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  1. So I thought that maybe I should make this thread, since others of my faith have done the same on other roleplaying boards, and they've helped enlighten other people when they otherwise would have been left rather blind on the topic.

    Before we jump into this, I suggest you reading one of the following, if you are unsure about Wicca/Witches/Magick. Maybe this will answer one of your questions before you even ask!

    What is Wicca/Witchcraft?

    Overview of Wicca

    Now there are some questions that I will not answer, for obvious reasons of them being a bit crude. I'll list some of them out here, along with why I won't be going into detail for any of them:

    Q: Why do you believe that stuff? It's so weird!
    This really offends me when people ask me this. (And I have been asked it so many times.) If you are religious, try looking at your own path, and you'll see I'm not the only one with "strange" happenings in my religious path. If you are not religious, then you really wouldn't be able to comprehend it anyways. Most of the events from pop culture religion has steamed from Paganism at some point.

    Q: So do you believe you can fly, go through walls, and all that?
    Short answer is no. Magick doesn't work in the way that the media makes everyone believe. Most Witches are quite aware they're not SuperMan/Woman and cannot go around saving the world. Instead, we practice small magickal summons. We can ask for healing energy, sometimes receive prophecies, and us 'gifted' can do things from medium ship to empathy.

    Q: You say you speak to your Deities? Yeah right!
    Paganism deities are a bit more vocal than those of pop culture religions. (At least for bias reasons I see it as such.) We speak, we leave offerings, and get to know who we're worshiping. As a Heathen Pagan I have spoken to four of the gods/esses of my pantheon. Sometimes unwillingly, other times after seeking them out. I have also spoken to some from other pantheons, but not nearly as frequently.

    Q: Oh yeah well, prove that you have magick!
    Not even a question, but it might be asked of me down the road. Unfortunately I cannot, as we do not know each other in real life, and short of letting you speak to one of my deities, or praying for your wellbeing I cannot to much. At least not willingly. I am an empath, but those things are very fickle. You don't have much control over it- at least I don't yet. And to clarify an empath is NOT a medium. I cannot speak to the dead- do not ask.

    I'm sure that there are more questions out there that will be added onto this list, as time goes on. But for now, this is all I can think of. These questions will not be answered, neither will any other questions I think are rude and offensive. Please try and be polite with your questions.

    Blessed Be,
    - Kuro
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  2. *raises hand!* What are the differences between Wicca and the Druidism and Celtic style of thingies?
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  3. Wicca and Druidism are two completely different paths. While Wicca was form only in the last century, Druidism has been around for ages. Wicca primarily focuses on the earth's energy, when Druids look to the sky, etc... for their energy as well. Wicca and Druidism also have different deities. A Wiccan will follow the Horned God, and the Goddess. While Druids have many gods (mostly of Celtic background.) Many of their spells, and magick teachings are different as well. In the end you could compare them to Judaism and Christianity. Sharing something small, but two different paths altogether.
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  4. I feel bad for being curious as to how this all works. Saying I am a Christian and all, but it's not like I'm going to do any of this. I am just curious. I was never really 'allowed' to learn about this kind of stuff. How exactly do you summon things? This is all new to me. So my question is probably stupid. XD
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  5. Summoning what? It differs depending on what you'd be summoning.
  6. Uhm...I really don't know exactly what you guys can summon. XD (Melancholy is very ignorant when it comes to this subject)
  7. Haha, no worries. Depending on what path you follow you can summon spirits, energies, and the darker magicks even have summoning for more darker oriented things. (Demons and the like.)

    Summoning a spirit is not easy, usually it's better to allow them to find you. If a spirit doesn't want to be found; it won't. A energy however is very simple. Prayers and offerings to the gods can often invoke them to give you healing/cleansing/powerful energy.
  8. I have a few friends who are wiccans, and although they answer a lot of my questions because I love to hear all about anything that has to do with true magick, as with being able to even slightly influence healing energies or speak to deities etc.

    So I would like to know if you are part of a coven, or you prefer to work alone, if that's not too intruding.
    You don't seem like you're a Dianic-Wiccan, but I am curious which dieties of you pantheon you have spoken with.

    I believe that's all my questions for now..
  9. Hmm. Do you consider what you practice to be actual magic/magicks, or simply making use of humanities latent (and as of yet) unexplored potential?

    Do you believe things like Empathy and things like making use of healing energies can manifest in non-wiccans, even faithful christians or practicing buddhists?

    What do you mean exactly when you say you've spoken to dieties? have you spoken to them directly, through meditation or another 'dream like' state, or simply through portents and signs? Also, when you talk about dieties, do you mean powerful spirits of some kind? Forces of nature? something else entirely?

    How do you feel about the concept of 'Chi' and how does it relate to summoning energies?

    Sorry if my burst of questions is a bit overwhelming. I'm just really curious :)
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