meant Newbie? ... Or Asmo has a secret admir...

    cause he's a fag.

    Asmo would say it's something along the line of bum-jawed, arse-wiping, codpiece thieving yanks.

    Fuck it though, I wish people tried to troll my wikipedia article.
  8. Butthurt..

    Hey Darkness, if I make a page for myself, want to troll each other?
  9. Yeah, sure.

    But only when you're a cool enough dude to warrant trolling.

    In about two thousand posts we'll talk about this again.
  10. Fair enough.. you butthurt..
  11. no ur a fag
  12. Good old Darkie and his anti faggie ways.
  13. Obviously you're too conceited to recognize how puerile and noobish you are. One might venture to say that you warrant a new turn of phrase. A fusion of the two. Might call you "noobile" even. A perpetually puerile noob, inspiring bile in others wherever you go. That sounds just like you.

    Or maybe he just took this thread too seriously.
  14. I'm a Matron Tool! :D All I'm good for is standing around and looking pretty while people ruining the enjoyment of Iwaku!
  15. I was not mentioned, because he doesn't know I am also an Admin. :(
  16. Ha ha! Rory is useless!
  17. But everyone accepts this for fact. No one hates me or my brother Orochi because we're lazy. :D
  18. Good to see the wiki being used for creative outlet *big thumbs up*

  19. HA! I'm so lazy I don't get mentioned anywhere unless it's complaints on how lazy I am.