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  1. Example:

    P1: Favorite forum?

    P2: Iwaku! Favorite board?

    P3: Board Games! Last book read?

    P4: Calculus text T_T What's your favorite music?

    etc, etc.

    I'll start: What's the last movie you watched?
  2. Hm... wow, I haven't watched a movie in a while. I think I last watched Pride and Prejudice.
    Who's your favorite character from any movie or other story?
  3. Gandalf: badflank old man in a robe with magic and sword.

    What's the best book you've read recently?
  4. Though it's a rather dark tale, it was well written... Frankenstein's Monster.

    What's your earliest memory in life?
  5. sliding down carpeted stairs on my flank x3 no context.

    ever done that when you were younger?
  6. When I was younger, I didn't have stairs. I do that now, though. XD

    Do you ever do a random head-over-hooves roll when you come across a soft enough surface to not hurt yourself in the process?
  7. every time I get home in my living room xD

    what subject are you most interested in learning in school/university/work?
  8. I find exploring economics to be the easiest, but your question was interest. Hm... well, I suppose that'd be British Literature.

    How about yours?
  9. Physics or Engineering; I do have a lot of interest in it, although I hate doing problems.

    If you could master any subject instantly without any cost, monetary or time or any other way, which subject would you choose?
  10. Hm... if you asked yesterday, I would have said "math", but now that I'm moving in that topic again I'd say chemistry.

    How many folks do you wish would join this fun thread?
  11. all of them ovO

    how's the weather?
  12. Summery and sunny... yet cold for some reason. Probably the excessive wind.

    How's the feather?
  13. Feather's still stuck in the lab researching, as usual. Or teaching, though it's not his class anymore. Thanks for asking.

    Huh, skype... you on often?
  14. Ask me that last month? Nope. Ask me that now? More than I should be... X3

    What, you want to add me?
  15. Sure, if it pleases you :] I'm already requesting, as it is. Wanderingmagus... original, huh xD

    I have no imagination when it comes to usernames. you?
  16. Took me half a year to come up with Grassblade. I was impressed with myself to no end when I thought of Wavelength a few months ago. X3

    Is your 'busy' status as much of a lie as the cake is?
  17. of course it is :] xD

    what's the most exotic/strange actual food you've ever eaten?
  18. Erm... I, uh... huh. I'd have to say... Wavelength tapped his chin a few times, remembering something odd, but not well enough to quote it. Well, I'd have to say avocado slices with ground garlic.

    If you had a jet pack, _______.
  19. "Always, I wanna BE with you, and make BELIEVE with you, and live in HARMONY HARMONY OH LOVE"

  20. Not too sure you read that question right, but I guess that works. In response to yours: yes.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.