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  1. Hey there! Name's Lurcolm and, since I'm on mobile, I'll keep this simple:

    I am irrefutably bored. My video games don't give me a rush anymore and I've only got two RPs going that gives me a buzz. I'm essentially in that deep pit if trying to find something new.

    So I figured: "Fuck it" and made an ad for it. Now I'm trying something new in the sense that I'm not gonna put a plot here at all, but instead offer myself to whatever plot you really wanna try but haven't found someone interested in and/or haven't had the time to test it out.

    I want a good RP, however, so please have enough skill to not just dump one liners on my lap?

    With that out of the way, I only do MxF RPs with my character as a male. Oh and PM me please. Don't plunk a comment here cause I don't like the idea of everyone seeing what I say when I don't want them to.

    Now, let's see what I can find!
  2. Would you be interested in doing a cheating gf/gangbang roleplay? I know it sounds crazy just trying to do something different
  3. Oh why not?

    PM me the details
  4. Are you still up for it? And what would you like to know? I have a starter already too
  5. Btw i am new to this site. How do i pm you? Lol
  6. Click on my username and it'll give an option to start a conversation
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.