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My name is Gertie, hi! I'm highschool's freshman with a bit of writing experience in hands. Recently, I found out that my writing skill is quite rusty. At least compared to a while ago since I haven't been working on anything. So I figure that I should do some roleplays to horn my skills and maintain my writing habits. (Get it? Since I'm the devil? No? Okay.) Any other information about me is in my roleplay resumes! Please have a look C:

| D E U X

> English is not my first language thus my grammar is intermediate.
> I'm...nice? I think that's one of my finer quality. I think. Yup. I think.
> My apology but one-liner is not my thing. Least I write around 3+ paragraphs.
> Flexibility is my strong point. Genders and sexualities matter very little.
> Sometimes I'm a bit slow with posting, reasons vary but they tend to be life.
> Plotting. Just yes. Yes. Plot with me and explore characters' everything.
> Communication! Some would say I'm talkative, others would think I'm noisy.
> I'm not C: But there are a few sensitive subjects, I'll let you know.

| T R O I S

> Since I'm trying to improve, I hope to find someone with the same level or higher.
> Do tell me if you are dropping, I wouldn't mind at all whatever your reason is.
> I'm not picky when it comes to grammar but please, don't make me squirm.
> Please don't step on me. I'm an organic potato. Also, thread role-playing please.
> It would be great if you're at least able to post a few times a week C:
> Not a requirement but if you have a lot of creativity then <3

| Q U A T R E

> the demon lord quest to sabotage { humor ; fantasy ; friendship / romance }
conflicts arise when muse a - the young exalt of the demon realm faces their mother in the quest of finding their future spouse, despite their protest. with full determination, they try their best to sabotage their mother's plan with the help of their bestfriend, the knight, the dog and muse b, the champion of human. failure will result a marriage with someone they don't love. alt. plan: runaway.
> witcher { tragedy ; fantasy ; horror ; romance }
muse a, an immortal witch/wizard gets caught in an encounter with a person from their past. the one that they would swear to never forget, the one that they promise to find again. the situation changes when they found out the person they met wasn't who they thought, but muse b, a descendant of that person. and more to come when muse b's ancestor is muse a's creation - a living doll.
> no savior for you and me { zombie apocalypse ; horror ; friendship/romance }
there's no way to help muse b. they are infected with the virus. muse a knows that but
they won't give up on muse b. especially after they found out the infection spreads
slower in muse b's body. if muse a found a scientist, or a doctor, they could help
muse b and create a cure based on muse b's condition. but time is desperate and their time is running out. to think, muse a and muse b were only strangers before their society fell and now they were closest of friends, willing to sacrifice for the others.
> pairings.
- brute boss & sleek employee { action ; humor ; angst }
muse a is the leader of an assassin squad in a mafia family. muse b is a tribute from another family to muse b's family.
- piemaker & bestfriend { pushing daisies inspired }
muse a can revive the death with one touch but if they touch that person again, they will die permanently. muse b is muse a's bestfriend from their highschool and their roommate.
- king's bastard & noble { drama ; historical ; tragedy }
- writer & dancer/viner { humor ; fluff ; slice of life }
- detective & criminal { psychological ; noir ; mystery ; 1940s }
- jazz singer & speakeasy owner { prohibition ; romance ; drama }
- probably all that jazz, feel free to give suggestions!!
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