Ask seriously answer funny

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  1. You are going to answer the above members question in a funny/silly/dum way and then ask a serious question to the next member.

    Q: Why are there rainbows?
    A:So the leprecans can find their gold

    Okay first question:

    Why do cows eat grass?
  2. So they don't eat humans!

    Do you like rain?
  3. I love it when your wet.

    Would you like some waffles?
  4. Waffles are a conspiracy made by the man!

    Does the clock go tick tock?
  5. Only if it wakes up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy.

    Where do babies come from?
  6. From the clearance bin in walmart.
    What color is the white house?
  7. Tacos?! Taco are for Satan so give them all to me!

    Do you play video games on a TV?
  8. No, I play video games on a big box that shows pretty moving pictures.

    Do you think clowns are evil?
  9. PURGE THE UNCLEAN *Get's the heavy flamer and begins to burninate*

    How man sides are in a triangle?
  10. Eight. You teacher lies.

    Is sugar sweet?
  11. No, Sugar is a lie create by the government to keep it's people pleased. It keeps the people from plotting an uprising against it's leaders.

    Why can't the sunshine at night and the dark come during te day?
  12. because then the dark and the light would start to fight so they need to be separated

    What is chocolate made of?
  13. Dog Crap.

    If you went to hell - what would happen?
  14. rainbows everywhere, and I would be forced to watch cute things singing for ever and ever and I would never get that stupid song out of my head o.O

    How does a lamp work ?
  15. By burning the souls of orphans to create light

    Magnets, how do they work?