Asmo Goes to the Market


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Asmo is going to the market.

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One blustery English morning, Asmodeus decided he needed to go to the market. Grabbing a big stick, a bag, and his favorite cheese whistle he left the house. Outside it was windy, but that didn't matter. Asmo needed to buy cheese. On the sidewalk just beyond the yard, there was a big fat...
...limousine waiting for him, driven by his ever-faithful butler, Gerard. "Morning Sir," said the Butler as he doffed his cap and finished polishing the hubcaps. "Morning, Gerard," replied Asmo, before holding up his cheese whistle, "Can you tell me what the hell this thing is?" But the butler simply shook his head with a knowing smile, "You will know when the time comes, Sir. Anyway, I'm afraid there's a problem with the car, because I've broken the..."
"... radiator whilst trying to have a little fry up ready for you, hope you don't mind!" Gerard, the ever-faithful butler flashed a winning smile at Asmo. Asmo noticed that there was no evidence of any cooking going on. Everything looked relatively normal, except for the fact that his ever-faithful butler, Gerard, was using aerosol can cooking spray to polish the hubcaps. Gerard, the ever-faithful butler, opened the door to the limousine with an ominous smile...